[Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Sakie Satou Highlights - Interviews with Monster Girls (Demi-chan wa Kataritai)

demi-chan-wa-kataritai-manga [Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Sakie Satou Highlights - Interviews with Monster Girls (Demi-chan wa Kataritai)

May I borrow some manga?

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, School, Seinen
  • Airing Date: Jan, 2017 – Mar, 2017
  • Producers: A-1 Pictures

Demi-chan wa Kataritai Preview (No Spoilers)

Welcome to a typical high school with a twist, it contains a handful of monsters from mythology. When Tetsuo Takahashi (a biology teacher) finds out there are actual monsters (demis) on campus, and he wants to figure out how they tick! Most people run in fear when they see a vampire, or a succubus, but could they just be horribly misunderstood creatures? Takahashi has his work cut out for him! Unexpectedly, he starts to find out the more he understands their needs, the more he starts to care about them.

The monster girls find it tough to fit into society, and want to be accepted. Tetsuo is there to learn all he can about demi-humans, so he can do just that!

Sakie Satou Bio

Seiyuu Name: Yoko Hikasa

Sakie Satou is a math teacher at the high school, and she always puts her students first! She wears a track suit and glasses at all times to make sure her male students don't get too hot and bothered, because of her pheromones. She also avoids touching anyone for the same reasons. She may be a succubus, but she wants nothing to do with attracting unwanted attention. Going through all of her life dealing with her pheromones, Sakie just wants to live a normal life. She is kind, caring, and she loves to read manga!

Like most of the demis that attend this school, she has a hard time fitting in. Never having any contact with anyone can seem lonely. When she learns what Tetsuo is up to, however, she starts to take an interest in being around him and the other demi-girls, for science!

Sakie Satou Highlights (Spoilers beyond this point)

1. Her intentions are pure!

When you think about a succubus, usually “good intentions” don't come to mind. In mythologies, a succubus is a creature that seduces men into sexual relations, which results in deterioration of health for the man. Sakie Satou, however, is nothing like the creature from mythology. While she has an aphrodisiac effect that causes men to be aroused, she tries to contain it at all times. Sakie is often seen wearing a tracksuit with glasses, which she wears to make herself look less appealing.

Sakie goes against everything a succubus seems to represent, even on this alternate version of Earth! Later in the series, it becomes clear that there is a man following her around to make sure she isn't doing anything to other people. This man is a person named Ugaki, who has investigated succubi before. Ugaki keeps a watchful eye on Sakie. Even though she has good intent, Ugaki worries about her. For example, if she falls asleep, she can accidentally give people erotic dreams. She also slips sometimes and ends up making contact with other students by bumping into them. At the end of the day, however, Sakie just wants to be accepted by society, and tolerates Ugaki’s intrusions.

2. Sakie has an adorable crush!

When Sakie is a new teacher, and is introduced as a demi, Tetsuo takes an automatic interest in her. Sakie hates it when people get too close to her, and tries to avoid Tetsuo at first. Though Tetsuo is persistent, he eventually leaves Sakie alone as not to upset her. She later sees that Tetsuo is talking to other demis like her, and that he's just trying to learn about them. Tetsuo's curiosity interests Sakie, so she follows him around for awhile, trying not to make contact. One day, she trips in the hallway and Tetsuo grabs her hand so she doesn't fall. Sakie is amazed to find that her aphrodisiac effect doesn't seem to work on him, and she starts crushing on Tetsuo. Although he may be polite, Tetsuo hides the fact that she did have an arousal effect on him, so Sakie wouldn't freak out.

Sakie usually sleeps alone in a house built in the middle of nowhere, and gets a little tipsy one night after work. After a few beers she starts thinking about what a relationship might be like. Sakie is convinced that Tetsuo has a low libido, until Ugaki comes along, and tells her he's probably just a good actor. He tells Sakie that to find out if his kindness is genuine, she'll have to put her aphrodisiac to the test once more. In order to believe she is liked because of who she is (and not what she is), she takes Ugaki's advice.

Tetsuo meets up with Sakie and they chat about science stuff, while she secretly releases her pheromones. After Tetsuo's hilarious facial expression, he tells her that it's just part of her natural overall attractiveness. Sakie is amazed by Tetsuo's ability to hide his arousal, and likes him even more after their exchange of information.

3. She's cute, clumsy and relatable

It's clear that Sakie is pretty much just a normal woman with abnormal arousal abilities. She's mostly normal, and with that come the pitfalls of sometimes stumbling over your feet. She sometimes falls down and bumps into other students, which inadvertently turns the men on. Some may attribute her clumsiness to a lack of human contact, which may certainly be true. But she's also adorable when she's flustered, stumbling around trying to figure out what to do. Sakie can't help but to be cute, especially when she tries to avoid her own nature.

It fascinates us that the “monster girls” are so normal, it's part of their overall appeal to the audience. It's funny to think that monsters feared in books are really just nice people at heart, but that's just what Sakie is. Sometimes, Sakie will think about using her aphrodisiac to her advantage. She's relatable this way, because not everyone can be perfect all the time. Most people are flawed in their own ways, and Sakie is no exception to that rule. She even got jealous that Hikari kissed Tetsuo on the cheek, and she didn't! She's an adorable flawed angel, and we love that about her.

4. She has friends that truly understand her

It's great to have friends that know exactly what you're going through! Hikari Takanashi sure knows how to bring demis together! She also knows a safe spot for them to gather! Since most of Sakie's friends are demis, she gets to know Tetsuo too, for science! Most of the demi-humans are misunderstood just like she is, and normal people will avoid them because of what they’re told about monsters. In contrast, some people with disabilities in real life may undergo similar experiences. People say birds of a feather flock together, and Sakie's friends are no exception!

Like with the other demis, Sakie becomes good friends with Yuki Kusakabe, and one day Yuki drops a manga in the hallway. Sakie picks up the manga and sees Yuki running down the hallway to claim it. As it turns out, Sakie and Yuki read similar manga! Once they discover they like the same stuff, Yuki will sometimes bring Sakie some manga to read. They don't want anyone else to know about their manga hobby, however, and exchange manga as secretly as they can.

All of Sakie’s friends may be exceptionally powerful creatures from human mythologies, but in earnest, they're normal people struggling to deal with personal issues.

5. She works hard

Have you ever seen someone working really hard all the time? Sakie is someone who not only works hard, but goes out of her way to do so. Because she's a succubus, she wakes up and takes the early bus to work so she can avoid large crowds. Sakie has a long round-trip between home and work because she lives in the middle of nowhere. She doesn't want to hurt anything, or get any unwanted attention from anyone. After a hard day's work, Sakie comes home, and drinks a much deserved beer!

Sakie loves her life, her job, her students, and doesn't want to endanger any of that. She plays things safe to the point of seclusion. She wants to reach out to others and get to know them better, but she is afraid of her abilities and stays isolated from society to protect others. If you've ever seen someone alone all the time, they probably want to be a part of something, go make a friend! No one wants to be alone all the time, not even poor Sakie. Sakie starts to break her habit of isolationism when she starts to crush on Tetsuo.

Final Thoughts

You've got to love Sakie, she's certainly shyer than the average succubus! Isn't it funny how things can be deceiving? Just because you're a succubus, it doesn't mean you're evil. Perhaps people should take things like that into consideration more often. What did you think about our crush? Do you have a crush? We would love to hear your thoughts below!

demi-chan-wa-kataritai-manga [Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Sakie Satou Highlights - Interviews with Monster Girls (Demi-chan wa Kataritai)


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