[Honey's Crush Wednesday] Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! on Ice

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Yuuri-Katsuki-Yuri-on-Ice-wallpaper-631x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! on Ice

I want to eat pork cutlet with you, Victor!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Sports, Romance, Comedy
  • Airing Date: Oct. to Dec. 2016
  • Producers: MAPPA

Introducción de Yuri!!! on Ice (Sin Spoilers)

Todos hemos tenido altos y bajos en la vida, sin importar lo talentosos que seamos. La historia de Yuri comienza con un patinador de hielo en medio de su lucha por el Gran Prix... el cual pierde, pero una sorpresa bajo el nombre de Viktor Nikiforov llega a su puerta, ofreciendo entrenarlo. A partir de ahí, todo es trabajo duro, práctica y actuación artística para recuperar los sueños de gloria de Yuri. Si te gustan los deportes, los chicos guapos o ambos, definitivamente no querrás perderte este anime.

Yuri!!! on Ice Preview (No Spoilers)

We all have had high and lows in life, no matter how talented we are. The story of Yuri starts with an ice skater in the middle of his fight for the Grand Prix… which he loses. A surprise under the name of Viktor Nikiforov arrives at his door, offering to train him. From that point on, everything is hard work, practice, and artistic performance in order to get back Yuri’s dreams of glory. If you like sports, handsome guys or both, you definitely don’t want to miss this anime.

Yuri Katsuki Highlights

1. His Artistic Background

Yuri Katsuki has always had a sensitive spot for the artistic. Since he was a small boy, Yuri practiced on the ice rink with his good childhood friend Yuuko. Actually, it was Yuuko who introduced Yuri to Victor Nikiforov, the champion of his generation. Since then, Victor was an artistic inspiration for Yuri, who tried to copy all of his movements in the rink with enthusiasm.

Yuri Katsuki also has a background in ballet. Actually, he also played with the idea of being a dancer, but even Yuri’s ballet teacher Minako encouraged him to go for ice skating instead. Nevertheless, Yuri still practices ballet and is skillful in other dance styles, which is a great asset that complements Yuri’s training in the ice. The guy has a polifacetic background, right?

2. Yuri’s rise to the top

It does not matter how much talent you have if you don’t practice. Even Yuri’s friends admit that Yuri Katsuki is not a slacker. This guy is shy and uneasy. Whenever Yuri does not feel confident, he goes to train. Not matter what time it is, you will find Yuri on the skating rink, running, or stretching his muscles. We only have to watch how Yuri lost weight rapidly when he recovered his enthusiasm for skating in the first episodes to know how serious Yuri is. Yuri just kept going until he was fit again.

Yuri Katsuki also looks ahead, that is why he moved to Detroit at 18 to train under Caldini, knowing that the foreign environment would help him. Yuri knows his weaknesses well and plays them to his advantage. As Yuri’s jumps are not very good, he focused on his spin sequences, which means that at first, his presentation had higher scores than his technique. Don’t worry, Yuri worked on that spot relentlessly until he covered it and rose high in pose for the Grand Prix :p

3. His relationship with food

Food at an inn must be yummy, otherwise, clients go away. That is why it is logical to guess that Yuri Katsuki grew up eating delicious food. Actually, Yuri tends to reward himself with his favorite dish (pork cutlet and rice) when he does something right. The downside is that Yuri also tends to overeat when he is depressed. Thus, Yuri can get round pretty easily.

What is nice about Yuri’s character is that his round and soft appearance matches his soft and warm heart. Yuri is so naive about love at first that he has to match his love for the pork cutlet with music in order to be able to perform a seductive program called “Eros”. Nevertheless, it works! Yuri Katsuki becomes a seductive pork cutlet in the skate rink, captivating everyone up to Victor. That is an interesting usage of food, don’t you think so?

4. His cool side

Yuri Katsuki would not be an interesting character if he was not multi-faceted. Most of the series is scripted from his point of view, we are aware that Yuri is a nice and sensitive guy. However, what most of his fans can see are his performances, where Yuri wears flashy suits, does his hair in a handsome way and takes off his glasses. His appearance and his performance in general, where Yuri tends to be enclosed on himself on the first episodes, makes him look so cool!

This might not be a problem if not for when Yuri Katsuki is in competition mood, he gets so focused on his own performance, that he ignores the other competitors. Yuri appears so self-centered and even brusque! That breaks the heart of some of those who admire him, like Minami. Yuri, you should be careful about this! Remember what Victor tells you about it 🙁

5. The way he falls in love

We already mentioned that Yuri Katsuki is a timid and innocent violet. Don’t judge, there are some people in the world who are not interested in love until late on their lives, and some never get interested at all. What Yuri needed was the right person to come along and show him what love can be. And we all already know who it was, right? Well, if you are as innocent as Yuri, let me spell it for you: Victor.

Yuri Katsuki passes from being a pork cutlet to being Victor’s man. Sounds weird, I know, but Yuri’s coach is a frank guy with a focus on training and who is also there for Yuri all the time. Victor finds out from Yuri’s family and friends about his student’s weaknesses, listens to him and lets him express himself through his performances. Plus, Victor is always there to embrace Yuri and cheer him up after a great presentation. Victor is THE coach anyone would love to have, and it is simply so cute to see how Yuri’s self confidence grows as the time goes by. Yuri Katsuki remains himself but better. And what can be better than falling in love in the most natural way?

Final thoughts

Yuri Katsuki has a great story of defeat and firm resolution to overcome any obstacle. That is especially true when our own minds are the greatest barrier. When we lose all motivation, sometimes we just need a little bit of change to refocus our energies, just like Yuri did. His love for ice skating and art in general kept him afloat. Besides that, Yuri’s stamina and hard work went to prove that effort pays off. Because of his flaws and his original and innocent way to see life, Yuri is one of those great characters in the anime realm that simply capture your heart and take it away. And now… who is ready for a pork cutlet? 😉

Do you like Yuri Katsuki as a character? Why yes or why not? Don’t forget that we are open to all your comments. See you soon in the ice rink!

Yuuri-Katsuki-Yuri-on-Ice-wallpaper-631x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! on Ice


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