How the Main Characters' Age Affects Tokyo Revengers as an Anime Series

Here is a question to start us all off, what is the image that appears in your mind when you think of a gang or gang member? Those who live in the otaku realm probably think of a yakuza with scars on their face and a face that screams 'I’ve seen a lot of fistfights!' That’s why you might be surprised to enter the anime series known as Tokyo Revengers and see not-super-tough-looking tough guys but semi-scary teenagers ages 12 and up. This realization makes us here at Honey’s Anime wonder; does the age of the characters in Tokyo Revengers ruin the series? Why don’t we go deeper into this question and see if we can answer it for ourselves!

Age Doesn’t Matter in Most Gangs

One of the more common complaints we hear at our busy hive is that age doesn’t make sense in Tokyo Revengers. Characters like Mikey, Draken and Takemichi are all around their early teens and it comes across goofy. However, here’s a real-world factoid for you readers out there. Most gangs have teens as gang members and that is a common theme around the world.

In America—for example—gang members often start in the early school days. This is meant to strengthen their resolve before they are too old. Plus, young gang members do get into school yard fights and gang battles almost daily! No matter the age, gang members should be avoided as they can be quite scary even if they aren’t in high school yet!

Their Drama is Real!

The world of Tokyo Revengers has been getting intense as of late! We have family death—we will not be revealing who dies—and opposing gang members infiltrating other gangs. Basically, the drama has just gotten more and more shocking, which makes every episode exciting! What is even crazier about Tokyo Revengers is that the drama isn’t all that un-relatable!

Again, avoiding spoilers, Takemichi has lost his ex-girlfriend Hina two times and it always stems from the Tokyo Manji Gang gaining psychotic members and losing those who kept them in control. Just like in the real world, gang hierarchy is important as new gang members—or younger members—tend to be rash with their decision making. That’s why Takemichi is so focused on going back in time to somehow become the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, so he can ensure his friends won’t be killed in the future and that their members will always stay in line. See, while the time-traveling element of Tokyo Revengers is quite sci-fi, the drama is all too realistic and quite relatable!

Teenagers With Attitude

We all were—or are—teenagers and you can’t deny that your actions were quite similar to those in the world of Tokyo Revengers. When you got into a fight with a friend, it was usually over something stupid—for example, most of the fights Draken and Mikey get into—but things were resolved over a few laughs or after a quick brawl. The mindset most of the characters in Tokyo Revengers have reminds us of how we were as youngsters. Quick to prove ourselves and often making mistakes, sometimes with consequences.

Think of Every Anime Ever Made

Lastly, let’s be real for a moment. Those who complain about the ages of the Tokyo Revengers cast should think of the ages of those in other anime series. Most shounen series star little kids—Hunter x Hunter, for example—that are super powerful but aren’t even eligible for the world of high school! We could stand here all day naming every anime with teenage heroes who save the world—or try to take it over—and aren’t yet even in college…

Final Thoughts

Tokyo Revengers might star teens and younger gangsters but in our honest opinion, it doesn’t ruin the overall experience. The battles are intense, the gang themes are quite accurate and the drama is all too intense! Tokyo Revengers might not be the most realistic rendition of what it is like to be in a gang but it allows us otaku to see gang-like fights/drama without joining one…as if we even could, though…

Anyways, how did you readers like our article? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to give us some ideas for other debatable topics as we’d love discussing them here! For even more coverage of various anime from the summer 2021 season and before, be sure to keep stuck to our wannabe tough hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-5-700x495 How the Main Characters' Age Affects Tokyo Revengers as an Anime Series

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