Fate/Grand Order Servant Class Roster: Alter Ego

Alter Egos are a very unique and complex class that very few can obtain. No, really, this class is super rare since every servant is limited. On the off chance you are able to summon this obscure class, you’ll need to know what their purpose is and how to properly utilize them.


Alter Egos are very different from servants with “Alter” in their titles such as Saber Alter or Jeanne D’Arc Alter. Those servants are a manifestation of hatred, evil and vengeance, while Alter Egos are servants made up of a fraction of an already existing servant’s personality. Think of it as the thought in the back of your head that wants you to slap your teacher becoming a person of its own.

Heroic Spirits of this class are only weak to Berserkers but, like all classes, they can inflict double the damage on them. Alter Egos are also effective against Foreigners, making them the only class Foreigners are weak too. Knight servants take half damage from them, while Calvary servants take 50% more damage. It’s best to use Alter Egos during nodes that have a mix of Calvary servants instead of waiting for a node that has a Foreigner boss since they are an extremely rare class.

Although they’re hard to get, they are very easy to ascend only needing statues and monuments from each class to level up. In total, there are six Alter Egos with half of them being 5-stars and the rest 4-stars. With so few Heroic Spirits, we’ll teach you what each of them is capable of.


The first of the Saberfaces and the first of the Alter Ego class, the prideful 5-Star servant Meltlilith. With her sadistic personality and pride in her self-proclaimed perfection, Meltlilith is able to tear down her enemies with her Quick-focused attacks. She has a knack for annoying enemies with skills that increase her attack but lower theirs and has an evade that lasts for three turns. Meltlilith lands the final punch with her Noble Phantasm as it removes enemy buffs and deals heavy damage. Use Meltlilith in a quick team only, otherwise, she’ll suck the Crit Stars out of all her teammates.

Sesshoin Kiara

Kiara is the embodiment of lust and can devour the toughest bosses using her Heaven’s Hole. Hey, don’t get any weird ideas! Heaven’s Hole or “Pleasure Heaven” is Kiara’s Noble Phantasm, and trust us when we say that the name is far prettier than the actual thing. With her NP, Kiara can ignore defense buffs, deal loads of damage to all enemies, and recover her HP from 2,000 to 6,000. This makes Kiara practically unstoppable, so if you’re versing her, that’ll be your worst nightmare; but if she’s on your team, you’ve got yourself a sure victory.

Okita Soji Alter

The incredible 5-Star Saber turns into another top-tier servant in the form of an Alter Ego. While her deck may have a lot of Quick cards, Okita Alter is a Buster servant through and through. Her Buster Noble Phantasm is enhanced with two skills that increase her attack. As a bonus, you can spam Okita Alter’s NP thanks to her second skill that charges her Noble Phantasm gauge and grants evasion for 3 turns. Naturally, Okita Alter has a high attack standing at 12,465 and HP at 12,696. Thanks to Okita Alter’s Quick cards and enhancers, Okita can deal even more damage with massive critical hits on top of her Buster cards. At this point, it’s hard to say who’s the best Alter Ego, but we’re not done yet!

The Mecha Eli’s

Unlike the other limited Alter Egos, Mecha Eli-chan and Mecha Eli-chan MLII are gifts you get when playing the third Halloween event. Every year during Halloween, players are given an Elizabeth Bathory summoned in a different class. This time, she’s summoned as two kinds of mechas; but don’t hold your breath, she still likes to sing in her “beautiful” voice. The two 4-Stars are the exact same in every way possible. Same attack, same skills, same deck, and same Noble Phantasm. Therefore, you can choose whichever one you want depending on the design. We’re guessing the creators made the two mechas exactly the same for laughs since Elizabeth isn’t a servant to take seriously.

Eli-chan and Eli-chan MKII are decent 4-Stars having skills that charge their NP, increase attack and gain Critical Stars. Their deck contains mostly Buster cards and they have a Buster Noble Phantasm. Unfortunately, their NP removes any defensive buff they have equipped such as evade and invincibility. They not the best servants around, but they can be useful for farming.


Passionlip is a combination of love and hatred. At first, you’ll be distracted by Passionlip’s overly large breasts, but then you’ll notice that those giant mechanical arms and hands are actually her nails. Passionlip acts all innocent until she crushes you with her bare hands thanks to her Noble Phantasm. It deals damage to all enemies as well as heal her own HP from 100 to 500%. Passionlip’s skills help increase her defensive and attack but can also stun her for one turn. Besides that one drawback, Passionlip is an excellent 4-Star servant that can work well in Buster teams and boss battles.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, most Alter Egos are pretty overpowered and are definitely worth the extra cash. Which Alter Ego would you like to summon? Leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can. Till next time!

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