3 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Now, there are possibly two reactions that every anime fan had when the new TenSura’s spin-off, Tenura Nikki: Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken (The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime), was announced: either you were eager for more TenSura goodness or thought it was an overkill of the franchise. We at Honey’s Anime shared your reservations when the new anime was announced alongside TenSura’s second season. However, now that Part 1 of the second season is over, it’s an unbelievably perfect time for you to watch Tensura Nikki as you wait for Part 2 of the second season!

While you might’ve thought that the TenSura franchise is simply milking its content through this slice-of-life Slime Diaries, we at Honey’s Anime are here to tell you that this might not be the case with this particular spin-off. While most spin-offs aren’t the best, Slime Diaries smashes through those walls just as effectively as it did when it established itself as possibly one of the best isekai in the world. Still unsure why you should pick up Slime Diaries this Spring 2021? Read on to find out our three reasons Slime Diaries is a great anime this Spring 2021!

1: You See All Your Favorite Characters Living a Normal Life

Think about it. Your favorite characters from TenSura living a normal life—well, as normal as life can be in that world—doing everyday chores and other things. There’s a saying that great moments are found more in day-to-day life than anywhere else and that’s exactly what Slime Diaries does. It takes this fantasy world and shows that they have different seasons too. They face boredom too and want to just do something to overcome that. It’s the perfect bridge between an isekai world and our own world because we’re able to relate to these characters and the things they’re saying on a whole new level through this anime!

2: The Slice of Life Isekai Gets More Depth

One complaint that many TenSura watchers had was how the side characters of TenSura, though incredible and interesting, were not fleshed out during the anime because of lack of episodes and other material to adapt. However, Slime Diaries makes up for it where we get to know more about our favorite side characters like Benimaru, Shuna, Shion, etc. We get to see their reactions to different situations that would arise every day by adding an extra layer of depth to the characters that was very much needed.

3: The TenSura Goodness Is Not Lost

When TenSura first came out, it was known not only for its isekai goodness but also because of the many Slice of Life elements that it chose to adapt throughout the anime. That’s one of the reasons TenSura has become so special in all our hearts. Slime Diaries just amplifies that Slice of Life-ness and shows us mundane moments of daily life in the most interesting way possible. From going to the beach for the summer to not having to do anything for a day, Slime Diaries shows the behind-the-scenes moments of what happens when they are not fighting to protect their town.

Final Thoughts

Another beautiful element of Slime Diaries is how Shizue is still included in the opening, showing just important she is to Rimuru and we’re here for it! We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that we gave you enough reasons to start Slime Diaries as you wait for more action from Season 2 Part 2! Let us know your thoughts about Slime Diaries in the comments below!

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