Are Princesses More Trouble Than They’re Worth? - Maoujou de Oyasumi (Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle) Mid-Season Impressions

The Demon King kidnaps the Princess of the Kingdom of Goodreste, the country grieves, and the nation’s hero embarks on a quest to save her. The Princess in question, however, is bored. Rather than take the role of damsel in distress while stuck in her jail cell, the Sleepy Princess spends her long hours of captivity and dullness looking for the best nap possible.

Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle has come out of the gate this season as a comedic fantasy, with a slice of life storyline. The main character is entirely indifferent to the fact that she was kidnapped. Join us as we explore what the first few episodes have to offer.

For the Pursuit of Better Sleep

Nap Related Quests

Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle presents itself a little in the form of a video game anime, where text boxes with options appear, and you get to watch a character decide what they will do. In addition to boxes with action options, the Princess often finds herself on “quests” related to her newest plan for better sleep. From changing out her scratchy pillow with a new luxury one to piping fresh hot water to her new bathtub, the Princess makes her days about looking for better ways to relax and sleep.

The Princess does some unladylike things for the sake of her naps, though. She kills the monsters called “ghost shrouds” because they make the best linens but decides that brushing the teddy bear demons for their fur is more efficient than killing them, especially since they don’t mind giving up the keys to her room when bribed with the hairbrush.

An Otherwise Scary Demon Castle

Though the Princess does not seem at all bothered by it, monsters are everywhere! The Princess is the only human in the storyline, but it seems all the characters work for the demon king. Though she is adorable, Sleepy Princess doesn’t care what happens to others in the way of her napping goals. Because of this, the monsters in the castle are frightened of her. Only the rule-loving dog-humanoid is able to scold her, and he restricts her snacks until she behaves. The Demon King is continuously annoyed and frustrated that she does nothing but leave her cell whenever she wants and causes trouble in her wake.

Frequent Resurrection For An Accident-Prone Princess
The Sleepy Princess is arguably a little too fearless in her pursuit of all things nap-related, in that she keeps dying and getting resurrected by the Demon Cleric. After death by slipping and falling into a pit of magma, she dies by sleeping on poisonous mushrooms, and then because she tried to get shock therapy for muscle release from the resident thunder dragon.

If watching the Princess turn into a gravestone every time she dies isn’t funny enough, note that caskets are piling up in her prison cell because she has taken to napping in them for how quiet they are. When the Demon King learns she’s averaging one death a week, he wonders if she is an idiot. Though she was brought to the Demon Castle by force, she has become quite an unwelcome guest.

What’s Coming Up Next?

So far, this story has been about the princess’ quests for all things nap related, but we should not forget that the hero and his team are making their way through the map towards the castle. When he gets there, what will that mean for our Princess? It is also possible that the Demon King is developing feelings for his captive. Every time he goes to talk to the Princess after her escape or property damage, she is asleep, enjoying her next nap. The Demon King cannot make himself wake her and resigns himself to visit another time. What kind of Demon King is he, anyway?

We know we can look forward to the coming anime episodes are more comedic and creative attempts from the Princess! She is always on the lookout to make her stay in the Demon Castle more relaxing and restful. Since the “Female Warriors” have arrived back at the castle, we can expect to get to know them, too. No matter what the season holds, it is bound to be full of laughs!

Final Thoughts

Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle is full of laughs and makes sure not to take itself too seriously. Rather than offering a sleeping beauty for a prince to find, the story centers around searching for some beauty rest!

Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle is a perfect release for the year 2020. In its own way, we have all found ourselves stuck at home and focusing on self-care and staying healthy, and what more basic need is there than rest? After you enjoy this silly princess’ adventures, you will have plenty of ideas for improving your sleep with some of our heroine’s adventures. What are you looking forward to most about this anime? Let us know in the comments!

Maoujou-de-Oyasumi-Wallpaper Are Princesses More Trouble Than They’re Worth? - Maoujou de Oyasumi (Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle) Mid-Season Impressions


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