Top 8 Hysterical Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews with Monster Girls) Characters

Demi-chan wa Kataritai was a comedy and slice of life shining star in the Winter 2017 lineup that went toe to toe with the other comedy/slice of life star of the season, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews with Monster Girls) is a fantasy and seinen series from the spring that shows demi-humans living their normal lives among humans. The thing is though, is that not a whole lot is known about them. The government within Japan does everything that they can to support them. There are vampires, succubi, yuki onna, and even a very few number of dullahan that exist in this world.

Tetsuo Takahashi, a biology teacher is obsessed with demi-humans and one day his luck really helps him out. He meets Hikari Takanashi, a vampire student. She then brings in Kyouko Machi, a dullahan, they both meet Yuki Kusakabe, a yuki onna, and before he knows it, Tetsuo has three very different, but all friendly young demi-girls prying for his attention as well as his understanding. Then to top all things off, there is a teacher, Sakie Satou, who also happens to be a succubus. Tetsuo cannot believe his luck, but he does his best to not only understand these girls better but also to help them form bonds with each other and their classmates around them.

…Still though the fact that Hikari is about 2000% a troll really does make the show hilarious. Everything starts with her and ends with her. Her antics are what bring the other demi-humans in and while they do ask for support and help, they also troll each other and Tetsuo sometimes much to the joy of the viewer. Demi-chan wa Kataritai may be off the air now, but join us as we countdown and reflect on the funniest characters in this series!

8. Kurutsu

Kurutsu comes in the later-half of the season and is a young German boy who poses as a student in the school that the girls go to. He has blonde hair and blue eyes which stand out like a sore thumb in Japanese society. He poses as a student as we say until we learn that he actually works for Ugaki-sa n as his assistant. While he does not get a lot of screen time, he is active for almost a whole episode on the screen and does manage to make us laugh.

A lot of his humor comes from the part where he mistakenly thinks that Ugaki-san is an invader in the school and tries to take him out. The other time is when he is leaving with Ugaki-san and makes a very childish comment before getting hit. Considering that the series has no male demi characters, he is as close as we can get.

7. Ugaki-san

Ugaki-san works for the government in the Ajin Support Division. He shows up at school in the same episode as Kurutsu. It is here that we learn that when Sakie has problems, or when she had them in the past, he was someone who was always nearby and as such, acts a little bit as a father and a little bit as a confidant for her. He works to investigate incidents involving succubi to see if the incidents that they get dragged into are accidental or intentional.

After dealing with being almost taken out by Kurutsu earlier in his debut episode, he spends some time talking to Tetsuo about his past and the kind of work that he does. He does dole out retribution to Kurutsu and he makes another appearance in a later episode when Sakie cannot control herself and she is gushing about Tetsuo at 5 in the morning to poo Ugaki-san. He hangs up on her and she tries to sleep but is woken by her alarm clock immediately after she thinks about sleeping. He’s a good guy with a good heart.

6. Himari Takanashi

Himari is essentially the opposite of her sister Hikari in just about every way. Where Himari is studious, Hikari is a slacker. Himari has brown hair and Hikari has blonde hair. Himari is a normal human being, but Hikari is not. Rather, Himari is studious, diligent, thoughtful, and protective of her sister. Almost too protective. When Hikari trolls her sister by telling Himari that Tetsuo saw her underwear and Hikari can no longer become a bride, Himari takes the bait hook, line, and sinker. She angrily confronts Tetsuo.

Much to her relief and embarrassment, this is not the case, but rather just a large misunderstanding. This actually happens to her a few times and while we laugh at her reaction, we wonder how much she is thinking about before acting. Either way though, her love and dedication for her sister put her frequently into a jealous rage which almost always backfires to our laughter and delight.

5. Kyouko Machi

Kyouko Machi, or Macchi, is the dullahan of the series and is outright adorable. She has a well-developed body along with a blue flame that spouts from her neck. She carries her head with her wherever she goes. When we first meet her, she is very awkwardly struggling to make friends in her class. Her classmates not being sure if they should give her special treatment or not, have a hard time approaching her. It is not until Hikari walks by one day and says something to her that Kyouko begins to laugh. She realizes then that she could have a friend in Hikari. Hikari then introduces her to Tetsuo and it begins. Tetsuo tries to be sweet but at the same time has tons of questions for her about being a dullahan.

The best two Kyouko moments in our book is first when they are all demanding hugs. Hikari gets one, Yuki gets one, Kyouko’s head gets one and then Tetsuo realizes that her body is sitting off by itself. With some urging from the other demi-girls, he agrees to hug her. He does so and she realizes that her chest is now flat against his and she overloads causing her blue flame to heighten in intensity. The other time is when Yuki and Hikari tease her about not ever being underwater and Kyouko gets flustered. Adorably cute and funny, she works up to courage to ask Tetsuo to hold her head and jump underwater after hilariously explaining that if she dropped her head in a river, she might never get it back!

