[Honey Crush Wednesday] 5 Aspira Highlights from Golden Kamuy

Poop Is Delicious

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Shounen, Action, Historical
  • Airing Date: April 2018 - June 2018
  • Studio: Geno Studio

Golden Kamuy Preview (No Spoilers)

Long ago, a large amount of gold was stolen from the indigenous people of Japan, the Ainu. It was stolen and hidden by a criminal who ended up getting captured later and thrown into prison. There, this criminal tattooed, on the bodies of 28 men, a giant map leading to the treasure. After all of the men managed to escape this prison, they went on to conceal themselves among the population. Others joined the army, and others went on to lead a life of crime. Sugimoto the Immortal, as he is known, searches in the north for clues to lead him to the gold that is rumored to exist. He does so due to a dying wish he agreed to grant after his war buddy was killed. After the harsh climate and harsher hostilities get him, Sugimoto is rescued by a beautiful young Ainu girl named Asirpa. She goes on to nurse him back to health and he offers to work with her after realizing that Asirpa has a connection to the stolen gold. Thus the two set out looking for treasure during a harsh winter in Hokkaido.

Aspira Character Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. Asirpa is Bilingual

Something one might not consider is how smart Asirpa is for being bilingual. Sure, it’s more common in our day, but way back when? Speaking two languages, especially that of the common people is nothing short of an incredible boon for Asirpa and her village. We also see it among Huci and some of the children where they cannot speak Japanese with Sugimoto. The reverse also works where she is able to communicate that Sugimoto is hurt originally and establish trust with the village after she brings Sugimoto back.

2. Asirpa Can Hold Her Own

For a little girl in the harsh winter of Hokkaido where snow can be higher than you are tall, Asirpa is quite powerful. Not that you would find yourself in a gunfight or in danger in the middle of winter in Hokkaido, but Asirpa loyally always supports those she is with and never hides out in the back. She is on the front lines always ready to sink an arrow into someone or something or drive a knife home. Asirpa is an excellent member to have on your team.

3. Asirpa is Resourceful

Asirpa is smart. Living in the Hokkaido winterscape as well as being taught tradition will do that, but rather than spare the viewer, she explains everything. She knows how to kill a bear and tells Sugimoto exactly what to expect should he dive into the bear’s cave. She also continues, especially when there is a kill, to explain what parts are best to eat first and what is safe.

4. Asirpa is Kind

Asirpa is very kind, especially for someone who is an Ainu. We mean to say here that after seeing her people mistreated for so long in Japan, you would think she would have been a bit more hostile. However, Asirpa is very kind and gracious. She is always willing to extend the olive branch and it just goes further to show what kind of a person she is.

5. Asirpa and Her Love/Hate Relationship with Miso

This part is actually part of her comedic appeal. Sugimoto, as a Japanese person from the time period of the series would, carries around Miso with him. Miso paste is delicious and is made from fermented soy beans. However, red miso, which is most likely what he is carrying, looks like poop. Asirpa wants nothing to do with it and even hilariously comments “Japanese people love to eat poop. How gross!” Even after she tries it and realizes how good it is, she still calls it “osoma”, or poop, in Ainu. She continues to eat it though while still calling it “osoma.”

Final Thoughts

Golden Kamuy may be off air for now, but it’s coming back in fall which means we get to see more of this ragtag gang as they attempt to find more skins as well as more information about the hidden gold while avoiding Lt. Tsurumi like the plague. Three months off is a long time, but we are looking forward to more from this who! Are there other characters that you loved from Golden Kamuy? Be sure to let us know down below. Till next time!

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