Top 10 Overpowered Villains in Anime [Updated]

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Here at Honey’s Anime, we have many lists about heroes, protagonists or main characters. What seems to be a rarity is a list about the other side; the crooks, thugs, and villains of the anime world. Normally, villains get progressively weaker in comparison to the main characters over the course of the show in order to show growth for the main character. They are then forgotten once their power level is superseded by the protagonist.

However, there are some villains that are so powerful that they were never outright beat, are still terrorizing kittens and puppies, or were so difficult to beat that they are still remembered to this day. We ain’t talking about any low-level bosses, these are the end-game villains. It’ll take about 10 training arcs for our heroes to beat them.

Join us as we count down the Top 10 Overpowered Anime Villains! There will be heavy SPOILERS!!

10. Kayaba Akihiko from Sword Art Online

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Jul 2012 - Dec 2012

Sometimes a villain is needed to present a challenge for our protagonist, this creates a foil for our hero and allows him to show a depth of character by overcoming adversity in order to fight for his ideals or protect his loved ones. So what happens when a protagonist is so powerful that he’s able to defeat something it takes hundreds of people to kill?

They create a villain that can outright cheat.

Kayaba Akihiko is the creator of the virtual reality that has trapped 10,000 players in. He also happens to be the final boss of the game. When Jesus-kun (or Kirito-sama) comes across him in the dungeon, Jesus-kun is forced to fight Kayaba one on one for the lives of his harem mates. But Jesus-kun has met his match, because even though Jesus-kun is so powerful that he can’t be killed, Kayaba is literally immortal.

9. Sato from Ajin

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jan 2016 - Apr 2016

Ajin are an immortal race that cannot be killed by any known means. You can’t shoot them, hang them or even starve them to death. It’s theorised that these beings are able to do so by a form of matter that is lodged in their bodies, which they can use for offensive purposes. The worst part is; they look human and can easily blend in.

Multiple characters in the series are Ajin, so what makes Sato so different? Before discovering he was an Ajin, Sato has already shown psychopathic tendencies by killing random animals to satiate his blood thirst. He later joined the military and become the equivalent of a black ops team. He is like Jack the Ripper or Hannibal Lecter, except he’s immortal. A psychopathic, military trained, immortal. Cue shudder.

8. Ragyō Kiryūin from Kill la Kill

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct 2013 - Mar 2014

Early on in the series, Satsuki is built up to be the final villain that Ryuko must face in the series as she stands behind a long line-up of bad guys in the form of her thugs in school. Each one of them seems to act like a mini boss while she herself is the final boss. Thus, it comes as a surprise later on when she’s actually not the villain, but her mother is.

Ragyō Kiryūin is the mother of both girls and she is more powerful than both of them combined. With the life fibres she commands, she is easily able to trounce both of them in her base form by herself. She possesses high vitality, endurance, regeneration and strength. She is also able to manipulate life fibres to utterly trounce anyone in the series. Talk about overpowered.

7. Marshal D. Teach from One Piece

  • Episodes: Currently Airing
  • Aired: Oct 1999 - Ongoing

Devil Fruits are a one-time deal. After consumption, the user will gain a power but they cannot get rid of the power neither can they acquire another Devil Fruit ability. So if you’re stuck with something silly like being made of rubber, you’re just going to have to improvise. So what makes Marshal, or Blackbeard, so terrifying?

He has consumed the Yami Yami no Mi, making him into a darkness user. He has all the abilities associated with being a darkness user, but he also has the ability to steal the abilities of other Devil Fruit users as well. This means that he can accumulate powers and have potentially an unlimited number of Devil Fruit abilities. He demonstrated this by absorbing the powers of Whitebeard who pretty much destroyed the Marine HQ with a massive earthquake. Left unchecked, Blackbeard could easily become the Pirate King.

6. Byakuran Gesso from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

  • Episodes: 203
  • Aired: Oct 2006 - Sep 2010

Byakuran possesses the usual powers that an extremely powerful villain would have. He has more control over his flames of will and higher physical capability than most characters in the series. All in all, he’s a capable fighter that can trounce almost anyone that comes his way. But that’s not what makes him terrifying or overpowered.

His key ability in the series is to peek into parallel worlds. In the infinite spectrum of parallel worlds, he can grasp the technology, abilities, and information that his alternate selves have mastered throughout the years. This has given him unlimited access to futuristic technology and powers that would be otherwise unattainable by a single person. In perspective, Mafia Byakuran can learn medical skills from Doctor Byakuran and CQC from Military Byakuran. The only thing more horrifying than a powerful villain is one that can grow even stronger.

