Comedy Anime for Fall 2016 - Youkai, Ninjas, Superheroes, Mecha and Handsome Men!?!?

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Finally, Autumn is here and it’s wonderful! So many good shows holding promise across so many diverse genres, you are absolutely going to find at least a few that you can enjoy! This fall comedy season is really a “this or that selection”. You will either, love some and pass on others, or vice versa. What we can be certain of though is that from the drought that was Summer 2016, you have no worries. When you are looking for a good chuckle as classes, homework, and work looms, this is the list for you.

Here, we will be ranking the comedy shows appearing on the Autumn airing block in order of the least to most appeal and comedic factor. Be sure to leave a comment below when you are done and let us know what you are looking forward to. Let’s get on into it.

10. Bishoujo Yuugi Crane Game Girls Galaxy (Crane Game Girls 2nd Season)

  • Episodes: ?
  • Aired: October 5, 2016

In a shocking turn of events, it has come to light that the girls from Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game girls are back! Three girls are wanting to become idols so they meet up, get signed and are going to become idols! Well…. Kinda…. What actually happens is that they are sent to a game center/arcade to go and with part time?! Suddenly the meaning of idols in Japan has changed. While they bide their time for their debut, they work in the arcade. One day surely they will stand on the stage as stars!

In a very shocking turn of events, this show got a second season. After a very lackluster first season that currently holds a ranking of 4.51 on MAL, it was a bit of a shock to see them coming back. There has not been much information released in regards to the second season other than a mysterious, Star Wars-esque key visual that potentially teases more characters as well as interplanetary foes/friends!? We will have to see what happens! In the meantime, check out a few episodes for yourself and see if it is your cup of tea.

Anime Database Page

Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls 2nd Season

9. Nobunaga no Shinobi (Ninja Girl & Samurai Master)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 4, 2016

The curtain rises on the stage set in the year 1555. This is the year smack dab in the middle of the Sengoku Era, or the Warring States Era. Japan was in turmoil as various kingdoms and governments tried to rule over each other. Then the lord and tactician Nobunaga Oda rose to power. At first, though, no one took him seriously, save for one young girl. Her name is Chidori and when she heard what he had to say, she exclaimed “I’ll be your shinobi! (warrior)”. Thus their tale begins as they attempt to unify all of Japan.

The Segoku Jidai aka the warring states period in Japan is a popular time frame to draw source material from. We have had countless anime over the years about the Warring Sates Era in Japan and even one where Nobunaga Oda was gender-swapped! Whether or not this anime will actually truly be comedic other than the bumblings of Chidori remains to be seen. Akin to Neko Neko Nihonshi from Spring of 2016, this is another comedy anime that means to spin historical tales into a more approachable format. Check out the PV below and see if it’s a toot or a boot for you!

Nobunaga no Shinobi Trailer:

Anime Database Page

Nobunaga no Shinobi

8. Teekyuu 8

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 8, 2016

This is the 8th Season of Teekyuu to grace our screens. Yet another short anime on our list, this follows the four girls of the Kameido High School tennis club as they play tennis while not actually playing it at the same time. Kanae, Yuri, Nasuno, and Marimo are up to their hijinks again by sort of playing tennis while leaving you in tears laughing.

Here again is the next season of Teekyuu. This is the eighth season so by now, you should know if you like this sort of stupid comedy or not. Either way, it’s definitely something to enjoy as the show is a short series so you’ll get a few guffaws from each episode and then it will end. Hopefully, you can still get a few good laughs even if you know the kind of humor that is going to be coming. Check out the PV below and make the judgement call for yourself.

Teekyuu 8 Trailer:

Anime Database Page

Teekyuu 8

7. Hagane Orchestra

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 10, 2016

Hagane Orchestra is about the characters from the app, “Hagane Orchestra” as they try to promote their game! In a pseudo-breaking of the fourth wall, the residents of Irodori Village do everything that they can to get people to download and play their game. Even if that means betting their lives, they will do it. So you can learn more about the gaming industry via this comedy anime. The best part? It’s a short series so it’s sure to be packed with jokes!

Hagane Orchestra sort of resembles the anime that everyone knows, Gurren Lagann, but of course, the actual contents and story are different. One thing to note about this anime is that there is an actual game called “Hagane Orchestra”, so this actually is what it says it is; a promotional anime. The good thing to know, though, if you are worried about there not being enough comedy in this promo anime, is that the director also did Yuru Yuri, Minami-ke, and Himouto! Umaru-chan. So there is a very good chance that this will actually be funny!

Hagane Orchestra Trailer:

Anime Database Page

Hagane Orchestra

6. Girlfriend (Note)

  • Episodes: 3
  • Aired: October 22, 2016

Girlfriend (Note) is not only a short anime in that the episodes are not long, but this also is overall a short anime with only three episodes! This series is a spinoff from the actual series of girlfriend. The National Dance Battle Royale is over. Girlfriend (Note) takes the characters that you know, from the light music club and puts them into a play? That’s right, these girls are going to be putting on a production of Cinderella! Momoko is going to be the princess, while Miyabi is the prince? Oh, and a surprise role is in the wings for Kokomi.

This series is very… like we are happy that the Girlfriend series is getting more popular, but this was definitely unexpected and very left field. QP:Flapper was the original illustrator for this series which is good to know because whatever they do is usually gold without fail. Note, however, will probably rely on these girls who are accustomed to music and their club, to be forced to put on a play and be hilariously awkward. So as long as you can enjoy that, you are set to enjoy this series!

