Dance Dance Danseur Review - Let’s Dance!

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues, or should we say ballet? We’ve been tooting this horn from the beginning of the Spring season, and we can’t help but recommend Dance Dance Danseur! If our First Impressions or 6 Anime Like article didn’t motivate you to take a gander with this one, we’re sure our review will; because while the season is done and the show’s over, we’re still reeling from this gem of an anime!

Dance Dance Danseur tells us the story of Junpei, a seemingly popular martial arts student whose past tragedies have led him to pursue traditionally masculine and macho interests. However, he still can’t seem to forget a ballet recital he watched as a child. And while he never actively trained or pursued the art, he couldn’t help partaking in the occasional grande jête here and there. Enter Miyoko, a beautiful, graceful fellow student who sees right through Junpei and wheedles him into attending ballet school. It’s your typical boy meets girl, boy dances with girl, boy pursues dance and finds a dance rival in girl’s cousin (oh, Ruou) story.

A Superb Corps de Ballet

Ruou, basically being a virtuoso aside from the talented dancers of Dance Dance Danseur, carries the story superbly. With such a colourful cast of aspiring ballerinas and ballerinos, it’s impossible not to get sucked into their stories. From the angst of giving your all to your passion and hitting a wall to the crushing insecurities of not measuring up to your competitors, each of our three main characters have complex backstories, spirits (though slightly wayward) that can’t help claw their way past obstacles, and moments of pure transcendence when their talents and skills come together and peak in an explosive fury of expressive movement. Are you not already entertained? If not yet, we guarantee that five minutes with each of these MCs will have you changing your tune in a hurry.

Drama, Mama, and Other Allies and Obstacles

As much as a character can drive a show, there is something to be said for the plot. Judgement from peers who just don’t understand, the war in one’s own mind between which path to pursue, the constant pressure driven by a desire to succeed at all costs, not to mention rivalry, first love found, first love lost, and the general dramatics of people in the performing arts. There is just. So. Much. Drama.

However, that’s not to say that this show will leave you sighing. Each character has their own complex compulsions, motivators, shortcomings, and personal failures. They each follow realistic trajectories of growth and individually pursue the paths suited to them, the road NOT travelled be damned. And it’s this balance of highs and lows in the plot that makes Dance Dance Danseur a truly well-developed story. Honestly, we’d be surprised if you didn’t end up bingeing it all the way through.

It’s a Beautiful World

While we’ve made the case for character and story, honestly, we’d suggest checking this anime out for the art alone. With delicate fluid lines, startlingly vibrant colours, and dynamic movements that arrest the gaze, Dance Dance Danseur is a work of art. When Ruou channels his inner villain, when Natsuki and Junpei leap at a shared vision, and when Miyoko speaks to Ruou through movement on the beach, each scene in this anime is made all the more poignant and powerful through superbly designed animated sequences.

Emotion Ocean

The feels in this one are unreal. What’s the point of a great story or beautiful designs if they have no impact on the one watching? None whatsoever. However, when these elements come together and the audience starts to feel a little something, whether it’s a bit of nostalgia or a dash of sadness, or the heartwarming pride in watching your fav characters succeed, the ability of the narrative to evoke an emotion is what makes a show memorable. And boy, does Dance Dance Danseur do that in spades. From feelings of elation and turmoil, to hope and despair, from moments that make laughter bubble up and those that make tears shed, this anime is an ocean of emotion and there’s no way you won’t get caught in the undertow.

Final Thoughts

Oof, we’ve really stanned this one! But after reading why (and maybe taking a look for yourselves), can you really blame us? Anime fans are simple, we like strong stories, well-characterised casts, and pretty visuals, Dance Dance Danseur has hit all three nails right on the head!

So what are you waiting for?! Go check out Dance Dance Danseur and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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