Bokutachi no Remake (Remake Our Life!) Review - It Was Too Big For Itself

Bokutachi no Remake (Remake Our Life) ended a few days ago and we at Honey’s Anime have to say that we’re disappointed. There are so many things in the anime that could’ve been spectacular if it was done right but ultimately, we were let down. Our first impressions of the anime do not compare to what the anime became when it ended. But there were some things about the anime that still held up the show like the animation and some memorable characters. Without further ado, let’s dive into what made Bokutachi no Remake a not-so-great anime of Summer 2021.

The Plot and Pacing Couldn’t Keep Up With Each Other

As every review goes, the first most important element to discuss is the plot. Remake Our Life had a great premise. Our protagonist, Kyouya, was a failure in life and simply wanted a second chance to go back in time to make different choices. The main pull of the anime was that everyone related to that sentiment. We all would love second chances where it counts so that we could do life differently. But what started as a fight for his dreams slowly turns into a fight for other people’s dreams. That was the major flaw in the entire show. We don’t really watch Kyoya becoming the great video game developer that he wanted to be. Instead, his life remained the same no matter what.

While it was great that the element of friendship was highlighted, it was not fleshed out as well as it could be. Why? Because the pacing of the anime was off. From episode 4, it felt like there were gaps in time in what we saw happen in the anime. People were suddenly nicer to Kyouya (think Kasegawa) and Kyoya just remained the nice guy who helped everyone in trouble.

Character Development Is Non-Existent

The next element that wasn’t really done well in Remake Our Life were the characters. While the characters were your typical slice of life characters, they did have their dreams. That was what defined them. But soon, it felt like everyone except Kyoya was sidelined and not with good reason. The romance that was hinted at in the earlier episodes was fruitless because they had no true progress in the end. Moreover, Kyoya had little to no character development which makes the viewer question “What was the point of him going back?” Kyoya doesn’t change at all and his life doesn’t either, which leads us to our next point.

Time Travel What?

While the concept of using Keiko being the one to send Kyoya back in time was a great idea in theory, it was pretty badly executed. The plot of the entire show is riddled with plot holes—like why is Keiko able to time travel? Why did she choose Kyoya out of everyone else in the world?—and the anime does not offer any explanation. Instead, it wraps it up and with no news about a season 2, it feels like this anime was simply an advertisement for the light novel to be marketed.

Final Thoughts

While Remake Our Life started with so much promise and hyped everyone up, it was unfortunately unable to keep up with itself and every plot device that was used ended up feeling like a sparkler compared to the grand fireworks in the sky that were expected. But at least the art and animation were able to save the anime for a little while and we at Honey’s Anime simply think that it’s time to dust off and start a fresh new season as we look forward to some great anime for Fall 2021! What was your experience watching Bokutachi no Remake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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