Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Action, Drama, School, Shounen

Airing Date:
Spring 2021


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Takemichi Hanagaki’s life is at its lowest point yet and it just seems to be getting worse, as he finds out that his one and only ever ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, from middle school was murdered by the horrendous “Tokyo Manji Gang.”

The day after receiving the news Takemichi finds himself on the platform at the station and he gets pushed down on the rails. He immediately accepts that he will die there, but the next time he opens his eyes he’s travelled back in time.

He’s back in middle school, 12 years ago, and now has the chance to not only save his ex-girlfriend, but also make better choices and stop his former self from running away all the time!

Characters & Voice Actors

Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Takemichi Hanagaki: Yuki Shin

Takemichi works part-time, but his life is at an all-time low. The peak of his life was back in middle school, and one day he finds out that his only ever girlfriend from back then, Hinata, was killed. Then suddenly one day he's sent back in time, back to those days 12 years earlier.
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Hinata Tachibana: Azumi Waki

Hinata is Takemichi’s girlfriend. She’s nice and outgoing, and has a strong sense of justice. In the present day she became involved in a dispute with the Tokyo Manji Gang and was murdered.
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Naoto Tachibana: Ryota Osaka

Naoto is Hinata’s younger brother. In the present day he works as a police officer. After Takemichi gets sent back in time, he helps Naoto escape death and helps Takemichi on his mission to save Hinata.
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Manjiro Sano: Isamu Hayashi

Manjiro is the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He has a small frame, but even so he’s famous and has the nickname “Invincible Mikey.” He takes a liking to Takemichi once they meet.
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Ken Ryuguji: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Ken is the sub-leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. His nickname is “Draken.” His trademarks are the dragon tattoo on his temple and his long, blonde braid. He’s always right next to Manjiro and is a very loyal partner.
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Masataka Kiyomizu: Satoshi Hino

Masataka is the boss of the Tokyo Manji gang. His nickname is “Kiyomasa.” He’s a student at Shibuya Third Middle School and has a boss-like role even there. He used to treat Takemichi as a slave and is the biggest reason for why Takemichi’s life got so messed up.
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Atsushi Sendo: Takuma Terashima

Atsushi is the leader of the gang “Mizonaka Five.” He’s very thoughtful of his comrades. His nickname is “Akkun.”
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Takuya Yamamoto: Yuya Hirose

Takuya is a member of “Mizonaka Five” and Takemichi’s childhood friend. He has long hair, and within the gang he’s known to be quiet with a fragile body.
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Makoto Suzuki: Shunsuke Takeuchi

Makoto is a member of “Mizonaka Five” and only ever thinks of things involving his bottom half.
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Kazushi Yamagishi: Shota Hayama

Kazushi is the moodmaker of “Mizonaka Five.” He sometimes gets called a “gang dictionary” because he knows so many things.
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers
Nobutaka Osanai: Eiji Takeuchi

8th leader of gang's group called "Mebius" gathering in Shinjuku. He is so strong because he is good at martial arts.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Cry Baby" by Official Hige Dandism
  • Ending Song: "Koko de Iki wo Shite" by eill
”Tokyo卍Revengers" (Manga)
Tokyo-Revengers-KV2 Tokyo Revengers

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Ken Wakui
  • Director: Kouichi Hatsumi
  • Series Composition: Yasuyuki Mutou
  • Character Design: Kenichi Onuki / Keiko Ohta
  • Sound Director: Satoki Iida
  • Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi

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