Enter the Crybaby Hero: Takemichi Hanagaki from Tokyo Revengers!

As a young man, Takemichi Hanagaki just seems like your typical convenience store worker who is quick to apologize and bow for no reason other than to avoid conflict. Takemichi, though, is far more than a lame young man, and behind that seemingly pathetic exterior lies a man willing to go the mile for those he loves and holds dear. Given the strange ability to travel back in time, Takemichi has taken it upon himself to undo the wrongs of his past teenager years in order to save his ex-girlfriend and prevent a gang from rising up. We at Honey’s Anime are here today to praise the “crybaby hero” Takemichi Hanagaki and show you folks out there why this man is one of our favorite wannabe gangsters ever!

Minor Spoilers Below

The Armor of a Hero

When watching many shounen anime, you no doubt notice that most of the characters are pretty strong and capable. Sadly, Takemichi is far from strong and he can be kind of lame from time to time, but we do think he has one power others in the series haven’t shown, a tough body. Despite being beat up by Kiyomasa and almost getting devastated by Kisaki, Takemichi has held firm and can take quite the beating while still standing firm and ready. While he’s no fighter, Takemichi is akin to a tank that pushes through under any condition and that is a truly stunning ability!

Goofy but Loving

Takemichi can occasionally be cool—this man has stood up to armed gang members without fear—but more often than not, Takemichi is quite goofy. Not only does he try a little too hard to be cool—as evident in numerous outfits he’s been caught in—the wannabe gangster is often seen crying even outside of a battle. However, Takemichi’s goofy persona has saved his friends before; in particular when both Mikey and Draken were arguing and destroying his childhood toys. This man tried to stand tall and give a powerful speech all the while having a piece of poop resting on his head…yes Takemichi, you are goofy but we still love you for it.

Willing to Fight Even a Losing Battle

Even when his fists are raised, Takemichi seems quite aware of his inability to really fight. Early in Tokyo Revengers, we see Takemichi can fight against weaker opponents but the minute he is up against a powerful force, Takemichi’s skills are clearly lackluster. Yet, when Draken was on the verge of death, Takemichi went against his attacker knowing he had zero chances of winning. Instead, Takemichi fought for time to allow his friends—and the police—to eventually arrive and prevent Draken’s death. Takemichi might not be the next UFC fighter but his willingness to fight anyone who is a threat is truly commendable.

Time Traveling Soul

One of Takemichi’s greatest strengths is the same strength that makes Tokyo Revengers so unique and intriguing. Our young delinquent has the ability to time travel 12 years into the past. His actions during his trip back into the past do also have consequences as noted from taking a knife to his hand—and the scar that he now has from it—to changing the lives of certain individuals like his ex-girlfriend Hinata and his one friend Atsushi Sendo. However, there are limits to his time-traveling abilities. Takemichi can only time travel via a handshake with Hinata’s brother Naoto and his actions only seem to prevent incidents from happening one possible way. This is evident when Takemichi saved someone from dying but they still perished another way. Regardless of its limitations, Takemichi still can time travel and that’s an incredible ability despite the limits.

Tears for You and Me

Takemichi has been labeled as the “crybaby” of his friends and fellow tough guys but that doesn’t always mean his tears are for nothing. Behind his weak exterior, Takemichi has a true sense of right and wrong. Yes, he might be a bit of a delinquent—he does again hang out with gangs—but his mannerisms are honorable. Takemichi rarely cries because he’s getting his teeth knocked out or due to a knife being thrusted into his hand but because he worries about his friends and worries he will fail them. Shed those tears Takemichi, we know you’re crying for those who have difficulty showing them!

Final Thoughts

Tokyo Revengers has a ton of incredible tough characters but Takemichi is without a doubt one of the coolest the series has to offer. Prone to crying and often losing fights, Takemichi isn’t someone you’d gamble to come out unscathed but you can bet he will win the fight on tenacity alone. Do you also love Takemichi as much as we do? Let us know what you love—or hate—about him in the comments down below! For even more coverage of other popular anime characters be sure to keep stuck to our non-crying hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-2 Enter the Crybaby Hero: Takemichi Hanagaki from Tokyo Revengers!


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Tokyo-Revengers-Wallpaper-2 Enter the Crybaby Hero: Takemichi Hanagaki from Tokyo Revengers!

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