5 Christmas Anime Merch Items to Ring in the Holidays With

After a very long year full of soul-crushing stress and delayed anime schedules, it’s finally time for the holiday season! Most of us won’t be seeing our friends and family in person this year, but that’s all the more reason to send thoughtful gifts through the mail full of Christmas spirit and anime charm. We’ve found five holiday-themed anime gifts that are sure to bring you and your loved ones joy, so let’s check them out!

5. Pokémon Winter Wonders Black Throw Pillow

The Pokémon Center website is always full to bursting with wonderful gifts for any time of year, but we particularly like these chic throw pillows that can add a touch of nerdy nuance to any room. They’re stylish enough to fit in with your normal adult furniture, while still cleverly representing your favorite childhood anime (and games). We also love the rest of the Winter Wonders collection, which includes other home items such as cloth napkins, dishware, stockings, tree skirts, and throw pillows. Pick and choose or deck out the whole house with Pikachu goods!

4. Moon Prism Power Cookie Cutter

We love making cut-out cookies during the holidays, but the usual menagerie of Christmas cookie cutters can get a little boring after a while. That’s where this Etsy purchase comes in handy, especially for the Sailor Moon fan in your life. Any cookies can become the titular heroine’s trademark compact, and whether you painstakingly decorate them with icing in show-accurate colors or just leave them plain, they’re sure to add a magical cuteness to your holiday baking adventures.

3. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure It Was Me Dio Brando Premium Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly (and/or intentionally tacky) Christmas sweaters are nothing new, even in the world of anime merchandise. But this one grabbed our attention because it features the flamboyant and egotistical Dio from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure shouting a variation of his very first meme-tastic quote, “It was me, Dio!” His smug visage is surrounded by sprites of him in his Stardust Crusaders outfit, and the whole sweater follows his signature yellow color scheme. This is a limited-edition design, so surprise your favorite JoJo fan with a perfect ugly Christmas sweater this year!

2. Snow Miku: Snow Parade Ver.

Good Smile Company has been making figures of the Vocaloid star Hatsune Miku in wintry outfits since 2010, with each year’s design chosen by fans online and distributed as both a scale Figma and a chibi Nendoroid. Snow Miku was created as a mascot for Hokkaido tourism, and each year’s theme focuses on a different aspect of the region’s culture – for 2020, it’s “Hokkaido snow and musical instruments”. This Miku is dressed in an adorable marching band outfit and comes with several instruments, a baton, flags, and her bunny friend Yukine. Make sure to order this present early, since these figures sell out quickly!

1. Kaonashi (No-Face) Christmas Tree Ornament

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck this Christmas, then consider this charming No-Face ornament! The iconic character from Spirited Away sits happily on a wooden swing, which hangs from the branches of the Christmas tree for all to see. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer by itself, or you can choose from dozens of other Studio Ghibli-themed items on either their official website or on Etsy. In any case, we’re just glad that No-Face isn’t causing any trouble this time…

Final Thoughts

If you need a card to go along with any of your presents and the recipient has a particular sense of humor, might we suggest this “Butt Might” Christmas card? (https://www.etsy.com/listing/656854249/butt-might-5x7-parody-christmas-card) My Hero Academia fans with a fondness for All Might’s chiseled physique would appreciate this cheeky addition to their gift!

What did you think of our holiday gift guide? What are your favorite Christmas anime merch items? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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Author: Mary Lee Sauder

After the hard-hitting East Coast lifestyle hit me a bit too hard, I started pursuing my passion as a writer in my cozy home state of Ohio. Aside from that, I spend my time cooking, cosplaying, collecting anime merch, and being an improv comedy actor. I also love sneaking alliterations and stupid puns into my writing, so be on the lookout for them! 😉

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