Shuumatsu no Walküre (Record of Ragnarok) Review - Will Humanity Meet Its End?

Shuumatsu no Walküre (Record of Ragnarok) combines different myths, history, and lore, then pits the prominent characters in a competition-style bloodbath with the fate of the entire humanity at stake. Sacrificing the plot, the series promises intense action through one-on-one battles between the gods and the greatest warriors humanity has to offer. Unfortunately, the first season only features the first three out of thirteen possible matchups. We have taken the liberty to rank all three matches in terms of wow factor and general amazingness.

3. Thor Vs. Lu Bu

As the first representative of humanity, Lu Bu makes his grand entrance against Thor, the Norse God of Lightning and Thunder, himself. Their techniques and exchanges of blows might be spectacular, but their fight became some sort of sacrifice in order to familiarize the viewers with the series’ format. Given that the series literally matches a god to a man, humanity is at an obvious disadvantage. Instead of just showcasing his might, Lu Bu simply becomes an example as to what dangers humanity possesses.

Thor and Lu Bu’s fight manages to answer some of our questions. It’s during this fight when Brunhilde reveals her trump card against the gods—the Volund between a human warrior and a Valkyrie. Even with the help of a Volund and the backstories proving both warriors’ might, Thor still easily overpowers Lu Bu. Other than a lucky shot, Lu Bu only manages to defend against Thor’s attacks and even ends in a desperate death, earning them the bottom spot in this short list.

2. Poseidon Vs. Kojiro Sasaki

The third and final match of the first season showcases the mighty Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon, and the Greatest Loser, Kojiro Sasaki. Since it’s already the third match, we’re already accustomed to the series’ format. Both Poseidon and Sasaki’s backstories are nothing to scoff at, especially since one literally killed his brother in cold blood and the other has eventually defeated every opponent he has ever faced.

Even though Kojiro Sasaki initially looks like an underdog, even more than Lu Bu, this old man proves nothing about him is weak. Even though Sasaki has difficulty fighting back at times, there isn’t a point in the match wherein he’s been pushed over the edge. It’s also important to note that the series has done Poseidon justice, allowing him to send a flurry of attacks with ease. Sasaki either evades or counterattacks Poseidon’s attacks with the help of his insane prediction and analysis. The only lackluster part about their match is that it ended rather anticlimactically. Rather than ending with a bang, it simply ends with Sasaki turning Poseidon into sashimi.

1. Zeus Vs. Adam

Undeniably one of the strongest gods in the series, Zeus alone posits a lot of expectations. The fact that Record of Ragnarok exercises its creative freedom on Zeus’ character only makes us anticipate more for his fight. Adam, the literal father of humanity, is just the right match for Zeus. The only problem is that biblical history doesn’t really paint him as much of a fighter, but the series’ creative freedom saves the day once again. Retelling his character as the man who hates the gods the most, Adam instantly becomes the strongest human that ever lived. He, then, proves this by going toe to toe with Zeus in his strongest form. Not only that, he even manages to almost push Zeus to breathe his last. Their exchanges are so fast that even the other gods can’t keep up, proving how much of a threat Adam really is. Unlike Poseidon and Sasaki’s match, Zeus and Adam’s match also ends in an epic manner. Rather than a lackluster and quick death, we see Adam breathing his last as he still trades blows with Zeus. Even in his death, he continues to punch and refuses to fall down.

Final Thoughts

All three matches are undoubtedly amazing, but it’s needless to say that some outshine the others. Even though Record of Ragnarok trashes the idea of telling a complex story, it still manages to hook the viewers with its action-packed matches. As fellow humans, of course, we are rooting for the human competitors, but it’s kind of disappointing that only Sasaki has triumphed over a god in this season. Nonetheless, the others still showed an epic match for us to behold. For that, we tip our hats to their graves.

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