Release the Spyce Review - Tsukikage is Forever

Tsukikage is Forever

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, School
  • Airing Date : October 2018 - December 2018
  • Studios : Lay-duce

Contains Spoilers

Release the Spyce Introduction

Unsure of her direction in life, Momo Minamoto wants to protect her city like her late father once did. Despite her desire to protect the city, she is unsure if becoming a police officer like her father is the right path. After an encounter with a group of girls, Momo gets a shot at protecting the city. Momo becomes a member of an organization called the Tsukikage. Located at her school, the Tsukikage protect the city from all sorts of nefarious villains and do work the police cannot. Momo trains to become the greatest spy she can be in order to achieve her goal of bringing peace to the city.

Why You Should Watch Release the Spyce

1. Great Characters

Each one of the main six girls is a fun and interesting character that makes the whole viewing experience that much better. The girls are able to above and beyond their typical archetype with all of them being nice fresh takes on the character type. Outside of the main girls, we also get some great bad guys with amazing designs, funny side characters, and cute little mascot characters that steal every scene that they are in.

2. The Action

All of the action in Release the Spyce is top notch. We are treated to a wide array of well-choreographed fight scenes and some other exciting action sequences. Not only are the action scenes fun to watch, but they are also some of the most visually pleasing moments of the show, with the action often being colorful and vibrant making them stand out from the dark backgrounds.

3. Story Balance

Release the Spyce does a fantastic job of showing off everything it has got without ever feeling like it is neglecting a part of its story. There is a nice balance between the action, the light-hearted moe moments, and the overall plot progression of the story. Each episode includes a little bit of everything giving you well-balanced episodes that never focus on one aspect for two long.

Why You Should Skip Release the Spyce

1. The Story

The story of Release the Spyce is generic. There are very little surprises in the spy world of Release the Spice and when there is a big plot twist, it doesn't come as a surprise. Release the Spyce is more about providing you a fun and interesting way to experience the story than telling you a great a one.

2. Plain Backgrounds

Overall Release the Spyce has some pretty nice visuals, but it seems to be lacking when it comes to the backgrounds. A lot of the world seen throughout the anime feels plain and empty. The places they visit are mostly dark and dull leaving much to be desired on a visual level. There is also very little going on you never get the sense that the town is alive, with few background characters and just nothing going on in the background.

3. Not Serious Enough

While Release the Spyce does a great job balancing the different elements of the story, it is still a light-hearted moe anime at its core. We often get scenes where the girls are discussing some trivial thing in the midst of the mission, causing them to not feel as serious as they could be. Although there are some very serious moments throughout the series, there may not be nought to keep you interested if you are not interested in the light-hearted aspects of the story.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of action anime or slice of life anime, Release the Spyce has plenty to love with the lighthearted elements and fantastic action sequences. While it may be lacking in some of the finer details, there is still plenty to enjoy while watching Release the Spyce. What did you think the anime? Let us know all of your thoughts about Release the Spyce in the comments.

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