Dr. Stone New World: Burning Questions We Want to be Answered!

With the Summer 2023 season officially kicking off, a beloved fav is making its way back to our screens. That’s right, Dr. Stone is back with New World! TBH, we’ve really missed our favourite stone-age scientist and his band-turned-kingdom of merry men and women. So with the third season coming our way, especially after the hour-long Ryusui special, we have a ton of questions (more than Taiju and Chrome combined) about what’s gonna happen in a post-Stone Wars world, where our crew is headed (Straw Hat 2.0?), and more importantly what Senku has up his sleeves now!

So, without further ado, here are our Burning Questions for Dr. Stone's New World!

With the Stone Wars reaching an armistice, can we look forward to some good old-fashioned stone age science again?

While the war games, strategies, and Gen’s impression of a pop idol XYZ were great moments, we kinda miss the good old days when Senku was wowing the villagers with the modern marvels of science, you know, like soap and light bulbs. However, with the pressing concern of war now long passed, we can’t wait for our science demos to resume in full swing.

Who’s the Boss?

Until now, all we know in this man vs wild stone age is that it’s also man vs man. Starting with a conflicting opinion between two teenagers, Senku and Tsukasa, the situation quickly escalated into the formation of two different Kingdoms with conflicting ideologies and goals— one dedicated to science and reviving modernity and civilised society and one dedicated to preserving a world where there is only the survival of the fittest. In fact, these two factions even came to a head in the Stone Wars with spears, bows, and militarily outfitted tanks.

However, our 33-episode saga has culminated in a truce that begs the question: what next? With how these two Kingdoms have been at each other's throats, how will they abandon their previous hostility and conviction and move forward? And more importantly, who’s the boss?

Are Taiju and Yuzuriha together yet?

TBH, will we ever know? We do know feelings have been made apparent (Taiju is so obvious and direct) but have they progressed? What happened while they were spying on the Kingdom of Might? Were moves made? We want to know!

What’s going to happen to Hyoga and Homura?

Benedict Arnold and his assistant here really threw quite a curveball with their betrayals. The straight-up assassination attempt on Senku not to mention, at this point successful assassination of Tsukasa was terrible enough (NGL, we cried a little), but they really had to screw over humanity too by destroying the Miracle Fluid Cave to send our saviour of modern humanity, Senku back to the drawing board. And right after he was able to finally reclaim it too. Seriously, what’s gonna happen to the traitors? We did see that they were sort of jail, but we really wanna know what the Kingdom of Science’s policy is on treason.

Will we ever see the world’s greatest double team (Senku and Tsukasa) unite again?

This one really hit us in the feels. After 2 seasons of conflict between those who would’ve made splendid comrades, it really was heartbreaking to see the ultimate bromance (figurative RIP for Taiju, Chrome, and Gen) torn asunder. A difference in ideology but not in values, lead to two really great characters being at odds and when finally a truce was made, and they came together in quite an epic showdown against the greater (stupider) evil, all was seemingly lost.

We say seemingly because with our resident boy genius still around, there’s always a way. He cryogenically froze Tsukasa so he could work on developing the necessary skills and tools to save his life! And so, while parting is seemingly only just sorrow, we’re already hoping for the return of Tsukasa and the world’s greatest tag team.

Now that the Cave with the Miracle Fluid has been destroyed, how is Senku going to find a cure for the petrification?

From the very beginning, everything Senku has worked for has been to revive all seven billion people from the horror of petrification. And while he still doesn’t have a how or why, he did have a solution: the miracle fluid from the cave. However, with Hyoga’s purely evil, and tbh purely stupid, machinations, it’s been a big L for the Kingdom of Science even though they succeeded with their bloodless siege: the cave has been destroyed. So that begs the question, how is Senku going to find a cure for petrification, since his biggest clue has officially been wiped out?

What was Byakuya’s hidden treasure left for Senku?

Speaks for itself Byakuya was a man of some mystery, and as such he’s left behind something of importance (we’re betting it has to do with petrification) for his son. And while we have heard him from beyond the grave and know we must wait, we still can’t help but wonder what exactly he’s left behind.

Will we ever find out how and why all living beings were petrified?

And that brings us to the final (and tbh first) question: how and why did petrification happen? And also, why doves and pigeons first?

Ryusui Nanami: Who Dat?

Sometime between Stone Wars and New World, we were able to catch up with Dr. Stone in an hour-long special. It marked the set up of the New World and with a new world come new characters, which brings us to the newest addition to the Kingdom of Science: Ryusui Nanami. Ryusui Nanami— expert sailor and businessman extraordinaire— unfortunately, has a less than savoury side, and we see the Kingdom of Science struggling to meet his capitalist greed. However, with how things worked out in the special, we’re quite excited to see how Ryusui fits into the storyline, after all, he is the expert on ships, and Season 3 is all about a sea odyssey seeking the truth behind petrification.

And finally, the question we all want to be answered is, is Senku going to beat Luffy to the punch when it comes to ruling the seas?

Senku takes the high seas! That’s pretty much what the exploration arc is, and with the world quite literally still as a statue; we’re pretty sure that he’s got no competition for the title (sorry @ Luffy).

Final Thoughts

And that’s what we want to know, dear readers! So many questions, and no answers yet! When, why, and how, well hopefully we’ll all be in the know soon!

What questions do you have for Dr. Stone New World? Any theories for the ones we’ve posed? Let us know in the comments below!

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