Here’s Why You NEED to Watch Isekai Quartet

The isekai genre has been booming the last couple of years with a new anime (or three) coming out nearly every season. However, not all isekai anime are the same. There are, of course, serious and in-depth, comedy isekai, parody isekai, reincarnation isekai, gamer isekai, and many others. Still, when you see “quartet” in the title, most people’s minds jump to a musical quartet—and that’s completely wrong! In this case, quartet refers to four of the most popular anime series in the isekai genre. These are Overlord, Konosuba, Re:Zero, and Youjo Senki. The characters are a huge point of attraction for all four of these anime, so Isekai Quartet mainly features two main pairs from each and has these very dissimilar characters interacting in a variety of ways.

Think that you’ve had to have seen all four anime to understand what’s going on, so if you haven’t then you should just never watch it? Not a chance. While having seen all four anime, or at least having some base knowledge of them all, is a definite plus and highly recommended by Honey’s, it’s not completely necessary. So, even if you’ve seen at least one or two of these four anime, we highly recommend you watch this hilarious parody. Why? Glad you asked!

It’s More Than a Fan Service Anime.

Fan service based anime aren’t all inherently bad, but Isekai Quartet goes above and beyond. Complete with a unique story and lots of mystery, you’ll be hooked on this show right from the get-go. As the characters are all well developed and viewers most likely are already familiar with the main shows, this short 12-minute anime is the perfect way to relax. Isekai Quartet caters mainly to fans who know the main stories, but if you’re new to the isekai genre, then this will definitely pique your interest and get you watching more awesome isekai anime. Of course, you’ll want to come back to watch Isekai Quartet all over again just to understand all the references, jokes, and quirks that are thrown around. It’s definitely worth at least two rounds!

Wait, Did That Just Happen?

That’s just one of the things you’ll be saying to yourself as you watch Isekai Quartet. The craziness of the situations these characters get into will make you want to pause and repeat scenes and lines again and again. All of the characters retain their traits and are voiced by the original voice actors and actresses. So, when Ainz from Overlord is up to his usual antics and trying to work everyone to bend to his way, of course he’s going to butt heads with Tanya. But then you have Rem from Re: Zero and the Konosuba gang in there throwing a wrench into everything. There’s a lot going on, some awesome one-liners, and too many sly quips slipped in there to catch everything in one go. You’ll definitely laugh at the craziness and watch it again with your friends to share the laughs.

Chibis at School.

Isekai Quartet is set in a school with all the characters chibified. Honestly, with all the different styles and backgrounds, this was probably the best way to make everything flow together. It’s nearly impossible to imagine Overlord characters being in the Konosuba world and vice versa. Throw in two more widely different isekai and you’ve got yourself a really high bar to reach. However, Isekai Quartet manages to reach this bar incredibly well. Now, the main draw of the show are the characters, so while many viewers may not find the art style their cup of tea, it is pretty cute and fits in well with the parody style Isekai Quartet is going for. Even if you don’t like chibis, still give this anime a go!

Final Thoughts

If we haven’t convinced you to watch Isekai Quartet without having enough knowledge about all of the anime it centers around, hopefully we’ve convinced you to go binge-watch all four of the anime (even if you’ve already seen them all) and come back to watch it after. It’s absolutely not an anime you should miss! Plus, the episodes are on average 12 minutes! It’s super easy to take a 15-minute coffee break and watch an episode, or watch one just before bed! It’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

The only thing we warn you about is that once you start watching this you’ll start craving more episodes of these four isekai anime. But you must persevere and wait patiently for the new seasons to come like the rest of us. If you really can’t wait, binge all four anime and Isekai Quartet again. If you’ve already done that, we kindly ask you to comment below and tell us what you’re doing in the meantime while waiting for the new season of your favorite isekai anime. Here’s to hoping for more great Isekai seasons this year!

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