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  • Episodes: 24
  • Genre: Comedy, Sports, Drama, Romance, School, Shounen
  • Air Dates: Jul 9, 2017- Present
  • Studio: Production I.G

Ballroom e Youkoso Preview (No Spoilers)

Anime Preview (No Spoilers)
Tatara Fujita is a third year middle school student who is shy and introverted. One day as Tatara is being bullied by several students, a young man intervenes and saves Tatara. The rescuer names himself as Sengoku and proceeds to take Tatara to a local dance studio. Here, Tatara meets Shizuku Hanaoka who dances in the studio and seeing her move makes Tatara wish to do the same. Unlocking a hidden skill within Tatara, Sengoku realizes that Tatara has the means to become a great professional dancer if coached correctly, and thus decides to take him under his tutelage. Tatara is about to enter the world of ballroom dancing and his life will forever be changed once he lets his feet move freely.

Tatara Bio

Character Bio
Seiyuu Name: Tsuchiya, Shinba
At first glance, Tatara Fujita could be seen as a normal and unremarkable middle schooler. However, once Tatara enters the dance floor, most would be amazed at how he transforms. Capable of learning dance moves from just visual stimulus, Tatara has latent internal skills to make him a dancer that even woes the professionals such as Sengoku. Tatara’s challenges come in the form of finding a suitable dance partner and overcoming his own internal weaknesses and fears. Though once he shatters those chains around him, Tatara will show the world what a dancer can look like with skills that even those who have trained their whole lives can only hope to obtain.

Tatara Highlights

1. Quick learner

Easily one of Tatara’s greatest strengths comes in the form of how quick he can master dance moves. Within his first night ever dancing, he learns a beginner’s move in less than 24 hours of practice. Even Sengoku—who’s been dancing for quite some time—is utterly amazed by this skill. There is another strength to Tatara’s quick learning style. Now let’s look at what that exactly is.

In episode 3, Tatara finds himself in quite a predicament. After Kiyoharu Hyoudou in the competition disappears, Sengoku decides to use a last ditch effort to avoid him losing from the competition. This means that Tatara is thrown in as a body double/replacement. Luckily, because Tatara had shown the ability to mirror Kiyoharu’s dancing routine—this was seen in episode 2—Sengoku hoped he could do his routine without issue. While we won’t spoil how the competition went down, we will say that how Tatara performed shows his abilities to learn dancing without an issue and will become amazing in the future.

2. Caring

Tatara may be introverted and quite shy, that doesn’t mean he treats others poorly. In fact, in several episode, Tatara’s compassion can be seen strongly. Not only does this apply to his fellow dancers but his partners as well. As we see from other characters in Ballroom e Youkoso—namely Akagi Gaju—they don’t care about hurting the feelings of other dancers. Tatara however isn’t like this and we have the episode to prove of his kind nature. We will prove why Tatara Fujita is a kind soul in a series with some rather cruel people.

In the episode where Tatara meets Mako Akagi—which is episode 5—they begin to dance for the first time together. During the dance both Mako and Tatara lose their footing and Mako’s back is aimed directly for the floor. Tatara uses his quick reflexes and turns Mako around so he lands back first rather than her. In episode 6, we also see Tatara talk with Mako on the phone encouraging her that together they will be fine. Tatara cares and thus why we care about him as well.

3. Can switch partners without an issue

As we learn from Sengoku very on in Ballroom e Youkoso, switching partners is pretty tough. The reason being is that partners gain an understanding of each other. As they spend time together, they form a bond that makes their moves stronger without the need of communication at a verbal level. Despite that, since Tatara has yet find his own partner—though we hope it will be Mako—Tatara switched between Shizuku and Mako. While this should be an issue for most, we see that Tatara is able to somehow pull this issue off.

Thanks in part to his ability to master other’s dancing routines—as we mentioned earlier—Tatara can mimic the moves needed to partner up with anyone. This is proven in episode 3 when Tatara was used as a replacement partner for Shizuku. While his nerves caused some issues ultimately he was able to still maneuver in a similar way to Kiyoharu. This impresses not only Sengoku but his other teachers like Banba Karen. We don’t know what’s in store next for the series of Ballroom e Youkoso but we can at least say that Tatara won’t be a hindrance for any dancer that he may get partnered with.

4. Competitive

If you’re going to be in any sport whether it be shogi or ballroom dancing, you need to have a competitive nature. Sure being competitive can be a bad quality in some people—look at Gaju to see a bad way of being competitive—in Tatara’s case, it’s actually a very redeeming quality. Tatara wants to prove himself as a capable dancer and will not falter—which that latter remark we will discuss later in this article—which makes Tatara the type of guy who wants to win because he doesn’t want to disappoint others. Now you may need some convincing but don’t worry, we here at Honey’s Anime always have the means of backing up our thoughts with some evidence for the people we think are awesome.

In episode 1 and in episode 9, we see Tatara’s competitive nature. Not many people—especially those new to a sport or a skill—would spend hours doing the same thing with minimal breaks. However, Tatara in episode 1, literally stays at the dance studio all night—which surprises Sengoku—to practice what he taught him. Then in episode 9, we see Tatara at the competition want to outdo his performance from earlier in the competition. This just shows you that Tatara is someone who doesn’t need to be motivated but wishes to do better because he wants to show the world what his dancing looks like. Trust us folks, we are always in awe ourselves when Tatara dances on the ballroom floor.

5. Quick to bounce back from failure

When you’re mastering a new skill or sport, things won’t always be easy even for those who are quick to adapt like Tatara. There will be times where you will fail horribly and it will cause you to second guess yourself strongly. Luckily in the case of Tatara, his failings while they do hit home at times, aren’t a means of stopping his progression in the series of Ballroom e Youkoso. If you need to be shown some proof of this because you’re just in utter disbelief, we have the best episode to prove how Tatara can get back on his feet no matter what. The episode we’re going to be looking at is episode 8.

During episode 8, Tatara has a bit of a mental breakdown during the competition that literally makes him fall to the floor. The painful realization that others in the ballroom have been dancing their whole lives while Tatara has only danced for several weeks makes Tatara feel inadequate and he wishes strongly that he would have begun dancing at an earlier age. However, with some help from his once rival and fellow dance student Kiyoharu, Tatara realizes that his lack of skill doesn’t allow him to stop dancing. If Tatara wants to be a great dancer, he needs to rely on his partner—in this case, Mako—to show his moves and become a stronger lead dancer. Tatara bounces back on his feet and in the following episode dances the best he’s danced in the whole series, though this in our opinion.

Final Thoughts

Tatara Fujita is an awesome guy and an even better ballroom dancer. We here at Honey’s Anime wouldn’t mind going a few dances with Tatara even if some of us here aren’t that great at dancing. Now we’ve shown what we love about Tatara but maybe we missed something else that puts him in a good light. Sound off in the comments down below to let us know what you love about Tatara. As always if you want to show how much you care and love us here at Honey’s Anime keep returning to our site for more articles just like this one soon to come.

078 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Tatara Highlights (Ballroom e Youkoso)


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