Best 5 of the Cutest Relationships in Anime

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With the holidays coming up and New Year’s right around the corner, I thought we could celebrate in our own way with my top 5 cutest anime relationships. From the relationships that couldn’t be, to the relationships that are, loved lost to love acquired.

Most anime have some sort of relationship factor to the stories they hold, but these are the ones that just really stuck out and pulled on my heart strings. Especially when it comes to the romance category of anime, I’m a hard customer, so these are the relationships that legitimately made me go “awwwww.”

5. Kazuto Kirigaya ♥ Asuna Yuuki – Sword Art Online

KiritoAsuna YuukiSword Art Online

These two are adorable. Not just in the sense of young love, but in the sense of what traumatic times can do to pull people together. Possibly the most famous anime relationship, I’d be remiss to leave this adorable couple out.

They meet inside of a game they’ve been trapped in. Kazuto under the pseudonym Kirito and Asuna using her real name in the game, they meet when forming a raid for the first stages boss. After defeating the boss they split ways and go on their own, Asuna joins the most prestigious guild to take up inhabitance in the game and Kirito going on his own.
Through joining forces to face the front line bosses, they continually see each other. One time she catches Kirito lounging about during a planning session and he convinces her to lie down and relax for once as well.

Eventually Kirito finds a rare ingredient for food and the two get together for dinner. The relationship truly starts to blossom here, developing more and more throughout SAO until it’s just painfully obvious they’re meant for each other. You find yourself enthralled with their story and filled with the desire for nothing more than to see their happily ever after.

4. Taiga Aisaka ♥ Ryuuji Takasu – Toradora!

Taiga AisakaRyuuji TakasuToradora1

Taiga is a tsundere, one who can’t correctly show her true emotions. This is a show that begins with a delinquent looking gentleman; he really is a teddy bear, and a ferocious tiny little thing. They both have crushes on other people and decide to help each other out. They soon learn that Taiga lives right next door to Ryuuji, and their planning begins.

Toradora! is an adventure throughout, where you find yourself rooting for both of them to end up with the person they want until eventually, you realize they need to be together. They fall in love (finally!) and then try to come to terms with their emotions. This is one of the sweetest relationships I have seen, with actual issues that normal couples work through and it shows the phases of problems to resolutions. All in all, this anime really pulled at my heart strings and made me invest more than just my time watching it.

3. Shouko Sashinami ♥ Haruto Tokishima – Valvrave the Liberator (Kakumeiki Valvrave)

Shouko SashinamiHaruto TokishimaValvrave the Liberator

This anime isn’t as heavily invested in the romance as others, and at the same time it is. It’s not an in your face romance, it’s subtle until the time comes for it to be direct. It’s incredibly well done in this respect, because Valvarave is more of an action anime.

Shouko and Haruto start off with their own little seeds of romance when the show begins. When Haruto gains the ability to pilot a Valvarave, the relationship blossoms more. When it’s shown that he’s become immortal because of this, she betrays him by selling him out to the enemy they’d spent months fighting. Oh that moment in time stings, the pain in his eyes, you can almost feel it yourself.

He still loved her, even after that. That was something special to me, to be able to move past a betrayal of that magnitude. She realizes her mistake, and he forgives her for everything. That was quite possibly the most heartwarming moment in the entire series, especially knowing what’s going to happen to Haruto in the end (but I won’t ruin that surprise for you!).

2. Kousei Arima ♥ Kaori Miyazono – Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)

Kousei ArimaKaori Miyazonoshigatsu wa kimi no uso dvd

This is a brand new anime, one that features a boy that has essentially been broken. His name is Kousei Arima, a pianist prodigy from when he was a child. His mother died two years prior to the start of the anime, leaving him with more scars than good memories and the inability to hear his playing anymore. He has completely given up on the piano, refusing to enter any more competitions.

Kaori Miyazono comes along, a girl who likes his best friend. He meets her by way of music; he hears her playing with some kids trying to attract doves to their park.
After a misunderstanding, she brings him and the rest of his friends (including his best friend and his longtime friend Tsubaki Sawabe) to her violin recital. It’s here that he finds meaning in the music again, with Kaori playing not from the sheet music, but playing the song in her own fashion.

This is a relationship that’s still growing, with the anime only up to episode 11 thus far, so I’m not going to reveal any spoilers to you.
However, I can already feel the relationship happening, I can feel the happiness this brings me and I can’t wait for the entirety of the season to come full swing. This is a show that has you upbeat the entire time, with moments of foreshadowing that leaves you with a sense of dread. Over all, this is my second favorite relationship.

1. Banri Tada ♥ Kouko Kaga – Golden Time

Tada BanriKaga Koukogolden time dvd

This relationship is my favorite overall. Starting with Banri helping Kouko get over her newly recent ex, and progressing to show their love for one another.

This is an anime begins with the explanation that Banri Tada has lost his memory.
Before he moved to Tokyo to go to a private law school he was in an accident, it’s later found he was on a bridge waiting for his friend Nana Hayashida to confess his love to her when a car drove by and clipped him, pushing him off the bridge into the shallow waters below. Nana cannot stand that her best friend is gone and decides to let him forget about her and his love for her.

Upon arriving at Tokyo he meets Mitsuo Yanagisawa and his soon to be ex, Kouko Kaga. She appears crazy at first, quite possibly up to stalker standards, especially when Mitsuo breaks up with her. This prompts the sympathetic Banri into helping her get over him.
Eventually they end up together in one of the best relationships I’ve seen come from any anime. If I say any more it’ll ruin the show, so I’ll refrain, but know that your heart strings will be pulled, twisted and strained throughout the course of their relationship.

This concludes my top 5 favorite relationships (in no particular order), if you have any others feel free to let me know, and as always leave them in the comments section below!

by Nathaniel Loomis