Girlfriend Note Trailer

Anime Database Page

Girlfriend Note

5. Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki (Kiitarou’s Yokai Picture Diary)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 5, 2016

Kiitarou is a young man who has a sense of the supernatural. So much that he is always surrounded by youkai! Japan invokes all of their major youkai deities when he encounters a zashiki-warashi (house spirit) named Suzu, a fox spirit named Kitsunemen no Onna (Fox-Mask Woman), a Yuki Onna (snow woman) named Yukihaha (snow mother), and her daughter Yukimusume (snow daughter). Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki is a horror comedy according to the Japanese website, but it’s not actually scary? In a pseudo-harem setup, the girls all live with Kiitarou, but none will probably get with him because this is a comedy, and it’s a short anime!

Comedy this season seems to be coming in short anime, which is good as long as it delivers. The focus points to keep an eye out for in this anime that is worth at least a few episodes, is the Yukihaha, who is a massive sadist and her daughter Yukimusume, who seems to have a delicate constitution, but can actually be a sadist just like her mother. This appears to be something good! Get excited and look forward to this one!

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki trailer:

Anime Database Page

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki

4. Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu Kara 2nd Season (I’ve Had Enough of Being a Magical Girl)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 5, 2016

It’s back again for another round! Yet another short anime on this season, Miton and Yuzuka are back again as that strange spinoff of magical creature and magical girl. Last season, she stumbled upon him digging in the trash. Miton turned around and with the blink of an eye, offered to make Yuzuka, a rather average girl, into a magical one! She agrees, but much to her chagrin, she does not get the school uniform magical outfit, but a rather risqué bathing suit that is just too much for her as a second-year middle school student. Struggling to come to terms with her powers and her outfit, Miton is there to guide her along with her close friend Chiya who actually threatens anyone who gets near to Yuzuka including Miton. What will she get into next?

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu Kara was a pretty funny first season. It was light but still played the jokes kind of heavily which kept the rather thin story, something of a delight to watch unfold. You know what is going to happen, but for some reason when it actually does, it’s much more amusing than you think it is going to be. The best part of season one was where Yuzuka accidentally drowns Miton while showing Chiya her powers. The first season was a great watch, so this one will be too!

Anime Database Page

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu Kara 2nd Season

3. To Be HERO

  • Episodes: ?
  • Aired: October 5, 2016

To Be HERO follows Ossan who is a toilet designer. He separated from his wife years ago and is raising his daughter by himself. His daughter, Min-chan, excels at both grades and sports. One day while driving himself for success at work, he is sucked into a toilet and is tasked with saving the Earth and his daughter! However, not all is as it seems as he’s super-hot as a normal man, but when he becomes a hero, he turns into a pudgy, balding, unattractive middle-aged man! Now not only does he have to save his daughter, but also the Earth!?

To Be HERO is made by HAOLINERS, which is a new studio that specializes in bringing Chinese source novels, manga, etc., from China to Japanese studios to be made into anime. HAOLINERS is also the one behind, Bloodivores, Cheating Craft, and Soul Buster. To Be HERO is a semi-short anime in that the episodes should be between 10 and 15 minutes. This is definitely a different type of story and honestly, this sounds like it is going to be a standout show in the genre this season. We have a lot of expectations so we hope that it does well!

To Be HERO Trailer:

Anime Database Page


2. Classicaloid

  • Episodes: ?
  • Aired: October 8, 2016

The world is currently going through a revolution via music. Kanae and Sousuke live in such a down currently undergoing revitalization. One day, though, out of the blue, two strange men from crashing down out of the sky and announce they are Beethoven and Mozart respectively. They are here to help play music but… that is not all. Stars begin to rain down from the sky and mecha appear out of nowhere?! More of these famous musicians called “ClassicaLoids” begin to show up. Bach and Chopin are two of them! Somehow their power seems to be calling more… Comedy, music, fighting, comedy, and then some more music? Sure why not!

Fans of RahXephon or like Eureka Seven might get similar vibes from this if it turns out to be an action-heavy show. If it does not, then this will not be like K-On! or Hibike! Euphonium, because of the magic aspect involved and the fact that it does come across as classical music rather than bands or guitars. All in all the art is unique and NHK has a hand in this one so you know, Log Horizon etc., that the show is going to be a good one. Check out the PV below and make your judgement call!

Classicaloid Trailer:

Anime Database Page


1. Gakuen Handsome

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 4, 2016

Baramon High School exists as the most elite private boys school in the school district. Yoshiki is the main character who is transferring in this semester. However, whenever he goes to the school, there is handsomeness. Suddenly he is surrounded by handsome men that are all vying for him!? The outlaw teacher, the soccer club captain, the old childhood friend, the rich boy, the other transfer student who is mysterious, and even Yoshiki’s sister Yuu is in on helping the other guys? A story of passion, romance, and feelings begins here.

Gakuen Handsome is a parody so please take everything about this anime with a grain of salt. It was made as a parody to combat all of the school harem anime that are a dime a dozen. This anime was actually crowdfunded and blew well beyond its goal much to the delight of fans. This is yet another short anime, but this, this is the one show that, if you skip everything else on this list, you should watch. Some people might be turned off by the BL aspect, but honestly, it’s a comedy and if you are offended or turned off by it, then you need to chill out because life is not that series. Laugh, enjoy yourself, enjoy the series, and enjoy the ~QUALITY~ art that this series has to offer!

Gakuen Handsome Trailer:

Anime Database Page

Gakuen Handsome

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, this is going to be the comedy lineup of autumn! There may be other shows that have comedic aspects to them, but these are the shows this season that are going to be pure comedy and will, most likely, leave you in tears from laughing hard about how ridiculous or stupid some of the humor is. We hope you enjoyed this list, and be sure to check out the other fall/autumn season recommendations articles! Till next time!



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