It’s Swimsuit Season in The Slime Diaries! And Harvest Season and Christmas Season!

The Slime Diaries or Tensura Nikki: Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken has slowly become a fan favorite for everyone who loves the franchise by beautifully blending the slice of life aspect that the anime is uniquely known for with the fantasy and isekai elements that mark the anime. Getting to see what your favorite characters do “behind the scenes” of the actual storyline is actually a great concept and that’s exactly what The Slime Diaries perfected.

From episode 1, the anime has perfectly incorporated the daily living of the people of Tempest and actually added on much depth to the characters that we fell in love with in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Seasons 1 and 2. While the main anime is plot-driven, immersive, and focuses greatly on the progression of the story and the glory of Tempest, The Slime Diaries focuses on the people of Tempest: the Goblins, the Dragonewts, the Kijin, etc. But that’s not all this slice of life spin-off does! It uses its great power of storytelling to reveal the depth of its characters through a beautiful motif—seasons.

Japan and Tempest United With Slime Goodness

Yes, you read that right! The Slime Diaries takes common anime moments such as the inevitable trip to the beach episode, the Christmas episode and the Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival) episode and perfectly pairs it all together! We see Rimuru bringing in nostalgic Japanese traditions into Tempest and the people of Tempest learn to enjoy it as well! With 12 episodes, there’s more than enough time to ensure that each Japanese tradition we love is highlighted and it’s almost as if we’re making these beautiful memories with the people of Tempest. The episode where they have a Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival) is actually really fun with everyone eating shaved ice (courtesy of Rimuru), playing fun games, and creating some beautiful memories, topped with actual fireworks viewing just like it is in Japan! With Rimuru and his friends around, nothing is impossible to celebrate and create in Tempest! This makes every episode feel like such a great party that just never ends!

All the Seasons are Beautiful

It’s great how some episodes of The Slime Diaries are dedicated to showing us how our characters interact with the various seasons from Summer to Winter. With the people in Tempest joking about how they love eating slimes in the Summer to freak Rimuru out to choosing a bathing suit for Rimuru, there are more than enough great moments to enjoy as we watch the show! In Summer, Rimuru teaches the Goblins to hunt for beetles and he tells Shuna to plant sunflowers in the garden. However, the world Tempest is in is completely different from Japan so it’s bound to have its own quirks! Beetles are no longer small creatures you catch, in fact, they’re huge and sunflowers are actually beings who love watching a rather creepy way! What’s great about The Slime Diaries is its unique take on seasons as we know it, perfectly uniting our world with the world where Tempest resides.

Final Thoughts

The Slime Diaries has a lot more going on for it than any standard spin-off series does but that’s what we love about it! With the anime nearing its end at the time of writing, we’re going to have a hard time saying goodbye to it because this anime has been deeply etched in our hearts at Honey’s Anime. We’re going to miss looking forward to new content every week. However, TenSura’s Season 2 Part 2 is coming out soon and it’s almost as if the Slime Goodness never ends! What are your thoughts about The Slime Diaries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Tensei-Shitara-Slime-Datta-Ken-Wallpaper-500x281 It’s Swimsuit Season in The Slime Diaries! And Harvest Season and Christmas Season!


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