The Enjoyment of Watching Overpowered Characters in Anime!

Fists flying, kicks being shot out and special attacks flying across the screen. These are just a few of the elements of anime we love so much! There’s nothing more exciting than watching a powerful main character fight a threat and unleash literally all they have on them. Spine-tingling brawls are what make action anime work so wonderfully but equally keep them so engaging and entertaining. In some anime, though, main characters aren’t powerful warriors and are considered pushovers. In our opinion, we need warriors like Anos Voldigoad from Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha (The Misfit of Demon Academy) in anime. Overpowered anime warriors might seem annoying but we’re going to convince you readers today that they are necessary in the grand scheme of things.

As hard as this might be for many Dragon Ball fans, imagine a weaker version of Goku. Instead of amazing limit-breaking bouts—like Jiren versus Goku—you’d have fights that would be like how Yamcha loses against weak Saibamen. Overpowered warriors keep anime battles immersive and fun. Fans want to see the main hero overcome the impossible, not lose to every enemy they run into! If you want excitement you need fights where overpowered characters unleash grand spectacles for the viewers to witness.

A common debate we get into in the anime community is what defines overpowered? Kirito from Sword Art Online is overpowered in the first two seasons but in the latest, he’s been forced to rely on less of his original skills and more on raw talent. In contrast, Alucard from the Hellsing franchise is unbeatable due to his vampire powers. Watching an immortal in an anime fight is interesting and can be quite fun but the challenge is never there. When you know a character won’t die, it makes the fight feel less engaging and more obvious who will come out on top.

When we witness overpowered warriors duking it out, yes you can typically wager the main man will win a majority of the time for plot-device purposes. Yet, is that a bad thing that we can guess who will come out on top? The answer is no, folks, even if we know who might come out as the victor, the enjoyment of battle is what we are going to gravitate towards! There’s a desire to see epic action like watching Guts activate his beserker armor and unleash literal hell on his enemy or watching Goku reach a new level.

Overpowered characters can be considered too powerful, we completely understand this train of thought. Yet, would you rather idolize your main hero? or find them laughably weak? A current debate circulating around is about Anos who has truly shown an obscene amount of strength in The Misfit of Demon Academy. From the first episode and onward, Anos has seemed unstoppable and that has lessened some viewers’ enjoyment of the show overall. The question then emerges; does this lessen the anime overall? In our opinion, not in the slightest! The Misfit of Demon Academy is actually more enjoyable for the sheer fact that we can’t wait to see how Anos will beat down his next opponent! So far, Anos hasn’t disappointed and we can only assume the next episode will be even better!

Final Thoughts

Folks, overpowered characters have always had a bad stigma in the anime world. We have heard numerous complaints that an overpowered can ruin a show and/or make the series extremely predictable. We won’t argue that overpowered characters can sometimes ruin a show—case in point, Touya Mochizuki from Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni—but that’s only when the show is written in a poor way. In the end, overpowered characters can make even the most generic show so much more enjoyable. Do you agree with us, though? Comment below to let us know and stick to our overpowered hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more articles like this one!

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