[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hikari Takanashi Highlights - Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews With Monster Girls)

demi-chan-wa-kataritai-wallpaper-1-562x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hikari Takanashi Highlights - Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews With Monster Girls)

Sorry, but can I bite you a little?

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  • Episodes: TBA
  • Genre: Slice of Life, School, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Airing Date: Jan 2017 - TBA
  • Producers: A-1 Pictures

Demi-chan wa Kataritai Preview (No Spoilers)

Demi-chan wa Kataritai follows the story of Tetsuo Takahashi as he has joined a school. He teaches Biology but wants as. In this alternate world that looks much like ours, demi-humans such as Vampires, Dullahans, Snow Women, and Succubi live amongst humans. There are even government offices and departments set up to assist demi-humans in society and help them integrate.

Takahashi hits paydirt when he finds out that there is a vampire student, a dullahan, a snow woman, and a succubus in his own school! He starts out with meeting Hikari and then Kyouko who both are demi-humans. then meets Sakie, a succubus, and finally Yuki, a snow woman. Through each of his one on one interactions and group interactions with these girls, he is able to understand more about their struggles as minorities and satisfy his own curiosities. There are even social issues that the girls will face along with their own struggles in high school.

Thankfully though, Tetsuo is right there to assist as much as he can!

Hikari Takanashi Bio

Seiyuu Name: Kaede Hondou

Hikari Takanashi is one of two sisters and a twin. She is a vampire, but lives a normal life, for the most part, alongside her sister. She has blond hair and yellow eyes as well as buns that sit atop of her head. They both go to school normally, Hikari loves food with strong flavors and aromas, loves garlic, and does not care too much for sunlight. She gets along with classmates but gets along well with her closer demi-chan friends Kyouko and Yuki. She drinks blood from her own blood packs that the government furnishes. She does try to help others and she appears to be the main, direct demi-girl of the series.

Hikari definitely has her friends backs and is rather eager to talk with Tetsuo about anything and everything that has to deal with being a demi-chan. And so, she gets interviewed by Tetsuo and we get a glimpse into the exciting life of a demi-girl!

Hikari Takanashi Highlights

1. Hikari Is Plain Adorable

Hikari does well on her own with her funny personality and her ability to play pranks. She is very much open to talking about her desires as a vampire as well as being cheerful and upbeat. She has only ever drunk blood directly from someone once, and she has never thought about drinking from a male. Hikari does not hold back though from being a bit of a prankster as seen in episode one when she makes Tetsuo think that she has bitten him. She is almost always sporting her trademark smile with just one tip of a fang protruding. Hikari enjoys the harmony of the group overall. Hikari is also someone who holds nothing back and in its own way, it is super cute. Plus, when all else fails, she is adorable in her high school uniform.

If there has to be one action that she does that is just beyond cute, it is that she gets the desire to chew on people sometimes. She first shows this when Yuki offers her ice cream and Hikari accidentally gulps it down. Yuki says that she wants to have a better relationship with Hikari and Kyouko, and so Hikari asks if she can chew, yes chew, on Yuki as it helps her fangs relax. She then reveals that her twin sister lets her do it all the time!

2. Hikari Is an Open Book

One of the rather endearing traits is that Hikari really does not hold back; for better or for worse. Tetsuo may cross ethical lines in his thirst for knowledge and desire to study demi-humans, but Hikari is more than willing to talk openly about them. She explains about desires, the willingness to drink blood from others, sexual urges and more. When it comes to Kyouko Machi, they almost immediately hit it off when talking about the struggles of being a demi-human in everyday life.

It does take a minute for Yuki to open up to Hikari, but Hikari is ready to offer her friendship almost immediately. She then works her hardest to include Yuki and is rather welcoming too. There is scene at the end of a recent episode where we see that the girls are all going to karaoke, much like your everyday high school girl does. Various other girls have been invited because Hikari is open and welcoming to everyone!

3. Hikari Genuinely Cares & Is the Binding Glue

We saw that Hikari not only is adorable and open, but she is a strong individual. She does not give in when her friends struggle and does her best to support them too! It started with Hikari helping Kyouko be able to come see Tetsuo and then later with her helping Yuki. We see it with Kyouko who obviously harbors feelings for Tetsuo. Hikari sets it up and a social experiment that Kyouko & Tetsuo go shopping all day and cannot return until they arrive home. She is a fantastic wingman for Kyouko!

Later when Yuki is being bullied for being a quiet individual and it is mistaken that she is aloof, Hikari is there. She tells off the girls and in her own purity and innocence, she drives herself to tears. She is always ready to help and support her friends. She even does her best to hold herself back until she can get permission from her friends to be a bit weirder. Hikari has to ask Yuki if she can be close to her. When she gets permission, she dives right on in and even gets to chew a bit on Yuki!

4. Hikari Is Hilarious

It is very clear that Hikari is the comedy fodder for the season. When she is uneasy about talking about sex and drinking blood, she plays a prank on Tetsuo using pencils. She then proceeds to help Kyouko go on the date, only to torture her body nonstop. She pushes her nipples, has her trip over things, and more!

We were treated to a recent episode where Tetsuo tries calling Hikari different names. Calling her Takanashi-san elicits one reaction while calling her Hikari gets upbeat and hilarious reactions. Not to mention too, Hikari is just as quirky at home. Himari tries her best, but Hikari marches to the beat of her own drum. She sleeps in a refrigerator giving herself colds, she opens it and puts her feet in when she is hot while reading manga, and if there was anything that she wanted, say a dessert or leftover, she hides it in her own personal fridge. The fridge is supposed to be for her blood packets, but she improvises often with hilarious results!

5. Hikari Teaches Us How to Be a Better Person

Whether or not Demi-chan wa Kataritai is an allegory for MOGAI individuals & the downtrodden in today’s society or not, Hikari, while seeming different, is just the same as everyone else. She likes garlic, she can see herself in a mirror, she loves sweets, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, and she has troubles studying. The pure difference between her, and an average person, is that blood does taste good to her, she has small fangs, and she is not a fan of sunlight. The latter of which can be found in many people in our own society.

We do not know, because the author has not come out and explicitly stated it, but it is not a far fetch to say that Hikari is that person you know who is different in that they are LGBTQ+, an immigrant, a poor person, etc. Notice how she is not ostracized, but rather treated as an equal. She does not do anything different from anyone around her and she is just another person living their life no matter how unique her individual personality is. She is nice, she laughs, and she likes ice cream. Clearly, we could all use a bit more compassion in our daily lives to respect others around us.

Final Thoughts

Is Demi-chan wa Kataritai some massive allegory about our society? Probably not, but if the author does come out and say something like that, well then why not view it as such? Hikari has a lot to teach and show us in her own cute way. She is anything but standard, and she has a heart of gold that she is willing to share with anyone. Hikari is cute, funny, mischievous, strong-willed sometimes, and more. It is for these reasons and more that Hikari Takanashi from Demi-chan wa Kataritai is our Honey’s Crush this Wednesday!

What do you think? Who is your favorite girl from Demi-chan wa Kataritai? Yuki? Sakie? Or maybe Kyouko? Be sure to let us know below and also let us know if you enjoyed the article! Till next time,

demi-chan-wa-kataritai-wallpaper-1-562x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hikari Takanashi Highlights - Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews With Monster Girls)


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