Comparing Shuumatsu no Walküre's (Record of Ragnarok) Champions with the Real Myths and Stories Behind Them

Shuumatsu-no-Walkure-Record-of-Ragnarok-KV2-362x500 Comparing Shuumatsu no Walküre's (Record of Ragnarok) Champions with the Real Myths and Stories Behind Them

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Literally pitting gods against men, Record of Ragnarok has had its fun playing around with gods from different mythologies and renowned men from history. The series doesn’t hold back when it comes to exercising its creative freedom, specifically creatively tweaking these figures’ backstories. That being said, it’s obviously not a good idea to quote this series for a book report, an academic paper, or perhaps even just trying to look cool with friends, unless you’re actually talking about Record of Ragnarok. The real lore behind these names is also entertaining in its own right.

10. Thor

In Record of Ragnarok, Thor is introduced as the hammer-wielding God of Thunder from the Norse pantheon. According to his backstory, he single-handedly eliminated tens of giants, which almost obliterated Asgard. Not only that but he is also said to have found the battle rather lackluster. He is easily one of the peerless gods in the series, though we’re quite uncertain how he’ll fare against other powerhouses like Zeus, Buddha, and Odin.

In Norse mythology, Thor is indeed the God of Lightning and Thunder. Just like in the series, he also wields his mighty hammer, Mjolnir, which he did use to fight the giants. The difference, however, is that Thor is the one usually descending to the realm of the giants, though it’s often because of Loki. Even though Thor is indeed a mighty warrior, he’s not just a battle-crazed deity. He is known to bear multiple names and is into beautiful maidens, too. In fact, he has fathered other renowned figures in Norse mythology.

9. Lu Bu

Fighting the mighty Thor, humanity calls upon one of the greatest generals that have ever lived. Similar to Thor, he’s been painted as a peerless warrior who seeks to fight the strong. Throughout his life, however, he fails to find such a worthy opponent. Despite the lack of a combat partner, Lu Bu continues to hone his fighting prowess to the point of being able to split the clouds with a single strike. The series also gives spotlight to his horse, Red Hare, especially as it chose to follow Lu Bu even in death.

Lu Bu is no stranger to the big screen. Also known as Fengxian, his character has been adapted by different other series. He was a renowned general during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and has the moniker “Flying General” thanks to his martial prowess. In his prime, he led countless troops and killed numerous other famous historical figures, including former superiors like Ding Yuan. Lu Bu indeed rides Red Hare, his loyal horse, in battle and is also unfortunately executed. He tries to plead to Cao Cao, his executioner, to let him serve under him, but his record of betrayal fails to help his cause.

8. Zeus

The second one to fight for the gods is no other than Zeus himself. As the leader of the twelve gods of Olympus, Zeus is undeniably one of the strongest beings in the entire series. According to Record of Ragnarok, Zeus killed his father, the titan Kronos, and ended the rule of the titans. He then took the reins and stood above the Greek pantheon. He’s shown as a creepy old man who’s always craving the excitement of battle.

Zeus is indeed the head of the twelve gods of Olympus. Other than fighting barehanded, Zeus is known to wield the power of lightning and thunder. After all, he’s the Greek God of Lightning. Even though mortals fear the wrath of Zeus, he does not necessarily crave war. What he does seek is to copulate with any living being. He’s known for fathering other gods, demi-gods, and even monsters. In fact, Zeus’ sexual exploits are as notorious as his war exploits.

7. Adam

Fighting the Father of the Cosmos is Adam, the Father of all Men. He’s shown as a nonchalant character who does his best to fulfill his duties as a husband to Eve and a father to all of humanity. When Eve was framed by the Serpent, Adam intruded on the hearing. He blatantly took a bite out of two baskets of Forbidden Fruit. Instead of being banished, Adam holds Eve and voluntarily leaves Eden after killing the Serpent.

Biblically, Adam is indeed the first man God has created. Out of him, God also creates Eve. He tells them to become the shepherds of all creation, but He also forbids them to eat the Forbidden Fruit. After being tempted by the serpent, Eve is the first to take a bite from the Forbidden Fruit. She then tempts Adam, and they then get punished by God. Instead of a badass, almighty human, Adam is originally just a plain old dude who happens to be the father of all men.

6. Poseidon

Perhaps one of the most cold-blooded characters in Record of Ragnarok, Poseidon is a trident-wielding Greek God. He’s a mighty god who doesn’t rely on anybody other than himself. He’s so ruthless that he kills his brother Adamas without batting an eye and even manages to wipe off Adamas’ existence from all of the records. From then on, Olympus has been known to only have 12 gods instead of 13.

