Fate/Grand Order Class Roster: Avenger

When choosing party members for a typical battle in Fate/Grand Order, the average person doesn’t think to use a servant from the six special classes. The special classes aren’t very useful in most situations, and a servant from one of the regular classes can do the job better. However, there is one special class that can be used for just about any situation, a class that’s strong as a berserker but not as weak as one. These are Avengers, a class that carries one of, if not the best servant in the game.


Avengers are heroic spirits filled with hatred and vengeance, hence why they can do as much damage as a berserker. Only problem is that Avengers have class advantage over Rulers and nothing else. Thankfully, each Avenger has their way of achieving their revenge...well, most of them do. As long as you pair them with the right servants and use them during boss battles, the Avengers can fulfill their revenge in a single swoop.


Unlike Rulers, Avengers are much easier to obtain with two out of the six being limited. But just because they’re the easier, it doesn’t mean they’re the easiest.

Angra Mainyu

Take Angra Mainyu, an Avenger that can only be obtained through the friend point gacha. Sounds simple, except for the fact that Angra is the only no-star servant in the game. Angra is the rarest servant in Fate/Grand Order with a 0.01% chance of summoning him. But don’t be discouraged if you can’t summon him, because Angra Mainyu is a no-star for a reason. He is without a doubt the worst servant, thanks to his attack and HP being lower than a 1 star servant. Enough about him, let’s talk about the actually good Avengers.

Hessian Lobo and Gorgon

Four-star servant Hessian Lobo is a pretty good Heroic Spirit if you’re able to get his Noble Phantasm going. Hessian will be at his best on a Quick team with his Quick-focused deck and Quick NP. He also has a high Star Absorption rate and a skill that increases his Crit Star gather rate. To further the damage, his attack is high for a four-star at 10,628 plus a skill that boosts his attacks for two turns. Hessian’s NP deals heavy damage to a single enemy, ignores opponent’s evade, and has a chance to inflict death. The other four-star servant, Gorgon, can do just about anything Hessian can do, except she can charge her NP faster and survive in long battles thanks to her guts skill.

Jeanne D’ Arc Alter

The one servant that makes the Avenger class stand out is Jeanne D’ Arc Alter. Jeanne Alter is the strongest servant in FGO with her 13,244 max attack and 14,498 grailed attack. With her attacks being higher than a Berserker, you can use Jeanne Alter to defeat the toughest of bosses. However, she’s not the ideal servant for farming since her Noble Phantasm can only target a single enemy. Jeanne Alter’s skills allow her to increase her Buster cards, attack, and Critical Hits. Plus, if she’s paired with servants who have a Dragon trait, they get an extra attack boost. Jeanne D’ Arc Alter’s only flaw is that she has very low HP, so make sure you have a healing mystic code or a healer servant. Trust us when we say this, if you allow Jeanne Alter to die, you’ve pretty much lost the match.

Final Thoughts

Avengers can be a difficult class to use, but they are definitely more versatile than their special class counterparts. Do you like Avengers? Which Avenger is your favorite? Leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can. Till next time!

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