[Action/Battle Summer 2018] Like 91 Days? Watch This!

[Action/Battle Summer 2018] Like 91 Days? Watch This!

91 Days was a unique anime that combined serious historical elements with a dramatic story and tons of action. With new shows coming out all the time, it is nice to find new anime that use the same elements as older shows like 91 Days. Today, we are going to be looking at two different shows that you will enjoy if you liked 91 Days. Both shows will be from the Summer 2018 season and will feature some of the best aspects seen in 91 Days.

Liked 91 Days? Watch Banana Fish!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: July 6, 2018 to ?

Ash Lynx is a god looking seventeen-year-old leader of a gang of teenagers in New York City. Ash's past was filled with trouble. Living as a runaway, Ash was adopted by crime lord Dino Golzineex and used as a sex toy. After suffering years of abuse, Ash sets out to get revenge on the evil man who raised him. Unfortunately for Ash, things won't be so easy with Dino having the secrets behind Ash's brother going crazy and a mysterious young man named Eiji Okamura entering into his life.

Major Similarities Between 91 Days and Banana Fish

1. Dark Crime Filled Worlds

The worlds featured in both 91 Days and Banana Fish show off the dark underbelly of society. 91 Days shows off some more traditional mafia activities. Banana Fish focuses on a different dark aspect of society with things like sex trafficking. Both anime have serious settings and stories, but Banana Fish does have some more light-hearted scenes and romance mixed in.

2. Gunslinging Action

While both anime spend a large amount of time on their stories, they also make sure to include a bunch of great action scenes. If the action scenes in 91 Days was your favorite part of the anime, Banana Fish has everything you loved and more. You'll get to see mafia families battling it out with their minds, their fists, and their guns. Banana Fish puts an even bigger emphasis on these scenes with one of Ash's main character traits being his gun prowess.

3. Main Characters

The protagonists, Ash Lynx and Avilio Bruno both have tragic pasts that revolve around their connection to the mafia. With their pasts and mafia connections having such an impact on them, they both seek to get revenge on the people who hurt them and go deeper into the criminal underworld. Ash and Avilio are able to skillfully pull off their plans with a combination of quick wit and skills that set them apart from everyone around them.

Liked 91 Days? Watch Angolmois!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2018 - September 2018

With a new threat getting ready to endanger the Japanese people, a special group of people needed to be formed in order to fight against it. The government turns to a group of samurai who just so happen to be prisoners. The group is exiled to Tsushima Island in order to help the clans fight against the invading armies. With nothing to lose, the prisoner samurai must band together in order to stop the Mongols and anyone else who threatens the safety of Japan.

Major Similarities Between 91 Days and Angolmois

1. Story Themes

Despite the very different settings, both anime have very similar themes in their story. The stories feature themes of loyalty and a group of people bound together by fate and are forced to fight against the evils that are plaguing their world. 91 Days and Angolmois keep you entertained with high energy action scenes and more serious dramatic scenes.

2. Based on History

One of the best aspects of both anime is the fact they are based on historical events that don't get talked about often. 91 Days takes place during the prohibition in the US and Angolmois is inspired by the Mongols first invasion of Japan in 1274. Although they both draw heavily from real life events, they also take creative liberties to give you an interesting and dramatic story.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, two anime that will give you everything 91 Days had and so much more. Hopefully, you found a new anime that you can enjoy just as much like 91 Days. What are your thoughts on the two anime? Are there any other shows you think would fit on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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