Endro~! Review - Adorable Adventurers VS A Loli Demon Lord

Endro-Wallpaper-1-700x417 Endro~! Review - Adorable Adventurers VS A Loli Demon Lord

Adorable Adventurers VS A Loli Demon Lord

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Slice of Life, Magic, Fantasy
  • Airing Date : January 2019 - March 2019
  • Producers : Studio Gokumi

Contains Spoilers

Endro! Introduction and Story

A party of heroes consisting of Yuusha, Sei, Mei, and Fai confront and defeat the Demon Lord. Unfortunately, the high level spell Yuusha used in order to defeat the Demon Lord sends them all back in time. The girls find themselves back in school with no memories of their battle against the Demon Lord. Things get even more complicated when a new teacher arrives to teach their class. The teacher's name is Mao and she just so happens to be the Demon Lord who was also sent back in time. Endro follows the story of these girls as they go about their daily lives going on all sorts of hilarious adventures.

Why You Should Watch Endro!

1. Plenty of Comedy

If you are looking for a good laugh you've come to the right place. Endro is loaded with hilarious comedic moments from beginning to end filling. Each episode to the brim with jokes and the anime mixes it up enough with the story to keep the comedy feeling fresh and interesting.

2. The Characters

To go along with the comedy, Endro has a cast of characters that are perfect for the tone of the series. All of the characters get in on the comedy bring the laughs in their own way. Each of the girls has different quirks that get played up for laughs. Even side characters like Mao, Princess Rona, and Chibi-chan are great and add a ton of comedy to the series.

3. Visuals

Endro has some bright and beautiful visuals. The backgrounds and character designs are all colorful and are just really pleasing to look out. The character designs are also cute and have a unique fantasy style.

Why You Should Skip Endro!

1. Nothing New

It seems like every season we get a slice of life moe comedy anime. Although Endro accomplishes what it is meant to, it doesn't really do anything to separate itself from other similar anime and the whole series just feels like something you have seen before.

2. Nothing but Comedy

Although the comedy is excellent, it is the only thing the anime has going for it. There isn't a real story with most of the episodes being one-off stories and what little story there is mostly used for comedy. If you are looking for something with a little more substance, this may not be the anime for you.

Final Thoughts

Endro is a cute anime that is sure to make you laugh. If you are a fan of slice of life comedies, this is definitely an anime you would enjoy. If you aren't a big fan of comedy-driven anime or want a little more substance out of your stories, there will not be much here for you to enjoy? What are your thoughts on Endro? Leave us a comment telling us what you liked and didn't like about it?

Endro-Wallpaper-1-700x417 Endro~! Review - Adorable Adventurers VS A Loli Demon Lord


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