5 Funniest Hinamatsuri (Hina Festival) Characters

From the moment a Yakuza member discovers a strange metallic ball with the face of a teenage girl sitting in his living room, Hinamatsuri regularly achieves comedic excellence with a constant stream of unpredictable situations and some hilarious use of deadpan. While the mismatched father and daughter pair are the heart of the series, feel.'s anime features an amazingly diverse and lovable cast, who are all capable of eliciting a giggle or even a tear. One of the funniest shows in a long time, narrowing this list to only five characters was no laughing matter.

5. Mao

Showing up out of nowhere and largely left to her own devices, Mao was sent to retrieve Hina and Anzu but ended up stranded on a deserted island. Like her counterparts, Mao is an incredibly powerful Esper, but she is easily the most vulnerable of the three. Only featuring in a handful of episodes, Mao's loneliness gradually drives her slightly insane and she spends most of her scenes interacting with two wooden dolls resembling Anzu and Hina. Honestly, the character's stint on the island is almost tragic, but Mao's comedy starts to truly shine when she ends up being recruited by a Chinese martial arts society who mistake her powers for skill.

4. Anzu

Sent to kill Hina, the bare naked Anzu drops down in the middle of a street and instantly attracts the attention of a biker gang, who quickly learn that looks can be deceiving. Introduced as a rebellious and slightly arrogant teenager, Anzu goes through an incredible amount of development throughout the season, and the anime's more heartbreaking moments tend to coincide with the blonde's presence. In hindsight, Anzu's funniest scenes transpired during her first episode, but her hard-working and respectful personality works as a great counterpoint to Hina's lazy and entitled attitude. If nothing else, Anzu's fight against Hina ranks among the anime's greatest and most hilarious interactions!

3. Yoshifumi Nitta

Despite belonging to a crime syndicate, Yoshifumi is a relatively normal dude. Far removed from the cliché image of a tough and dangerous gangster, this young man loves to indulge in a bit of housekeeping and collects porcelain vases as a hobby. Unfortunately, Hina has a remarkable talent for breaking every single one of Yoshifumi's prized assets. Juxtapositioned with the Esper's typically deadpan delivery, Nitta's facial expressions rarely fail to elicit anything less than a belly laugh! Alongside Nitta's various attempts to teach Hina any basic manners, the gangster's short run-ins with Anzu are also quite hilarious.

2. Hitomi Mishima

In an unexpected turn of events, Hinamatsuri's most capable teenager is the only one who does not possess any special abilities. Hina's classmate and first accidental friend, Hitomi's positive attitude and willingness to always give 100% earned her a reputation as the class' secret idol. After being dragged into a yakuza-owned bar by Hina, Hitomi learns the art of barkeeping and quickly becomes a star of the cocktail industry. Blackmailed by Utako into working during the weekends, Hitomi's fantastic skills and personable demeanor bring joy to the establishment's patrons; however, the girl yearns to return to her normal life. Recognized as a rising star in the business world, Hitomi keeps on excelling even when she would prefer to not make an impression!

1. Hina

With her name in the title, Hina has to be someone truly special! The first Esper sent by the Future Organization, this powerful girl quickly strongarms Nitta into letting her stay with him. Possessing telekinetic powers and inexperienced in human emotions or anything resembling acceptable conduct, Hina's lack of social awareness results in various hilarious encounters. Even if the eponymous character does not feature in each storyline, Hina is the instigator which birthed all of the anime's many peculiar twists and turns. If it were not for the title character, Hitomi would still be leading a normal life and Anzu would never have learned the value of money. Besides serving as the magnet that brings together these amusing parts, Hina's complete disregard for civil etiquette has yet to birth a dull moment!

Final Thoughts

Despite starring a cast consisting of mostly teenagers, Hinamatsuri avoids many of the tropes associated with the slice of life genre. Chiefly credited to its diverse and memorable characters, feel.'s anime stands out among the crowd and should be watched by anyone seeking a well-written comedy. Whether making the audience cry or laugh, Hinamatsuri hits all the right notes!

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