Tokyo Revengers Review – Gang Wars, Tough-Guy Hairstyles, and a Crybaby Hero

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Introduction and Story

As an adult, Takemichi Hanagaki is a bit of a loser who has a mediocre job, no girlfriend and no status. Long ago, Takemichi was part of a small gang and remembers days of respect and being looked at with envy. As he dwells on those fond memories, Takemichi is pushed into the path of an oncoming train and should have faced a very untimely demise. However, as our young man opens his eyes he discovers he’s been thrown back in time to his youth!

Unfortunately, Takemichi soon remembers that his past wasn’t that great and, originally, he ran away when an opposing rival gang made him and his friends into their personal servants! Changing the past by standing up to his former foe, Takemichi realizes that he will need to undo past mistakes and moves in order to save his ex-girlfriend and avoid having Tokyo fall to a powerful mafia group named the Tokyo Manji Gang…

Tokyo Revengers was released in April 2021 and the minute episode one aired, we were hooked here at Honey’s Anime. Mixing time travel with a gang story, Tokyo Revengers created a truly unique story that constantly kept us in shock and awe. However, was Tokyo Revengers perfect or did it fall flat due to a surprise punch? Find out in our full review of Tokyo Revengers!

What a Great Gang of Friends

Aside from main man Takemichi, Tokyo Revengers has a slew of characters from the stoic Ken “Draken” Ryuuguuji to the mood-swinging gang leader Majirou “Mikey” Sano. What makes Tokyo Revengers constantly engaging and fun to watch is witnessing each character go through various arcs, expanding the world of Tokyo Revengers with each passing one. Mikey’s and his his Toman gang's origin makes you go through a myriad of emotions and seeing Takemichi go from crybaby wimp to crybaby hero—he does cry a lot—feels semi-relatable. We didn’t all go through gang wars in our lives but we did experience growth that is mirrored in Tokyo Revengers which is why this story isn’t so unrealistic…well, aside from the time-traveling element.

You Can Never Have Too Many Cliffhangers

As anime fans, we aren’t strangers to cliffhangers but, wow…Tokyo Revengers has a lot of them! Every few episodes, this stellar show had a cliffhanger; from a character almost dying to how the season ends with a gunshot that could have killed off a main character! As gimmicky as cliffhangers can be in some anime—we are looking at you Fullmetal Alchemist—Tokyo Revengers' were perfectly executed, making that weekly wait a truly difficult one.

Strange Hairstyles but Raw Emotions

Okay, maybe the hairstyles in Tokyo Revengers can be a bit weird but that doesn’t detract from the emotions this series’ cast unleashes on the viewer. Takemichi often steals the show with his desire to change the past to ensure a better future but watching the others like Kazutora Hanemiya and his “hate” for Mikey unfold and where it originated from made our hairs stand up! Tokyo Revengers is an emotional powerhouse of an anime that has great narrative and stellar character development. Yes, the hairstyles can be a bit of a laughable element of the series but these characters are no joke and you can’t deny they have wonderful moments as the show progresses!

Time Travel Is a Bit Under-Utilized

When you see Tokyo Revengers is labeled as a supernatural show you might be a bit heated to learn that the supernatural element isn’t used that often. Takemichi can travel through time via a handshake—which hasn’t been explained yet—but he only does so after changing big moments to see how they affect his future. We understand it would be ridiculous to have Takemichi flying back and forth through time but we would have liked to see some more time travel utilized and maybe get an idea of why he gained this bizarre—but cool—power.

Final Thoughts

We have almost no complaints about Tokyo Revengers other than the fact that we want more of it! That ending is begging for a second season—which we have no doubt will release soon—and shows how incredible this show was! We could honestly see Tokyo Revengers being nominated for anime of the year as it had a stellar soundtrack, impressive story and was overall a thrill ride of an anime!

Did you finish Tokyo Revengers or are currently watching it? Let us know your thoughts on the series via the comments below! For more reviews from the summer 2021 anime season, be sure to keep stuck to our crybaby hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-2-1 Tokyo Revengers Review – Gang Wars, Tough-Guy Hairstyles, and a Crybaby Hero


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Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-2-1 Tokyo Revengers Review – Gang Wars, Tough-Guy Hairstyles, and a Crybaby Hero

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