Bokutachi No Remake (Remake Our Life) First Impressions: It Just Hits Home

Ahhh...summer. Summer brings in much warmth and nostalgia and with a new lineup of anime to watch, we can relax, sit back and eat watermelons and mangoes, trying everything to make us feel cooler than the weather actually is. One anime that is a hidden gem of the season is Bokutachi no Remake (Remake Our Life).

The story follows the life of Hashiba Kyouya who has, in simple words, failed at life. Wanting to break into the gaming industry, luck hasn’t favored Hashiba with opportunities as the company he’s working for just shut down. Dejected and with no place to go, Hashiba chose to go back home till he finds another stable job. Contemplating his life choices like deciding to take the safe route of economics instead of an art college, Hashiba simply longs for time to turn to that point so that he can restart his life again. As fate would have it, that’s exactly what happens as time turns and Hashiba finds himself holding both his acceptance letters to college. Shocked but grateful, Hashiba knows which path to take now and so his journey in an art college starts!

The Pain of Choosing The Wrong Path

One of the most obvious themes of Remake Our Life is the pain of choosing something because it feels safe and secure, but regretting the decision many years down the road. This hits home for all of us in one way or another because this theme can be applied to anything beyond career as well. We can see through Hashiba the struggles of realizing your dreams a little too late and when he’s given a second chance in life, we can’t help but be super excited for him. Why? Because it’s all we want sometimes as well. We simply want to be given that second chance to do what we truly love even if we make mistakes. Remake Our Life becomes extremely relatable to anyone who watches it in a very special way because of this. Watching Hashiba enter art college and finding friends who share the same passion and going through it together is something spectacular.

A Look Into Art College

Remake Our Life has really done its homework on what top art colleges expect from their students and how competitive the environment is. For anyone who is interested in going to art college or simply wants to learn more about it, this anime is a gold mine because it really gives you a sneak peek into what artists, animators, and game developers really do in art college. When the director talks about how few people barely graduate with employment after college, it shows how hard it is to study in an art college. Even though Hashiba has a lot of advantages, things aren’t going to be easy for him and it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of challenges the college throws at Hashiba and his friends of the Platinum Generation.

Let’s Have Another Harem!

There is a lot to write home about the characters. While Hashiba himself is pretty average and there is rarely anything that shows that he is 28 years old instead of 18, there are other characters who have made a positive impact. One of the first characters that seems to be a fan-favorite is Shino Aki who Hashiba idolizes in the future as one of the best illustrators of the Platinum Generation. She’s also one of Hashiba’s roommates in the past and we can see that Hashiba really respects her opinions. There are two other characters, Nanako and Tsurayuki who also go on to become really famous people in the future. The chemistry between the characters is amazing and we get a lot of cute and risque moments that Hashiba often finds himself in. Hashiba’s rival, Eiko Kasegawa, also his chief from the future, is lauded as a bit of a prodigy who works hard and gets what she wants. As usual, she is out to get Hashiba and best him. While many of these are generic, there are a lot of cute moments that drive the anime and make it work.

It’s Apparently Supposed to Be a Comedy…

We have to admit though… while Remake Our Life is amazing in its plot and progression, there are scenes where the dialogue just feels flat and boring. While it’s advertised as a comedy, there is nothing about it that really elicits laughter like a true comedy anime would. If this anime was instead advertised as a slice-of-life and tried to adjust to that genre, this anime would shine really well.

Final Thoughts

If you’re someone who’s entering or graduating college, love art in the form of animation, video production, game development, or even photography or simply want to learn more about this world, this anime is a definite must because it shows the struggles of choosing a wrong path in life and really strikes home for anyone who watches this anime because we’ve all been there. While we cannot realistical y turn back time, this anime gives you hope that perhaps, you can still do what you want to do because what helps Hashiba the most is his hard work.

If you're already watching it, what is your favorite thing about Remake Our Life? If not, are you planning on adding this to your Summer 2021 watchlist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Bokutachi-no-Remake-Wallpaper-1 Bokutachi No Remake (Remake Our Life) First Impressions: It Just Hits Home


Author: Evita Vincy

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Bokutachi-no-Remake-Wallpaper-1 Bokutachi No Remake (Remake Our Life) First Impressions: It Just Hits Home

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