5 Toughest Characters in Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy is one of the best anime that aired this past year, captivating us with both its weird humor and more serious moments. The series started out fairly small, introducing our main characters and their quest. Yet over time, we have come to meet many different characters, from escaped criminals to battle-hardened generals, each with their own goals. It can be overwhelming at times to remember who is fighting for the Ainu gold, but Golden Kamuy does a good job of making each character memorable enough to stand out.

Traveling around the frozen and dangerous land leaves little room for error. In fact, most characters in Golden Kamuy have been toughened by this climate and the goals they have set themselves toward; so we decided to highlight a few of the toughest characters in the series. We have chosen characters that show us strength not only in body, but in mental fortitude and spirit. These are definitely characters that you wouldn’t want to face off against, be it in combat or survival technique!

Spoilers to Follow!

5. Asirpa

Though there are a few tough women in Golden Kamuy, Asirpa is definitely the strongest! The central point in the search for gold, Asirpa was raised to be a survivalist by her father, in the hopes that she would one day lead the Ainu. She is searching to find out what really happened to her father. Though she is still young, she is mature for her age, with plenty of skills for both hunting and protecting herself. She does seem to have softened since she met Sugimoto Saichi, showing trust to more of the people they meet on their journey. Asirpa lost her mother at a young age and has lost her father twice now, but she remains strong and continues pushing on to the goal.

4. Ushiyama Tatsuma

Ushiyama seems like he could be a gentleman, especially with the suits that he usually wears, but beneath his appearance lays the ferocious criminal known as Ushiyama the Undefeated! He has teamed up with Toshizou Hijikata in his search for the gold, lending his serious and pragmatic advice to the group. His two vices are women and fighting, the things that he enjoys above all else. Ushiyama can be deadly and serious, but he can also show a caring and more gentlemanly side, particularly when it comes to Asirpa. Asirpa is quite fond of Ushiyama after she befriended him while drinking one night, and she affectionately calls him “Chinpo-sensei.” Ushiyama has excessive physical strength, having trained in Judo for many years before he was sent to Abashiri Prison. His skull is also incredibly thick, especially in the center of his forehead – yet his thoughtful approach is surprising, given the strength he possesses.

3. Tokushirou Tsurumi

The main villain of Golden Kamuy, Lieutenant Tsurumi is a terrifying, twisted man whose partial loss of a brain seems to have made him more vicious than the average soldier! Like Sugimoto and Hijikata, Tsurumi is out to find the Ainu gold and musters up everything he can to get ahead in this race to riches. He is not only violent and psychotic but also manipulative, moving others to his side with his charismatic personality. You might argue that Lieutenant Tsurumi is more crazed than tough, but he has led the 7th Division through much in the time that he has commanded them, and despite losing part of his brain he is still fighting on!

2. Sugimoto Saichi

Sugimoto is the main protagonist of Golden Kamuy, and he certainly lives up to his title of “Immortal Sugimoto!” Sugimoto was one of the soldiers who lived through the Russo-Japanese War, and he has both emotional and physical scars still from that battle. Despite the nightmares and trauma he lives with from the war, he is a survivor fighting to live in every situation, especially when the odds are stacked against him. He does have a kind side as well, caring for Asirpa and promising his friend to protect his family as best as he could. Sugimoto is easily one of the toughest characters in Golden Kamuy, partially because we understand just what all he has been through.

1. Ogata Hyakunosuke

The quiet dark horse for much of the series, Ogata is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with, especially when he has his sniper in hand! Nicknamed “the Wildcat,” he is a proud, ruthless man, seeking only to achieve his own goals and only helping others when it can benefit him in some way. Abandoned by his father, Ogata killed his own mother simply to observe whether his father would return to her funeral, and then murders his half-brother in battle out of curiosity as well. Unpredictable and unfeeling, Ogata has managed to survive thanks to his own intelligence and strength in combat—and though we may not always be enthused by his actions, we have to admit that he is one tough character!

Final Thoughts

Golden Kamuy is full of strong and interesting characters, and the ones we have included here are some of the toughest around! From their strength to their survival instincts, we are sure that these characters could survive any situation thrown at them using their different skills.

Who is your favorite Golden Kamuy character? Let us know in the comments below!

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