5 Funniest Scenes in Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu has been one of the best cinematic surprises of the year, mostly because it’s a great video game movie. And while we could spend a lot of time talking about the adorable-looking Pokemon or the scenes that almost made us cry, in order to cheer everyone up, today we’ll revisit the funniest scenes in the movie, and let us tell you, picking just five wasn’t an easy task.

There will be spoilers, so proceed with caution.


5. Pikachu and Tim’s First Meeting

When Tim gets to his father’s apartment, and well after the movie has already wooed us completely with the gorgeous Ryme City where Pokemon and humans live in harmony with no Pokeballs in sight, he hears a loud noise that warns him that there’s an intruder. Scared but not ready to let a thief steal whatever is left of his father’s belongings, he grabs the nearest thing to threaten the intruder.

The scene starts tense due to the probable danger, but it's impossible not to laugh when we discover that the intruder that has Tim so scared is an adorable Pikachu and that the weapon he has is a stapler. Hijinks ensue from there when a pack of very angry Aipoms enters the apartment, but it’s that first encounter that gets the ball rolling.

4. Mr. Mime’s Interrogation

Although part of this moment was shown in the trailer, the full scene is twice as funny as the short moments shown out of context. Mr. Mime is considered by many as one of the creepiest looking Pokemon, and the 3D rendered version almost hits the uncanny valley, however, getting to see Tim and Pikachu play bad cop-good cop trying to get Mr. Mime to “speak” makes the Pokemon finally get laughs from those watching him. While Pikachu loses his patience quite quickly and demands that Mr. Mime uses real words, Tim quickly decides to mime a jar of gasoline and a match to get the Pokemon to talk. The expressions of the three characters at the very end of the scene are what really sell the whole thing.

3. The End of The Fight Between Charizard and Pikachu

The idea of a fight between a huge fire breathing dragon and a small, adorable electric mouse sounds like a very one-sided battle. The fact that Pikachu is amnesic and thus doesn’t know how to use his own powers makes everything more difficult for our hero. But while the fight itself has some really funny moments—from Pikachu’s realization that he has no idea how to use Thunderbolt to Sebastian, Charizard’s trainer, calling his partner “baby”—the biggest laugh comes when we get to see Charizard’s terrified face upon seeing a newly evolved Gyrados who also happens to be high on a drug that makes Pokemon far more aggressive than usual.

2. Pikachu and Psyduck’s Relationship.

Pikachu is one of the most popular and adorable pokemon and has been the face of the franchise since the first anime. Psyduck, on the other hand, is, in Pikachu's own words in the film "A neurotic duck" that is not precisely adored because he has no control over his psychic abilities. And in the movie, both Pikachu and Psyduck work together perfectly as the pokemon partners of Tim and Lucy’s respectively. We’ve all witnessed the scene with the two of them in the car thanks to the trailer, but that is just a small taste of how funny every scene with them together is. From the moment Pikachu realizes that Lucy’s partner is a Psyduck, a “ticking time-bomb”—once again in his own words—until the great reunion after the final fight, Psyduck and Pikachu could probably have an amazing sitcom together.

1. About Every Time That Pikachu is Talking to Himself.

We hope this is not a surprise. After all, Ryan Reynolds is Pikachu’s voice, and he’s funny as hell. But unlike his other really famous role, here, Reynolds is not making jokes every five seconds and, if you ask us, it makes the movie a lot more enjoyable. While Pikachu’s dialogue with Tim, who is the only human who can understand him, and other Pokemon is funny, it's the little asides he makes to himself either when alone or when he's convinced no one can hear him what really sells the character's sassy nature. Well, that, and hearing Ryan Reynolds's voice say the immortal lines "Pika Pika” (yes, he does that at one point, and yes, it’s hilarious)

Final Thoughts

Detective Pikachu is a very enjoyable film filled with moments that will make you laugh, cry, and even want to hug your pet the second you get back home (Don’t do that if your pet is a fish, Magikarp doesn't like hugs). So, of course, we have to ask: Which scene got you to laugh the loudest? Please let us know in the comments below.

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