4. Yuki Kusakabe

Yuki Kusakabe is the third demi-girl introduced to us after we learn that she is being bullied at school. Two girls are going out of their way to talk about her being her back and it is not until Hikari confronts them that they realize they were assuming something that was wrong and that in reality, they were just misunderstanding something. We were kinda worried that Yuki, as a yuki onna, would then be relegated to the background and be a wallflower character, but with the help of Kyouko and Hikari, she opens up much to our relief and joy.

The best Yuki moments hands down are when she brings a gag manga to school. She has a soft spot for gags in Japanese, as many Japanese people do, and so when Sakie confronts her about it, she lies and says that she accidentally brought it to school. Try as she might, she tries to hide the fact that she loves corny gag manga, but gives in when she learns that Sakie likes them too. From then on, when she hears a gag, she loses her cool and has to hide her name. The best gag one is when Tetsuo says he can’t swim, and Sakie says “Even though your name is Tetsuo?” (Tetsuo means strong man or iron man), and Yuki gasps for air because she is laughing so hard. While trying to contain herself, everyone wonders what is wrong only for her to say she swallowed some water. Try as she might, she cannot hide it!

3. Sakie Satou

Sakie Satou is a teacher at the school with Tetsuo. She is first to arrive and last to leave at the school. She dresses rather demurely and always in a jumpsuit. She teaches math and avoids contact with all male students. Why? Because she is a succubus. She is worried about accidentally attracting someone due to her aphrodisiac abilities. This incidentally also gives her a complex that she cannot meet anyone due to the fact that they will like her for her aphrodisiac and not who she is as a person. Till she accidentally touches Tetsuo one day and he does not respond to it to her face.

From then on out, she is on a mission to find a way to spend more time with him. When it comes to the "hug" scene we mentioned earlier, she decides to go for one only to be turned down by him, leading her to doing a funny aside. She keeps Ugaki-san up all night till 4 am because she is so concerned about going on a date with Tetso. Which, spoiler alert, she does not even have set plans at that time. She even tries to get him to stay at the pool for as long as possible by even show him her bathing suit. When he says it is nice, she immediately just wants to die from embarrassment. Her one-way feelings for Tetsuo are what makes her character so funny.

2. Tetsuo Takahashi

Tetsuo, whom we have been mentioning nonstop, is the more backbone of Demi-chan wa Kataritai. At first, we just have him and one by one, the biology teacher manages to surround himself with a group of diverse women to learn from and spend his time with. Tall, well-built, and friendly, all of the girls get along with him in their own ways. His real drive though is to learn more about demi-humans in their world.

Some of Tetsuo’s shining moments come from any time he is interacting with Sakie-sensei. She always thinks that her aphrodisiac effect is not bothering him, but on the contrary, it is and he is just trying to control his mind and body from giving in. Other times are anytime he is caught by Himari over a misunderstanding that her sister has caused. Another great and memorable time is when he goes “shopping” with Kyouko but ends up spending the whole day with her head on a date. Without him, we would not have the series even if he does trip up himself sometimes to our joy.

1. Hikari Takanashi

We are pretty sure that you knew that Hikari Takanashi was going to be the last character on our Demi-chan wa Kataritai characters list. A blonde vampire, this carefree and upbeat girl is there to constantly help others when they need it while causing mayhem at the same time. She loves to troll her sister Himari and often explains her feelings to Tetsuo when he asks.

Pretty much everything Hikari does is funny. When she falls asleep in her private blood refrigerator only to catch a cold is great. Another one is when she proclaims that she can no longer become a bride because Tetsuo has seen her underwear. She reads manga while leaving her feet in the fridge to cool down but will fall asleep sometimes, she likes to ask very direct questions and even evaluated everyone’s bodies to see if she wants to drink from them. Yuki is like ice-cream, and so to her, biting Yuki is delicious and fun. Much to our humor, that is. She even makes Tetsuo act like a vampire so that she is not further embarrassed by her actions. Even the final moment makes us laugh when she tries to get out of being late by pulling out the “Sensei, do you remember the day we met?” only for it to hilariously crash and burn. It is for these reasons and more that we are more than happy to crown her as our #1.

Final Thoughts

With that in mind, this brings our list of Demi-chan wa Kataritai characters to a close. Sure we would love a second season that sees Sakie hilariously try to date Tetsuo and the girls be in on it all too. While we wait though, we would love to hear from you. Who are your favorite characters? Be sure to let us know down below! Till next time.

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