5 Fruits Basket Manga Moments the Anime Left Out

The 63-episode adaptation of shoujo classic Fruits Basket finally came to its long-awaited conclusion at the end of the Spring 2021 season. And while it’s unquestionably a masterful adaptation (it was even the highest-rated anime on MyAnimeList for a time), there are a few moments that manga fans wished would’ve made the cut. Here are five Fruits Basket manga moments that the anime left out!

Spoilers Ahead!

1. Kimi’s “Tragic” Backstory

Fruits Basket is well known for its tragic backstories—they’re all brilliantly written, but can eventually get old when you see similar setups over and over. Enter Kimi Toudou, Student Council secretary and general pain in Yuki’s backside. Mangaka Natsuki Takaya designed her to be a pure comic relief character who is completely separated from the Souma drama, so when Kimi starts to narrate her tragic backstory, it actually ends up being a parody of what we’ve gotten used to seeing. Several shadowy students bully Kimi about how she uses her good looks to get what she wants... so she takes it as a compliment and proceeds to manipulate people even more! Although this manga-only scene ultimately amounts to nothing more than a throwaway gag, we still love that Takaya roasts herself in such a hilarious way.

2. Komaki and Her Dad

The traffic accident that killed Kyoko Honda is a pivotal moment in the story that affects Tooru and Kyo deeply, but what anime viewers didn’t get to see is that Yuki’s friend Kakeru has some involvement in it as well. His girlfriend Komaki lost her father in the same accident, as he was driving the car that hit Kyoko (it was changed to a taxi in the anime). Komaki is a lovable character on her own and Kakeru’s reaction to her father’s death gives him more depth as well as a connection to Tooru, so look it up if you wish he got a bit more screentime in the anime.

3. How Kyoko and Katsuya Met

Speaking of Kyoko, the manga expands a bit more on her past as a delinquent and her budding romance with Katsuya Honda. They fell in love while she was in school and he was a student-teacher—he helped her mellow out somewhat and she helped him stand up to his judgmental family. This may have been cut either for time or because of the unfortunate implications of the age/power gap in their relationship, but it’s recently been announced that the arc will be adapted in 2022 as a standalone animation called The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya! It looks like we’ll get to see Kyoko’s backstory after all!

4. Yuki Gives Machi a Mogeta Doll

Because of the limited episode count in the final season, some cute couple moments for secondary characters had to be cut—most notably, those involving Yuki and Machi. Our favorite unadapted interaction that they have is when Yuki gives her a giant Mogeta doll and she’s so impressed that she mimics the same shocked face that the doll has. The anime included the most important parts of their relationship, but without little dorky scenes like this, their romance feels somewhat rushed and shallow. Rest assured, anime-only viewers: Yuki and Machi are meant for each other.

5. “She Thinks You Dumped Her”

When Kyo finally goes to visit Tooru upon her release from the hospital, she runs away from him in embarrassment and he has to rush to catch up with her. But why exactly did she have such a strong reaction? A short scene left out of the anime shows Uo and Hana teasing Kyo about how Tooru thinks that he dumped her after his anguished speech in the rain. She’s been living with that sadness the entire time she’s been in the hospital, so it’s only natural that she’d freak out when she sees him. At least it all works out in the end, though!

Final Thoughts

There had also been rumors that the new anime would’ve given Ritsu more relevance to the plot, but that, unfortunately, didn’t end up happening. Even though we understand why, we still feel bad for our poor neglected monkey boy!

What did you think of our list? Are there any other manga moments that the anime left out? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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Fruits-Basket-Wallpaper-10-430x500 5 Fruits Basket Manga Moments the Anime Left Out

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