Bokutachi no Remake (Remake Our Life!) - All Routes Lead To Happy Endings?

If you’ve been keeping up with Remake Our Life or Bokutachi no Remake, chances are that, unlike other harem anime, you’ve noticed that there is something different about this one. With episode 9 out at the time of writing, there is a lot of progression not only in terms of plot but also in the relationships that our main character, Hashiba has in the anime. A stereotypical harem anime teases the kind of relationships that the main character has with the many women but there is rarely any conclusive moment that points to “Aha! I knew they were meant to be”, but that’s where Remake Our Life is different from other harem anime. There are so many moments in the show that make us go “It finally happened!” and we at Honey’s Anime are excited to dive deep into the kind of relationships that Hashiba Kyouya has made and at what level of progression each route is at!

Route A: Shino Aki - The Strong Lead

Shino Aki has stood out from day one. The very first time we’re introduced to her, she was asleep on Kyouya, much to his surprise. Moreover, when Kyouya found out that Shino Aki was his favorite illustrator from the future, their relationship was deepened unlike any other. Whenever Kyouya was doubting himself about his own talents, it was Shino Aki who showed the way to him and always cheered him on. While we had all these wonderful moments, there were two particular moments when we realized that Shino Aki might just win Kyouya above everyone else. After the concert with Nanako’s debut, Shino Aki and Kyouya were together, away from the crowd and that’s when she kissed him. While Kyouya doesn’t know what to say, the next day, she closes her eyes and expects a kiss from him in the morning, having slept together again. This just shows that Shino Aki isn’t afraid to go after what she wants and will get it one way or another.

Route B: Nanako Kogure - The Fated Girl Who Might Lose

The next route is with Nanako Kogure. There aren’t as many moments as Shino Aki has with Kyouya but there are enough to suggest that she is in love with him. Because Kyouya believed in her above everyone else, she fell in love with him and depended on him. But unfortunately, she sees Shino Aki and Kyouya kissing right after her debut as she was on her way to celebrate with him with crepes. But that moment makes Nanako even more aggressive in showing that she is in love with Kyouya, wanting him to notice her. She hugs him from behind and says “Let me recharge” and when Kyouya doesn’t seem to have gotten the hint yet again, she helps Kyouya in the backhouse of the store to restock items and she tells him that everything she did wasn’t by accident and that she won’t lose. We at Honey’s Anime aren’t sure that she will win because Shino Aki does seem to have the lead on her by a large margin.

Final Thoughts

Hashiba Kyouya has been rather active in developing his relationships with the other women in the anime and we’re so glad that he is not as dense as other main characters of other harem anime. Kyouya has realized at this point that there are two women in love with him and he turns to Eiko Kawasegawa for help. Kyouya doesn’t know who he truly loves yet but we’re hoping that the final episode will reveal it! Which ship is your favorite in Remake Our Life? What are your thoughts on this analysis? Let us know everything in the comments below!

Bokutachi-no-Remake-Wallpaper-2 Bokutachi no Remake (Remake Our Life!) - All Routes Lead To Happy Endings?


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