Fate/Grand Order Servant Class Roster: Saber

In honor of Fate/Grand Order’s third year anniversary, we’re going to highlight each class of the popular JRPG for beginners. We’ll be offering you information about said class, such as their strengths and weakness and the best Servants to use. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it fair by mentioning Servants of any rank and not just SSRs. With all that said, let’s take it away with the Servant class that started it all.

Sabers are one of the three knight divisions in Fate/Grand Order. Sabers wield swords, making them more effective against Lancers and weak against Archers. A fair amount of Sabers also have the dragon trait, meaning they get extra attack buffs or extra damage depending on the Servant they’re versing. What allows a Heroic Spirit to be summoned as a Saber is their loyalty to their Master. When the Sabers were alive, they showed an undying devotion to whomever they served until their final breath.

You probably recognize the most popular Saber Servant of them all, as well as the face of Fate/Grand Order, Artoria. You’ll notice that Saber Servants, such as Artoria, are SSRs. As of this article, there are no Saber Servants below a three-star rank. On top of that, there are only four three-star Servants. And if that wasn’t enough, most of the Saber class Servants are available for a limited time.

Best 3-Star Sabers

We’ll stop scaring you by showing off some notable three-star Servants which are not limited. Although he isn’t the most attractive Servant, Caesar does his job well. Like a true Saber, Caesar’s skills allow him to buff his entire party’s attack and noble phantasm. His deck contains mostly quick and buster cards, so he’s able to do a good amount of damage by adding crit stars on top of his busters. Fergus is another great three-star Servant, who not only buffs his team’s attack, but can protect himself. His evade skill can protect him from most noble phantasms for one turn, and provide him with a defense buff for three turns.

Best 4-Star Sabers

Just about every four-star Saber Servant is good with the exception of three, but if we had to choose our favorites, we’d recommend Saber Alter, Rama, and Saber Frankenstein. Saber Alter was made to be the four-star version of Artoria, meaning she has an incredibly high attack, a powerful AOE noble phantasm, and the exact same skills. Rama deals extra damage to demon type enemies, but also has the divine trait. This means that he could receive extra damage from Servants who are made for killing divine Heroic Spirits. The Saber version of Frankenstein far exceeds her berserker counterpart. Frankenstein is a crit machine and can fill up her NP gauge quickly. Fran-chan is limited to the second summer event banner, so make sure you get her or else she’ll be gone forever.

Best SSR Sabers

Finally, we have the Saber SSRs. Although Artoria is well loved, and the most popular Fate character by far, she is nowhere near the greatest five-star. Her Saberface counterparts, on the other hand, are absolutely game-changing. Take Okita Souji, Fate/Grand Order’s first SSR crit Saber; Okita can generate a lot of crit stars with her quick cards and use the crits on her buster cards. She has a quick noble phantasm, a skill that helps her gather crits, and another skill that buffs her quick cards. Combine all these, plus use her evade, and you’ve got an untouchable Servant.

Then we have who many believe to be the best Saber Servant, and one of the best Servants in the game; Musashi. Musashi is truly OP amongst the Sabers due to her Fifth Form skill. This skill doubles the number of hits on any card. For example, her arts and quick cards hit 3 times, but use Fifth Form, and she’s hitting the enemies 6 times. If you use this skill in a Musashi brave chain, then expect the enemy to be toast.

Okita and Musashi are fantastic Servants, but they are also limited. If you missed your chance to get them, then try your hand at summoning Altera. She’s not nicknamed The Destroyer for no reason. Think of Altera as a berserker among Sabers. With her buster based deck, buster noble phantasm and skills that boost her attack even further, you’re looking at a total enemy KO. She also has a good crit star generation rate to pound her foes into submission. Like Rama, Altera is a divine Heroic Spirit, but she also has the riding trait. This makes her an easy target for Archer Servant Oda Nobunaga, so make sure you avoid using Altera when versing her.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helped you on your summoning endeavors. If you have any more questions on the Saber class, then feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll reply to you as soon as we can. Till next time!

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