[Bundles of Bishounen Winter 2019] Like Magic-Kyun! Renaissance? Watch This!

What do music, romance, and ghosts have in common? Depending on the situation, they are all capable of producing magic! Recently enrolled at Hoshinomori Private Magical Arts High School's student body, Kohana Aigasaki unwittingly joins the planning committee with six rather depressed boys. Banter happens, everyone falls in love with Kohana, and a reverse harem is born! Magic-Kyun! Renaissance boasts stunning visuals and a flair for the dramatic, particularly when it comes to the presentation of magical spells. Sunrise produced a thoroughly enjoyable school romance with a wonderful soundtrack. As the world can always use a touch more magic, here are two similar anime!

Like Magic-Kyun! Renaissance? Watch B-Project ~Zecchou Emotion~

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2019 – March 2019

The life of an idol is hard, and the same can be said about a group's manager. Although Tsubasa Sumisora is a rookie with basically no experience, she is placed in charge of an idol unit consisting of three separate groups. Originally thriving on their own but requiring something of a revamp; Kitakore, Thrive, and MooNs' members combine to form the B-PROJECT. Continuing on from 2016's first season, B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion sees Tsubasa juggling the group's rise to prominence as B-Pro stage their first run of live concerts and welcome a new group to the unit.

Major Similarities Between Magic-Kyun! Renaissance and B-Project *Zecchou Emotion

1. A Worthwhile Goal

Although the central girl's growing relationships with a slew of eligible bachelors serve as the real driving force, Magic-kyun! Renaissance justifies the planning committee's existence by tasking the characters with presenting an enjoyable Hoshi Festival. B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion primarily revolves around the unit's attempts to stage a second live concert, while also exploring the backstories of a new group called Killer KiNG. Due to its professional setting, romance plays a slightly smaller role in B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion, allowing more time to explore the music side of things.

2. More Than a Pretty Face

It is not unusual for a reverse harem's object of affection to be basically reduced to a prize for the guys to compete over. Diabolik Lovers is a prime example of a passive protagonist with little to no redeeming features. Stubborn but well-intentioned, Kohana stands as one of the genre's better main characters, although Tsubasa gives the teenager a good run for her money. As B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion's protagonist is a working adult whose future depends on the idol unit's success, Tsubasa actively seeks to foster bonds with the cast of male characters. Like Kohana, she is not merely waiting to be swept off her feet.

3. The Sound of Music

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance links magic with performance arts. In order to trigger a spell, someone must be able to dance, sing, or sculpt. The majority of the anime's greatest scenes blend magic, romance, and music to produce truly enchanting moments. While magic is out of the equation, B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion is packed to the brim with catchy songs and even a few live performances. An idol show is nothing without a memorable soundtrack and Bandai Namco Pictures' anime more than delivers in this area.

Like Magic-Kyun! Renaissance? Watch Meiji Tokyo Renka

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2019 – March 2019

Life is full of surprises. One day, you are a normal high school student; the next, you are stuck in the Meiji Period with some of Japan's handsome historical figures. Also, spirits are a thing and you have the ability to see them, which is quite a precious talent. While Mei Ayazuki only wants to return to her own era, the girl's seven suitors see the time traveler as a solution to their ghostly problems. Before long, Mei finds herself falling in love and wondering whether the Meiji Era is really so bad!

Major Similarities Between Magic-Kyun! Renaissance and Meiji Tokyo Renka

1. A Problem Solver

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance adheres to a pretty strict formula; most episodes center around Kohana tackling the problem of one specific guy. Along with giving everyone their moment to shine, this structure permits each boy's backstory to be explored to some extent. Meiji Tokyo Renka essentially follows an identical pattern. A chapter is dedicated to each one of Mei's seven suitors, as the protagonist is tasked with solving a seemingly unsolvable dilemma. Magic-Kyun! Renaissance's guys have a touch more depth than Meiji Tokyo Renka's variants, but the latter are still interesting in their own right.

2. Fish Out of Water

Kohana transfers to Hoshigei High to honor her mother, but her lack of affinity for magic causes the protagonist to stand out among the school's students. Now, in all fairness, Kohana joining an elite college can hardly be compared to Mei's impromptu trip to Meiji-era Tokyo; nonetheless, both protagonists are outcasts. Along with not being born during the 19th century, Mei spent most of her life hiding from society due to her ability to see ghosts. Consequently, she is terrible with people!

Final Thoughts

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance is a reverse harem done right! Kohana and the six boys are all likable, while Sunrise's animation is crisp and frequently gorgeous. Combining romance and magic, B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion and Meiji Tokyo Renka merit checking out!

If you have any thoughts on any other shows that are similar to Magic-Kyun! Renaissance, please leave a comment below with your suggestion! In the future, do not forget to check Honey’s Anime for more articles offering great recommendations.

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