Our 4 Favorite Inventions from Dr. STONE

Dr. STONE has had a good run. But like any good thing in life, our beloved manga series has come to an end. Interestingly, it concluded after exactly reaching its fifth anniversary. When Dr. STONE first came out, it seemed like another prehistoric manga wherein an intelligent science-inclined protagonist tries to survive. It’s not necessarily off the mark, but Dr. STONE immediately distinguishes itself from the other titles in the genre with its advanced inventions. While other manga characters are creating huts and stone weapons, Senku and the gang are re-creating cellphones and computers. Here are our four favorite inventions from the series.

Contains Manga Spoilers!

4. Revival Fluid

Dr. STONE’s bizarre chain of events started after a mysterious light petrified every living being on Earth. Time passed by and our beloved Senku finally broke out of his petrification after almost four millennia. At that time, it still seemed like the series was about common science projects and some good-to-know survival tips for the readers. Senku experimenting with various mixtures of chemicals didn’t necessarily help break that preconception, but what it did – and it did really well – is hook us to the series and introduce the lovable science geek that Senku is.

3. The Space Rocket

Senku and the Kingdom of Science have undeniably created unimaginable equipment ranging from cola to motorcycles. However, one invention that truly stuck in terms of scientific magnificence was the space rocket they used to reach the moon. Space travel may no longer be that shocking in the 21st century, but Senku and the others managed to pull the same feat from literal scratch. Granted that it took them numerous years and countless failures, they achieved it in the grandest way possible. The best part of it is their moon landing was just as exhilarating, if not more so, than when Neil Armstrong and his colleagues did it first.

2. The Medusa Fuel

At one point in the series, Senku and the gang discovered heaps of inactive Medusa, the device that has petrification powers. These Medusas, however, were no longer functional. Senku and the others were quick to realize that the devices were not necessarily broken; rather, they had simply run out of fuel. The only thing that could serve as their energy source were well-crafted, precise pieces of diamond.

What makes this invention notable for us is that we see it as the perfect balance between science and fantasy in Dr. STONE. On one hand, the Medusa symbolizes the absurdity of a device that can turn living beings into stone. On the other hand, the Kingdom of Science has to undergo multiple experiments and brainstorming before coming up with the solution to power them.

1. The Time Machine

The time machine that Senku and the others are building is only revealed in the final chapter. Needless to say, its revelation is hard to forget. In our opinion, it’s an invention that represents Dr. STONE’s charm. It’s the perfect example of the manga wowing the fans with yet another unbelievable project just when fans are starting to believe that there can’t be more. Even though the manga concludes with an open ending, we are certain that Senku and the rest of the Kingdom of Science will succeed on this final project.

Final Thoughts

Dr. STONE shatters each and every expectation we initially had for it – in a good way. We constantly find ourselves in awe every time Senku reveals a new plan and concept map. The Kingdom of Science has created numerous inventions through this method. Even though Senku has more astonishing inventions, these four are the most memorable for us. Of course, that doesn’t mean they should be yours, too. We’d love to hear which inventions from Dr. STONE you liked the most, so please tell us in the comment section below!

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