5. Zeref from Fairy Tail

  • Episodes: 175
  • Aired: Oct 2009 - Mar 2013

Zeref is known throughout the series to be the darkest and most vile black mage to have ever graced the lands of Fiore. He has raised countless demons to raze the lands of honest people and is nigh unstoppable by any mage who challenges him. The usual package of immortality and regeneration are present as well.

His greatest strength lies in his death magic; that is so powerful and incredible that he himself has difficulty controlling it. When utilized, it can instantly kill any living thing around it, regardless of any defenses put up by combatants. Very little can counter this magic, and a by-product of that means that very little can stop him.

4. Father from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  • Episodes: 64
  • Aired: Apr 2009 - Jul 2010

Father is the dwarf in the flask who became so resentful of humanity that he consumed hundreds of thousands of souls in order to become humanoid. With the power of countless souls at his disposal, he continued his quest to surpass humanity and took the next logical step in the equation, godhood.

Using a similar method to his previous conquest, he took the souls of even more humans and proceeded to capture the god of their world within himself. This gave him the unlimited power of not only the souls he captured previously but literally the god of their world. His power was raised to such heights that he was able to create a miniature sun at his fingertips.

3. Aizen Sosuke from Bleach

  • Episodes: 366
  • Aired: Oct 2004 - Mar 2012

Aizen is one of the most iconic villains of the anime world. Ruthless, cunning and manipulative, Aizen has received a zanpaktou to reflect his nature; the power of illusions. His control over illusions allows him to manipulate all five senses of countless individuals at once. He has dubbed it to be the Complete Hypnosis.

He has also reached the peak physical condition possible for a Shinigami. It is stated that he has maxed out parameters and is literally capped at that power level. That all goes out the window once he gets his hands on the Hongyoku, a wish-granting device, and breaks all his limitations and ascends into godhood. At this point, Aizen is so powerful, that he can’t even be killed.

2. Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto

  • Episodes: 220
  • Aired: Oct 2002 - Feb 2007

When trying to end the series, Kishimoto-sensei has stated in an interview that he wrote himself into a corner and was unable to find a feasible way for the good guys to defeat Obito. Thus, Obito was destroyed by a stronger villain, Madara. But there was still no way for them to defeat him, so Madara was destroyed by a literal goddess, Kaguya.

Madara was already seen rag dolling a majority of the characters in the series, and he gets taken over by an even more powerful being. She can instantly kill anyone and even shift dimensions at a whim. Neither Naruto nor Sasuke, the most powerful heroes at this point, can even come close to scratching her or defeating her. In the end, they can only do it by using the powers of the past and even then, it doesn’t even seem to be an absolute victory.

1. Beerus from Dragon Ball Super

  • Episodes: Currently Airing
  • Aired: Jul 5, 2015 - Ongoing

Beerus is the God of Destruction. Full stop. He’s literally a god. We’ve had villains who aspired to ascend to godhood on this list, and some who even succeeded in achieving some pseudo temporal state of godhood that allowed them a great measure of power. But Beerus is a real life god that has existed since the birth of time.

When paired against Goku in a fight, he is able to defeat Goku with ease and still looked bored while doing it. And Goku was in Super Saiyan God mode while he was defeated. This easily highlights that his power level is not just above 9000, but it is probably impossible to measure his power level, period. It’s a good thing he’s not bent on world domination because our heroes have yet to defeat him even once.

Final Thoughts

Whether they’re good or bad, we can celebrate the many overpowered beings that come into play over the many series. Without them, we wouldn’t get the moments of utter destruction and surpassing the other party that we have come to enjoy. In the villain's case, it gives the protagonist a goal to work towards and allows us to see a measure of progression throughout each series.

So they’re bad, but they’re good too! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Byakuran-Gesso-Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn-wallpaper-20160730113747-700x498 Top 10 Overpowered Villains in Anime [Updated]


Author: Aria

Hi, this is Aria. I have abandoned the 3D world for the 2D one. Occasionally I leave the 2D world to write my thoughts down. With that said and done, it's time for me to depart once more to the forbidden world, my waifus await.

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We’ve all seen those guys that just amaze us with how powerful they are, from the crazy finishing moves to the all-around badass arsenal.
I personally think it’s time we pay tribute to those characters in our favorite anime that just amaze us with how truly overpowered they are in respect to their shows. Mind you there are spoilers here, so if those don’t interest you be wary of what you read!

Orochimaru from Naruto Shippuden

Alright, when you think overpowered and you don’t think about Orochimaru, there’s an issue.

