D. Gray-man HALLOW - Anime Summer 2016

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D.Gray-man-dvd-20160719015727-300x423 D. Gray-man HALLOW - Anime Summer 2016

D.Gray-man-dvd-20160719015727-300x423 D. Gray-man HALLOW - Anime Summer 2016

D. Gray-man HALLOW

Supernatural, Action, Shounen

Airing Date:
July 4 2016

TMS Entertainment

Honey's Highlights

D.Gray-man-dvd-20160719015727-300x423 D. Gray-man HALLOW - Anime Summer 2016
Honey-chan…. Does this mean that everyone is coming back? Allen, Yu, Lavi, and Lenalee?
D.Gray-man-dvd-20160719015727-300x423 D. Gray-man HALLOW - Anime Summer 2016
It certainly does! Hmm it’s here July 2016 so…. Only a bit longer! Ooooo Lenny Code Fiction is the OP artist while Mashiro Ayano is the ED artist!
D.Gray-man-dvd-20160719015727-300x423 D. Gray-man HALLOW - Anime Summer 2016
It’s great that the third season is finally coming after almost 8 years! I wonder what kinds of adventures we can expect in this one!
D.Gray-man-dvd-20160719015727-300x423 D. Gray-man HALLOW - Anime Summer 2016
Well I can see The Earl of the Millennium is here so who knows what danger our heroes are going to face in this supernatural adventure. I just hope we get a slew of good characters like Boku No Hero Academia!

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Set in a fictitious end of a 19th century, AKUMA, spirits born out of weak hearts grieving tragedy are attached to bodies via a sorcery ritual. Committing massacres over and over, they become killing weapons with one purpose, to continually give birth to fear and tragedy. The evil mastermind behind the manufacture of AKUMA & leading the Noah Clan, is the Earl of Millennium. All the while he is scheming the demise of the world and society as everyone knows it.

The only ones in existence who can stop these AKUMA are the members of the Black Religious Organization lead by the exorcists. However, someone has a “hidden truth” in their plot as both sides continue their fight that began long ago.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Allen Walker

Voice Actor: Ayumu Murase

Birthday: December 25th
Bloodtype: O
Height 174cm
Anti-AKUMA weapon: Crowned Clown
Allen is an exorcist who was cursed with a yellow left eye that can see AKUMA. Allen is a boy with a strong sense of justice and a kind heart who wants to protect both humans and AKUMA equally. However, it has been discovered that the '14th member' of the Noah Family exists within Allen His partner whom he relies on is Timcanpy.

Yu Kanda

Voice Actor: Takuya Satou

Birthday: June 6th
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 181cm
Anti-AKUMA Weapon: Mugen
Yu formed the team and is the second exorcist. He hates unnecessary contact from others and is a beautiful young man who keeps his cool no matter what while loving to act independently. Painfully bound to his detestable past memories, he has a lotus flower that only he can see. If you call him by his first name, he freaks out.


Voice Actor: Natsuki Hanae

Birthday: August 10th
Bloodtype: O
Height: 185cm
Anti-AKUMA Weapon: Tettsui
Lavi is a successor to bookman who records the other side of history. He wants to record the team’s stories as well and had joined as a fellow exorcist. Lavi has a bright personality and is very reliable. However, he sometimes shows profound expressions that can be attributed to his bright personality, but these are actually just his way of getting along with others. His weakness though is that he falls for beautiful women even if she is a foe.

Lenalee Lee

Voice Actor: Ai Kakuma

Birthday: February 20th
Bloodtype: B
Height: 168cm
Anti-AKUMA Weapon: Dark Boots
Lenalee is one of the few female exorcists. When she was a child, she was confined by the Black Order and has painful experiences because of it, but she still has a friendly personality and cares a lot about her friends. She is sort of like an idol on the team and she can make anyone fall in love with her. The head of the Black Order, Komui, is her older brother.

Howard Link

Voice Actor: Shinnosuke Tachibana

Birthday: December 29th
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 172cm
Howard belongs to the Black Order and is currently part of Central Headquarters as an inspector. Per the head of the organization, Lvellie’s, order, Howard is on 24/7 monitoring duty for Allen. Howard is constantly observant of manners and has a very serious personality, and yet sometimes he too can get caught up in what Allen and Lavi are doing. However he is from the special fighting unit called ‘Crow,’ so he has very powerful battle skills. He is talented at making suits.

The Earl of Millenium

Voice Actor: Yutaka Aoyama

Birthday: Unknown
Bloodtype: Unkown
Height: 220cm
The Earl of the Millennium fights against the Black Order as part of the ‘Noah Family.’ He is the most powerful family member. The Earl of the Millennium is plotting to destroy all 109 pieces of Innocence that have been scattered all over the world and the world’s demise. He has two forms; his corpulent clown form and his human form.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Key ‐bring it on, my Destiny- by Lenny code fiction
  • Ending Song: Lotus Pain by Mashiro Ayano

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Katsura Hoshino
  • Director: Yoshiharu Ashino
  • Script: Michiko Yokote, Tatsuto Higuchi, Kenichi Yamashita
  • Character Design: Yosuke Kabashima
  • Animation Director: Yosuke Kabashima
  • Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
  • Music: Kaoru Wada

For more information: Official Website

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