Akkun to Kanojo (My Sweet Tyrant) Review - Are you tsun tsun enough?

Are you tsun tsun enough?

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Airing Date : April 2018 - September 2018
  • Studios : TYO Animations

Contains Spoilers

Akkun to Kanojo Introduction

You haven’t meant a tsundere like Akkun. Akkun is dating his childhood friend and sweetheart, Non-tan, and he loves her dearly. However, he refuses to let her in on this fact. In fact, Akkun acts tsun tsun around Non-tan. Meanwhile, Non-tan is an absolute angel and loves everything about Akkun. This is one weird relationship to say the least.

Why You Should Watch Akkun to Kanojo

1. Characters

Honestly, Akkun to Kanojo is made up of a bunch of silly characters who express their love in different ways. Call it a dere dere anime, but Akkun to Kanojo’s characters all take on different traits that are shown in their relationships, although there are 3 tsundere including Akkun, his sister, and Non-tan’s father.

2. Pokes Fun

Overall, Akkun to Kanojo pokes fun at dere love, especially tsundere love, which seems to be such a fan favorite amongst otaku. This is the type of anime that is all silliness and not meant to be taken seriously. Akkun to Kanojo is short, but that’s what makes it such a fun watch. It’s a romantic comedy with no real story that is supposed to be there for a chuckle here and there.

Why You Should Skip Akkun to Kanojo

1. Abusive

To many, the dynamic between Non-tan and Akkun is going to be stupid and silly, but for others, it’s going to look abusive. To be fair, their relationship is rather abusive, regardless of what the intentions are behind them. If you’re not a fan of gross tsun tsun-ness or absolutely do not like verbal abuse in any sort of anime relationship, Akkun to Kanojo will turn you off so quickly.

2. Jokes Get Old

We have to admit, even though Akkun to Kanojo is only 3 minutes long (1 minute being the opening), the jokes get old as we watch Akkun constantly calling Non-tan “Uggo” and putting her down with very little change in their dynamic, even when Akkun tries to call Non-tan by her name in the end. Sure, that’s supposed to be cute, but it doesn’t make up for the running gags that, for most, would be offensive.

Final Thoughts

Akkun to Kanojo has been a mixed bag, but if you know what you are getting yourself into, you may actually low key enjoy the anime. What do you viewers out there think? Is Akkun to Kanojo an anime you want to watch or do you think there’s something better to waste your 2 minutes with? Share all of your thoughts below and don’t forget to come back to Honey’s Anime for more otaku fun!

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