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Welcome to all of the Fantasy and Supernatural anime that are coming summer 2017! What we have done here at Honey's Anime is prepared a preview of these shows for you, the readers, and if you want to know more about the show, then be sure to check out the database page listed beneath each show. Note: The order is a ranking of the order in which we here at Honey's Anime want to watch these shows starting from the one we want to see the most at #1.

If you would prefer to see them in no specific order, please check out the summer chart here

1. Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

  • Genres: Drama, Mystery, Supernatural
  • Air Date: July 7, 2017

Seeing through lies, driving away deception, eventually reaching a miracle of God… That’s our job - the job of the Vatican Miracle Examiners.
Hiraga, a genius scientist, and Robert, a paleography and cryptanalysis expert, are great partners and Miracle Examiners assigned to the Vatican. They secretly examine and determine whether or not miracles from around the world are authentic.

One day, they are called upon to investigate a mysterious happening - stigmata forming and tears falling on a statue of Maria. Whilst they are deciphering whether or not this is a miracle, an unusual incident suddenly occurs…

So begins the tale of these two genius priests and their case file!

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan PV

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2. Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi (Hell Girl 4th Season)

  • Genres: Supernatural, Mystery, Horror
  • Air Date: July 15 2017

This is the fourth season of Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). It will contain 6 original episodes and 6 “reflection” episodes.
“Hell Correspondence” can only be accessed at midnight sharp.

Here, if one writes the name of the person whom one truly hates and submits it, Hell Girl herself will appear and send that person to hell… Hell Girl’s name is Ai Enma. Among young people, this urban legend has spread far and wide as a rumor, but little do they know that it is true.

When she requests come from those who require her services, Ai becomes hell girl and sends her targets straight to hell.

……. However that is where the legend stops. However there is more……. A contract was made with a girl.

Thus, one day, a mysterious girl named Michiru appeared in front of Ai Enma. With no memories of who she is nor how she arrived, Ai begins to talk to her.

Who is she exactly though?

Slowly, her tightly hidden past begins to return...

Jigoku Shoujo Yoi no Togi PV

3. Jikan no Shihaisha (Chronos Ruler)

  • Genres: Supernatural, Fantasy
  • Air Date: July 8, 2017

Secrets are the ultimate proof of emotional ties.
In this world exist devils that eat human time. Those who fight against this manipulation of time are Chronos Rulers, the rulers of time.

Vict, who had time stolen from him by the devils, is fighting to recover “the past” alongside his partner Kiri.

So begins a stylish, time-manipulation anime!

Jikan no Shihaisha PV

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4. Fate/Apocrypha

  • Genres: Action, Fantasy
  • Air Date: July 2, 2017

Once, in a town called Fuyuki, a ceremony called the Holy Grail War was held by seven magi and heroic spirits. However, taking advantage of the chaos of the second world war, the Holy Grail was stolen by a certain mage.
Several decades later, the Yggdmillennia family estranged themselves from the Mage's Association and declare their independence. Enraged, the Mage’s Association sent out assassins, but the Servants they summoned turned against them.

Servants must fight against Servants.

The Holy Grail War system has changed, and a war of seven Knights versus seven Knights, the likes of which has never been seen before, has broken out. Thus, the curtain is raised on the first and most likely last Great Holy Grail War.

Fate/Apocrypha PV

5. Sakurada Reset 2nd Cours

  • Genres: Supernatural, Drama
  • Air Date: April 5, 2017

Sakurada is a town where half of the population have special abilities. The story centers around Kei Asai, who has a special ability to remember everything perfectly, and Misora Haruki, who can turn back or “reset” time for a maximum of three days. Together, they are members of the Service Club which specializes in handling ability-related cases. Kei finds out about the “MacGuffin” stone, which seems like a worthless black stone, but this stone is where the story of Sakurada begins…

Sakurada Reset PV

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6. Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou

  • Genres: Supernatural, Slice of Life
  • Air Date: July 3, 2017

Since his parents died, Yuushi Inaba feels shameful for living under the roof of his relatives. Yuushi enters high school, and takes this opportunity to live on his own. He finds relatively cheap lodging known as Kotobuki Manor. However, it turns out that here, youkai, spirits, and humans all live together in this strange “youkai apartment”!! At first, these weirdly-shaped youkai bewilder Yuushi, but as he begins his strange new life with them, his closed heart beings to open little by little.

Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou PV

7. Kyoukai no Rinne 3rd Season

  • Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
  • Air Date: April 8, 2017

The 3rd Season of Kyoukai no Rinne.
Sakura Mamiya has been able to see ghosts and spirits since she was a small child. One day though, she meets a poor, young boy who does work just like a Shinigami or death god. His name is Rinne Rokudou. He begins to attend middle school and settles the affairs of spirits. For his duties performed, he’s supposed to receive an offering and use that money to live, however, he is actually dirt poor! In order to buy the goods necessary for an exorcism, he begins to borrow money from Sakura amassing a debt. They are both are aware of it but, what exactly will happen to the relationship between these two that, speaking of, isn’t really going anywhere! What of Rinne’s archrival as well? Let’s not forget his unfinished training as well! Rinne and Sakura now have to work together, along with Rinne’s contracted familiar black cat Rokumon, to send wandering spirits back to the wheel of Samsara! This unexpectedly amazing after school story of the spiritual world is beginning! This a soul-calming, school comedy of a dirt poor boy shinigami and a calm, cool and collected girl intertwining!

Kyoukai no Rinne 3rd Season PV

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8. Made in Abyss

  • Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
  • Air Date: July 7, 2017

In a world in which every corner has been explored, the Abyss remains the sole unexplored cavern. In this gigantic pit, the depth of which is unknown, weird and wonderful creatures live and valuable relics rest, the likes of which humans couldn’t dream of making. The wonders of the Abyss lure people to it, with many rushing to explore it. The adventurers who take up this challenge many times became known as Cave Explorers.
Riko is an orphan who lives in Oosu, a town built on the edge of the Abyss. She dreams of becoming a great Cave Explorer like her mother, and solving the mysteries of the Abyss. One day, Riko picks up a robot boy while exploring the cave.

Made in Abyss PV

9. Yami Shibai 5th Season

  • Genres: Supernatural, Horror
  • Air Date: July 2017

The 5th season of Yami Shibai.

This is a horror short story anime, that depicts various strange urban legends that happen all around us. Using a now-rarely-seen “paper picture show” style, this Showa-esque is sure to be a thriller!

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10. Mahoujin Guru Guru 2nd Season

  • Genres: Fantasy, Comedy
  • Air Date: July 12, 2017

Once, there was a Magical King and his army bent on taking over the world. However, there were individuals who stood up boldly against his actions… They are the brave hero Nike, who has the divine protection of the four spirit kings, and Kukuri who is a mage who can use the dark magic “Guru Guru”.

Everyone was waiting for the two who saved the world!

Mahoujin Guru Guru 2nd Season PV

11. Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON

  • Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
  • Air Date: October 2, 2016

This is a world where humans and monsters coexist. In a corner of this world of Hunters there also lived Riders, those who form bonds with and live alongside the monsters. These Riders possessed ‘Kizuna Ishi’ (Bond Stones), which could awaken monsters’ hidden powers, and secretly lived with their ‘Otomon,’ monsters they had formed bonds with.

Ryuuto, a young man who lives in the Rider’s village of Hakumu, dreams of becoming the world’s best Rider. When he turns 12 years old, Ryuuto decides to find his first Otomon before he attends the ceremony where he will receive his Kizuna Ishi. With his childhood friends, the kind-hearted Cheval and the ever-curious Lilia, and his frivolous partner Nabirou, Ryuuto heads deep into the forest. There, he miraculously meets a Rathalos!

Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON PV

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