Top 5 Items from Anime on Our Christmas Wish List!

We’ve all got out stockings up and our wish lists ready, because, let’s be honest, festive cheer and holiday vibes aside, the best part of Christmas is getting stuff! And with all the cool stuff we’ve seen in anime, we couldn’t help but fantasise about what we’d like to find under our Christmas trees if pesky old reality wasn’t an issue. So without further ado, here’s our anime item wish list; a top 5 that looks at the coolest things we’ve seen in anime that we can’t help but wish we’d find in our stockings this holiday season!

5. Phone Wave (Name Subject to Change) from Steins;Gate

We’ve all had those moments of instant regret, moments when we wish we could’ve advised our younger selves to do things differently.Well, with the Phone Wave (Name Subject to Change) you’d be able to erase all those regrets and mistakes instantly while simultaneously sending your past self a microwaveable treat (we’re thinking popcorn). Future Gadget Laboratory’s accidental opus magnum allows a user to send messages to the past via D-Mail, so essentially, you could advise your past self’s decision-making informed by how the future plays out. Just try not to disrupt the space-time continuum, of course.

And that’s not all! With the Phone Wave, you can even send small objects to the past, as proven by the banana test (though the outcome can be a little iffy). So, picture this: future you saving past you the considerable grief of cringe-worthy faux-pas and monumental screw-ups alike. That, and gelbanas (gel bananas)!

4. Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear from Attack on Titan

We’ve all thought about it at one point or another, and if given the chance, there’s no doubt many of us would jump at the opportunity to fly. Imagine leaping through the air without having to worry about gravity. Well, if we could get our hands on the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear from Attack on Titan, this wouldn’t be a distant possibility. We’d be able to soar through the air like Mikasa and Eren, and honestly, while training to use the equipment might be tough, it would be worth it because who doesn’t want to fly? Plus, look at it this way, with your handy Three Dimensional Manoeuvre Gear, you’d never have to think of traffic again.

3. Pokéball (Pokémon Included) from Pokémon!

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a couple of classic throwbacks, and for all of you animal lovers out there we’ve got the must-have of pet-related presents: the iconic Pokéball from Pokémon, with your choice of Pokémon included, of course. Leaving the house is always torturous when you have to leave a precious pet behind, but with pokéballs, you can take your little friend wherever you go. So whether you want to cuddle with a fluffy Eevee or play with a Pikachu, you can do it any time, any place with the help of your Pokéball.

2. Philosopher’s Stone from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

A magic stone that gives you the power to bend the elements to your will. You may think twice about this one, but really its applications are endless. The Philosopher’s Stone from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the epitome of alchemy and a source of illusory absolute power that most alchemists strive towards. It appears to override the Law of Absolute Exchange as a transmutation amplifier and is one of the objects closest to harnessing omnipotence. Since alchemy involves a lot of work with elements and transmutation, possessing the Philosopher’s Stone would basically give you command over the elements, and honestly who wouldn’t want that (gruesome process of making one aside)? From making the mundane, everyday chores more interesting, to living out your Last Airbender fantasies, the Philosopher’s Stone will never get old for whoever manages to get their hands on one!

1. Dragon Ball from the Dragon Ball Series

For the top spot on our list, we decided to take a trip down memory lane with the old-school yet timeless Dragon Ball series. Large crystalline orbs with five-pointed stars (ranging in numbers, colour, texture, and size), the eponymous Dragon Balls are some of the most well-known items in anime. Individually, these orbs do little but when an entire set of a type comes together, they call upon the corresponding Eternal Dragon, an omnipotent entity, which will grant the summoner a wish. And here’s the best part, the wish comes to fruition exactly as the summoner imagines it, with no loopholes and no alternative interpretations. Imagine, one quick chat with a dragon (already a gift in its own right) and you can fulfill your deepest desires, nothing more, nothing less.

And that’s why this makes number one on our list (at the risk of sounding greedy), it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving!

Final Thoughts

With all the gadgets, gizmos, and magic items out there, we had a hard time with picking just these five. And while we’d be happy to get any of the above, there’s so much more out there that would make any anime enthusiast a happy camper! Alas, reality is a cruel mistress, and the likelihood of any of these items falling into our laps is a big, fat zero. So we guess we’ll just have to settle for merch from our favourite anime as any good otaku would want to do!

So what anime items would you like to find (hypothetically) under your tree this year? Do any of the ones on our list strike your fancy? Let us know in the comments below!

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