In Greek Mythology, Poseidon is the brother of both Zeus and Hades. He’s the trident-wielding God of the Sea. Other than that, he’s also the God of Earthquakes and the God of Horses. Even though he has his fair share of children, his sexual exploits are not as notorious as Zeus’. He, however, is known as an ill-tempered god. Sailors often pray to him for a safe voyage and even sacrifice a horse in the process.

5. Kojiro Sasaki

The first to score for the humans and kill a god is History’s Greatest Loser, Kojiro Sasaki. He continues to hone his swordsmanship even in death, which earned him a spot on humanity’s roster. The series tells his history of losses, never winning throughout his entire life. Instead of painting him as a weak human, Record of Ragnarok tells his story using a different angle. After losing to an opponent, Sasaki trains in isolation until he defeats said opponent through visual training. That’s when he seeks an even stronger opponent.

In history, Kojiro Sasaki is a known master of the sword. Rather than a loser, he was a disciplined disciple of Toda Seigen and even headed the Ganryu school later on. He’s also known as Musashi’s greatest rival with their duel going down in history. Just like in Record of Ragnarok, Sasaki’s greatest move was his Tsubame Gaeshi. Even though there are no records of how it is exactly done, it is known as a formidably quick strike that can even cut a bird mid-flight.

4. Shiva

One of the gods that are introduced early on, Shiva is illustrated as a purple-skinned god with multiple arms and eyes. He wholeheartedly agrees with humanity’s destruction and is supposed to be the one fighting Adam. Zeus, however, insists on going first. Other than that, we’re yet to see what Shiva is to offer on the table.

Shiva is one of the main deities in Hinduism. He is known as the Destroyer, among other epithets. Shaivites worship him as their supreme god, and he is still being worshipped in the present. Shiva, like a lot of other gods, has different forms. Among his forms are a cosmic dancer, naked ascetic, mendicant beggar, and a yogi. Shiva’s figure changes depending on which tradition of Hinduism one looks at.

3. Odin

Odin is presented as a stern-looking old man in Record of Ragnarok. He has two crows, one white and one black, to speak in his stead. Other than that, we are yet to see what his character entails in the series.

Odin is the father of Thor and Loki. He’s the supreme god in Norse mythology. Similar to other major gods in different pantheons, Odin is also known for more than a hundred different names. The most interesting one, however, is the name Woden in Old English. This is where Wednesday has been derived from. If you’re wondering, yes, Thursday is derived from Thor’s name.

2. Loki

Loki makes a grand entrance by impersonating his brother, Thor. Odin, however, easily sees through his disguise. He then proceeds to commentate the matches and discuss his thoughts with Odin. Interestingly, Loki seems to find interest in anything out of the ordinary. This is evidenced by the hideous expression he pulled out as Adam and Zeus were going neck to neck.

Loki is fairly known thanks to pop culture. He’s the Trickster God who likes causing a lot of mischief, especially when it involves his brother Thor. As most of us already know, Odin isn’t Loki’s biological father. Loki is the child of the giant Farbauti and Laufrey. He has only been adopted by Odin. Odin uses his magic to alter Loki’s appearance and raises him as his true son. That, however, isn’t what makes Loki interesting. Loki is a known shapeshifter and esteemed for his misdeeds. One of our favorite stories involving him is that time he mothered a horse. Yes, that’s right. When Odin orders Loki to delay a giant’s work, he shapeshifts into a horse and seduces the giant’s horse. He then gets pregnant and bears Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged horse.

1. Heracles

Heracles only makes a brief appearance during the last episode of the first season. He’s shown talking to Brunhilde. His debut is more of a teaser rather than an actual debut.

Heracles, or more known as Hercules, is a demigod and one of the spawns of Zeus. He is a divine hero who is known for taking on and accomplishing the twelve labors King Eurystheus, under the influence of Hera, bestows on him. After accomplishing all twelve labors, Heracles obtains immortality and becomes a god. Heracles is known as the champion of the weak and the great protector, so it’s definitely interesting to see how he’ll fight against humanity.

Final Thoughts

Record of Ragnarok has a slew of renowned characters. Other than the blood-curling action scenes, it’s interesting, sometimes comedic, character backstories spice up the series even more. With the mixture of fiction, mythology, and history, it’s easy to confuse one with another. Hopefully, we helped clear some confusion!

Shuumatsu-no-Walkure-Record-of-Ragnarok-KV2-362x500 Comparing Shuumatsu no Walküre's (Record of Ragnarok) Champions with the Real Myths and Stories Behind Them


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