Boku Tachi no Remake (Remake Our Life!)

Bokutachi-no-Remake Boku Tachi no Remake (Remake Our Life!)

Bokutachi-no-Remake Boku Tachi no Remake (Remake Our Life!)

Boku Tachi no Remake

Harem, Comedy, Game

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Kyoya Hashiba is an unsuccessful game director. The company he works at is going under and all their projects are at a standstill. He has no choice but to go back home and live with his parents. As Kyoya lay on his bed at night looking at the successes of brilliant creators of his time, he reflected on his life’s failings. When he woke up, somehow he was suddenly 10 years in the past, right before he started college! He was at the college he failed to get into, ready to begin the art school life he dreamed of. On top of that, he was living in a mixed share house with three other people and the famous creators he looked up to were his classmates. Everything's coming up roses! This is his chance to remake his life. With high spirits and an optimistic attitude he begins his new life, but will everything work out as well as he hopes…?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kyoya Hashiba

Voice Actor:

The protagonist of the story. A 28-year-old video game director who suddenly found himself 10 years in the past, back as a college student. He starts his new life over as an art student, which he had longed to be.

Aki Shino

Voice Actor:

Kyoya’s roommate and is in the same year as him. Kind, reserved, and relaxed with mother-like qualities, she enjoys drawing pictures. A petite girl, but big in the area that counts.

Nanako Kogure

Voice Actor:

Lives with Kyoya and is also a freshman. Her outward appearance resembles a “gyaru,” but she is a surprisingly plain and simple girl. She’s uncomfortable speaking in front of others, but enjoys singing so she often goes to karaoke.

Tsurayuki Rokuonji

Voice Actor:

Kyoya and Nanako’s roommate. A guy who doesn’t take things seriously and is the embodiment of laziness. However, he answers questions remarkably fast in class when it counts, shocking his classmates.

Other TitleRemake Our Life!
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Nachi Kio
  • Original Illustrator: Eretto

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