5 Most Talented Characters in Release the Spyce

The world of Release the Spyce has no shortage of strong and talented characters that make them fantastic at their jobs. All of the characters have their own unique abilities that make them stand out amongst their peers with the skills. With so many different skills and abilities being used, it is always exciting to see what else these characters can do. Today, we are going to be looking at the five most talented characters in Release the Spyce. We will be looking at all of the characters defining abilities, whether they are talented when it comes to the fighting prowess or have other skills that help them excel at their job.

5. Fuu Sagami

A member of the Tsukikage, Fuu earns a spot for her impeccable espionage skills. Fuu has the ability to copy people's voices and is able to emulate them flawlessly. Combining her vocal talents with her masterful disguises, there is no place Fuu can't sneak into. Along with her spy skills, Fuu is also very talented when it comes to combat and rarely loses a fight.

4. Hatsume Aoba

The brains behind Tsukikage's operation, Hatsume is one of the key pieces of the group. Hatsume's talents are centered around her inventions and her brain. Hatsume is always tinkering and developing new weapons for the girls to use on their missions. Not only is she smart and creative, but he is also able to put her weapons to good use thanks to her fighting skills. While she may not be the strongest around, she is able to hold her own thanks to her brains and her inventions.

3. Byakko

While Byakko may not have as many talents as some of the other characters, she does excel in one area better than any character in the series. Despite her size, Byakko packs quite the punch and is one of the strongest characters in Release the Spyce. During her time with Moryo, Byakko battled against the Tsukikage in hopes of destroying them. Byakko was able to fight and hold her own against three members of the Tsukikage including Momo and Fuu. Few characters come close to Byakko's talent when it comes to fighting skills.

2. Yuki Hanzoumon

Yuki is what one would picture when they think of the perfect spy. Yuki is level-headed, a great fighter, and always keeps her calm allowing her to deal with anything that comes her way. With a wide variety of skills and talents, Yuki is prepared for any situation and is never caught off guard even in the face of the greatest of obstacles. Yuki is even able to take Momo and turn her into one of the most talented spies in the Tsukikage.

1. Momo Minamoto

The newest member of the Tsukikage, Momo had a rough start to her spy career. However, Momo turned into one of the greatest spies the Tsukikage has ever seen. At first, Momo was only able to make use of her incredible eyesight and her unusual talent of being able to tell everything about a person by licking them. As she continued to train under Yuki, Momo also gained unmatched fighting skills and learned the ins and outs of spy work, making her one of the most talented and well-rounded characters in Release the Spyce.

Final Thoughts

Release the Spyce has so many fantastic characters and each one of them has so many different skills. With their talents resulting in all of the best action and comedy scenes in the series, it only makes sense to take some time to appreciate what each character brings to the table. Which character in Release the Spyce us your favorite? Are there any you think should have been on the list? Let us know in the comment below.

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