Fate/Grand Order Servant Class Roster: Caster

If you’ve only kept up with the Fate anime series, then you probably despise Casters. On TV, they are portrayed as villain, creepers, or both, but in Fate/Grand Order, Casters are the support class of the game. Casters are part of the cavalry division and are meant to buff all Servants in any class. Some Casters are meant for healing, while others are meant for buffing attacks. Then there are offensive Casters that can do just fine in a solo battle. Confused? Don’t worry, because we are going to show you several Casters of different ranks, and the best Casters to use in specific teams.

Types of Casters

Casters are effective against Assassins, but weak against Riders. Let’s say you’re farming at the Chaldea dailes, and are only fighting Assassins. What kind of team should you bring? Pro tip: Never make a team of only Casters. Even if you make a team of offensive Casters, their attacks are still on the lower side of all classes. This means you’ll be crawling through a battle and won’t win until 14 turns later, instead of the average 8 turns. So if you’re facing Assassins, bring a fair amount of Casters and two berserkers. Keep a support Caster, such as the four star Servant Medea Lily, to keep your berserker alive. Medea Lily is a white mage, making her the quintessential healer for your whole party. Medea Lily can spam her noble phantasm to rescue your team, but what if your berserker dies before you can heal them. This is where your offensive Casters come in.

Our Recommendations

Xuanzang is one of, if not, the best offensive Caster in the game, however, she has her limits due to her class. Xuanzang has an Arts-focused deck, as most Casters do, but has a Buster Noble Phantasm; meaning she cannot do a Buster Brave Chain. However, Xuanzang can spam her noble phantasm thanks to her Arts cards, and has a skill that can fill her gauge to 100%. Four-star Servant, Nursery Rhyme is another good offensive Caster. She works well with Quick and Arts teams, since she can produce a lot of Crit Stars and has an Arts based deck, but she’s one of the few Casters that doesn’t buff her team at all. All the skills Nursery Rhyme has are to make sure she is safe and powerful, leaving her teammates to fend for themselves.

Now you may think we’re joking, but we’re recommending you a 2-star Servant. Hans Christian Andersen is the best 2-star Servant, because of his supportive nature. Hans’ Noble Phantasm can heal his party, increase their defense, and buff their attack for three turns. He also provides Crit Stars, and has a skill that can make critical hits do even more damage. Moving onto 3 stars, you can’t go wrong with the original Medea. She can spam her noble phantasm just about every turn, and that chance increases with overcharge. However, Medea’s NP is single-target focused, making her inefficient for farming. Cu Chulainn is another good 3-star Servant, who is basically the Quick equivalent to Medea.

Of course, you can’t make an article about Casters without talking about the three most OP Servants in that class; Tamamo no Mae, Waver, and Merlin. Although all of these Servants are Arts-based, they can work well with any team. These Servants are here to serve and make the most powerful of teams even stronger. Use them for farming, boss raids, or just for fun, because all of them can buff attack, heal, and increase the NP gauge for the whole party at a spammable rate.

Final Thoughts

These were just a few of the many spectacular Servants in the Caster class. Truth be told, there is no Caster that is bad. Whichever one you’ve summoned will do their job well, so make sure you use your Casters to the fullest. Are you a fan of Casters? Which ones are your favorites? Leave us a comment, and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can. Till next time!

Fate-Grand-Order-Caster-Wallpaper-353x500 Fate/Grand Order Servant Class Roster: Caster


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