First Impressions of the R45 in PUBG

PUBG-R45-1-560x560 First Impressions of the R45 in PUBG

What You Need to Know:

  • Miramar is officially out for players to skydive their way into and we’re so thrilled to be a part of the entire experience. For so long, we’ve yearned for an opportunity to be able to finally discover a new world outside of Erangel, and now Miramar allows us to do so in an incredible way. Along with the new map comes new weapons and the one we’ll be looking at to start is the R45.
  • This revolver is a Miramar exclusive and replaces the R1895 as the go-to revolver for the map. Instead of the 7.62mm ammo that the R1895 takes, the R45 uses the .45ACP ammunition which is also used with the Vector, P1911 and the Tommy Gun. In terms of power the R45 can certainly hold its own in close range as it fires off shots much quicker than the R1895, with a much faster reload time as well. We do feel that the R1895 still trumps it in terms of raw damage but when the going gets rough and you need a pistol to get the job done, the R45 will certainly do what’s intended to do. At a certain range however it seems that the R45 is a little hit or miss, and so unless you're really close to your target it's best not to take too many risky shots from a relatively far distance (As seen in the second video).
  • Another perk to the R45 is that it can take a red dot sight attachment, giving it a nice zoom-in approach when dealing with threats at close range. Sadly, unlike the R1895 that can attach a suppressor for the more silent approach, the R45 doesn’t have that capability. Be that as it may this gun is certainly a force to be reckoned with and shouldn’t be slept on in the early game. Since we’re still in the test phase of PUBG, much of the data related to overall damage, body hit impact among others are still up in the air, so once the gates open December 20th we’ll be sure to cover that all up for you!
  • We'll be doing more coverage on all the new PUBG weapons along with vehicles, and of course a full impression of Miramar itself so keep an eye out. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a whole new game!

PUBG-R45-1-560x560 First Impressions of the R45 in PUBG
I'm quite impressed with the R45 to be honest. It holds its own very well in very close quarters, and with the red dot sight attachment it provides even better accuracy.
PUBG-R45-1-560x560 First Impressions of the R45 in PUBG
The faster reload time alone makes it my go to pistol in the early game.