Fate/Grand Order Servant Class Roster: Foreigner

Foreigners are the baby class of Fate/Grand Order with them being out for less than a year and having three servants. It almost seemed random to create such a class. What’s their purpose? and, are they any good? We can’t give you a straight answer, but we can give you enough information to make your own decision.


The stand-out thing about Foreigners is that they’re the only class who are not weak to Berserkers. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re the strongest as they’re not very effective against any other class. Since they’re not weak against Berserkers, the only class able to take them down are the powerful Alter Egos. Therefore, it’s best to use Foreigners in Berserker nodes only.

It’s hard to say what makes a servant a Foreigner since the class is so new and rare but, considering the three servants we have, they all share a high amount of stress or madness. This stress motivates them in either evil, good, or even neutral ways of fighting.

Abigail Williams

Abigail was the first Foreigner to be introduced in FGO. Abigail was a victim of the Salem Witch Trials, so when she was summoned, she used her madness enhancement to send her enemies down a dark abyss. With each stage of ascension, more of her madness appears until her eyes become fully red, and her smile is filled with sharp teeth.

Her max attack of 12,100 is pretty high but, since she’s effective to Berserkers only, it’s useless in most fights. Unfortunately, Abigail is an Arts servant with a Buster Noble Phantasm, meaning she cannot do a Buster Brave Chain for powerful attacks. On the bright side, a deck filled with Arts cards means she can charge her NP gauge very fast. Her skills are very useful for giving her entire party an increase in their NP gauge for three turns and enhance their NP strength. Abigail also has a chance to stun the enemy for three turns and decrease their attack. If you’re going to use Abigail, put her in the back of your team as a last-minute support for an extra boost.

Katsushika Hokusai

In the exact same situation as Orion, Hokusai was originally a male human. But after being summoned as a Heroic Spirit, he was turned into an octopus, so his daughter Katsushika Oi stepped in to take care of the fighting. But since Hokusai’s name is on the official summoning card, none of us can help but call his daughter Hokusai as well. Hokusai isn’t mad in the slightest; instead, she feels inferior to her father’s work and thinks she’s ruining his legacy. She uses her built up stress as a way to fight back by smacking her enemies with a paintbrush.

Stats wise, Hokusai is both similar yet different from Abigail. They share the same max attack, but while Abigail has an Arts focused deck with a Buster Noble Phantasm, Hokusai has an Arts and Buster focused deck with an Arts NP. This means that Hokusai can effectively attack her enemies, as well as spam her NP. An added bonus is that her Arts cards hit six times each, and she has a skill that powers up her Arts attacks. She may look gentle, but Hokusai is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Mysterious Herione XX “MHXX”

MHX is back once again to purge the saberfaces, but this time as a Foreigner. Not only that, but she’s summoned as a mecha and goes by MHXX. MHXX has the same problem has her Assassin counterpart; she’s meant to kill Sabers. But why would you bring a Foreigner into a fight with Sabers when you can bring an Archer or Berserker? As specified earlier, Foreigners are only effective against Berserkers, so bringing MHXX into a Saber fight doesn’t make sense. But can she stand on her own in a fight against a Berserker? Absolutely.

MHXX is the only 4-Star Foreigner so far, but her stats as a 4-Star are pretty impressive. Think of her as a mini Hokusai with her mirroring deck and Noble Phantasm. MHXX’s skills are also nothing to laugh at since they charge her NP gauge, grant invisibility, increase attack and gain Crit Stars. These skills are very selfish, so only use MHXX if you want her to be the main damage dealer on a Berserker node or boss battle.

Final Thoughts

We still have a lot to learn about this mysterious class. Why are they here? Will more arrive soon? Whatever the answer, we’d like to know your thoughts on Foreigners. Leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can. Till next time!

FateGrand-Order-Servant-Class-Roster-Foreigner-Abigail-Wallpaper-500x500 Fate/Grand Order Servant Class Roster: Foreigner


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