Not only is he one of the most prominent villains in the Naruto world, he just… never… dies. Ever.
Oh, you’ve killed him and his whole body was destroyed? He’s going Lord Voldemort resurrection a few weeks later.
Not only can he not die, he’s got quite the ninja arsenal in his repertoire.

Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero

Hello, my name is Gilgamesh and I am the King of Kings. I have multiple Noble Phantasms, each have their own respectable powers.

Oh, I also have one called Ea. Rotation of Ea's tri-blade segments vacuums and compresses surrounding atmospheric gasses. When it’s released, the cataclysmic blast completely sunders the foundations of reality collapsing time and space itself.
Am I overpowered? Yes.

Tatsumi Oga from Beelzebub

While you have to love Oga, you at least have to admit that he is indeed overpowered.
Out of everyone he fights, he always comes out on top, regardless if they’re normal people or not. An entire campus full of juvenile delinquents? Oga got this.

His ability to fight is only enhanced by our favorite devil baby, making him the utmost overpowered character in his universe.

Layfon “Wolfenstein” Alseif from Chrome Shelled Regios

Layfon is Overpowered in the sense of his past training.

Wielding a Heavens Blade and earning the title Wolfenstein by the age of 10, he’s something special.
Especially after transferring from a fight or die Regios to a more peaceful one, he appears more overpowered than he is (not saying he’s not OP as is, but he looks so much more so when next to the weaker folk).

King Bradley from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

If you haven’t experienced the hatred I have for King Bradley, you haven’t seen Brotherhood.
Also known as the Homunculus Wrath, he’s the president of the country and can’t really be killed. Not only that, but his sword skills are matched by no one.

Did I mention his ability “The Ultimate Eye,” that allows him to see the outcome of any situation? You better believe he’s on this list.

Ryner Lute from Legend of Legendary Heroes

Of all the Alpha Stigma bearers, Feruna Lutelu is the Alpha Stigma bearer.

While the other bearers can do some pretty crazy things, he has the ability to completely eradicate everything and everyone around him. When his Stigma goes active, his only desire is to destroy everything. He has the ability (and has shown it) to turn people to dust – bloody dust!
While he is the main protagonist, he is deceptively overpowered.

Kyousuke Hyoubu from Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited

Hyoubu is the leader of P.A.N.D.R.A., 80 years old (through the use of his powers he maintains the look of an older teenager) and can do basically anything he desires.

When he flips the switch from normal to powered up, you can visibly see the vast amounts of stored energy he possesses. Always seeing the worst in people, he never really feels a need to hold back.
This leads to instances like completely shredding a person from a mile+ away. In this universe, there’s none other like him.

Lucy from Elfen Lied

Lucy is psychotic, with these invisible arms (you could consider them energy based) she can rip people to shreds, stop bullets, punch holes through anything, you name it and she can figure out how to do it.
Not only does the have this incredible ability, she’s a cold hearted killer. Killing without any concern or remorse and completely eradicating those who stand in her way.

In this universe, even though there’s others like her, she’s stronger than them all – making her, overpowered.

Akihito Kanbara from Beyond the Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata)

A youmu resides inside of a little boy named Akihito.

He is immortal in the sense that he heals from any wound quickly, but if he gets wounded to a point where it’ll take him from consciousness, his youmu side can take over. That’s where he becomes the most Overpowered in his respective world.
So powerful that multiple people have to work together to keep it at bay, with only the hope he’ll be able to retake his consciousness.

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

While he doesn’t initially appear overpowered, don’t let that fool you.
Kaneki finally lets go of his humanity towards the end of the first season, fully embracing his Ghoul side and becoming immediately (and severely) stronger than one of the strongest Ghouls around.

Season 2 is almost here and we’ll be able to see just how much more powerful he has become, but as the finale has shown; he’s already become Overpowered.


Izayoi Sakamaki from Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

What do you say about someone that can solo fight a god and come out on top?That they’re severely lacking in the strength department?
Oh no, you openly admit that they’re Overpowered and should be nerfed. Well, maybe not take it that far, but come on, a god?!
Izayoi is an Esper, an extremely powerful one who is always bored. He even threatened to go on a rampage of the global scale if no one could find him in his game of hide and seek, where he was the only one to hide.

Luckily for the world his adoptive mother found him three minutes before the time limit ran up!

That wraps us up for our list of overpowered characters; if you feel I left one out or another deserves an honorable mention, feel free to leave a comment down below and fill us in!

by Nathaniel Loomis

Feb 22, 2015
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Byakuran-Gesso-Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn-wallpaper-20160730113747-700x498 Top 10 Overpowered Villains in Anime [Updated]

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