Tensura Nikki (The Slime Diaries) Review: Filled With Great Memories

Tensura Nikki: Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken (The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime), or if that’s too much, The Slime Diaries for short, has been one of the hidden gems of Spring 2021. The anime is almost like a behind-the-scenes look into what our favorite characters from the TenSura universe do when they don’t have to fight big battles and protect Tempest. The anime has managed to wow us through the extra slice-of-life elements that were incorporated into the unique slice-of-life isekai. From the characters having nothing else to do than harvesting plenty of crops and finding reasons to celebrate all the milestones they’ve had from the very beginning, The Slime Diaries was a joyride every step of the way.

Now that the anime has ended, it’s time to see its strengths and weakness(es) as we bid goodbye to this anime and look forward to TenSura’s Season 2 Part 2 that is coming soon!

There Is No Plot

Well...what do you expect from a spin-off series? While The Slime Diaries does not have an intricate plot that’s perfectly stitched together like in the original anime, it isn’t by any means boring. In fact, we think that the lack of a plot is the beauty of this anime. The characters are simply allowed to breathe and do whatever they want, however normal it might be. But one of the biggest strengths of this anime is how even normal life is shown to be incredibly special. That’s what every slice-of-life anime has to live up to and The Slime Diaries does it well!

We Learn More About Our Favorite Characters

Some complaints that many people had from the previous seasons were how we were introduced to many different characters but not everyone is given enough depth to really get to know them. Enter The Slime Diaries where while we see a lot of Rimuru, there are beautiful moments where we get to see certain unique characteristics of our favorites like Shuna, Shione, Geld, etc. Possibly one of the best moments was when we saw Geld helping out the little goblin girl to have fun at the festival.

The Animation And One Important Noteworthy Moment

Another noteworthy characteristic of The Slime Diaries is its animation. Many scenes from the anime are rather picturesque and incredibly detailed. However, the characters are drawn a little differently compared to the original series. For example, Benimaru’s face shape is starkly different compared to his TenSura counterpart and Hakurou has a new mustache in this spin-off. However, these differences are rather minute and do not necessarily affect the overall enjoyment of the series!

One of the many noteworthy and memorable moments of The Slime Diaries (there were too many!) was the reappearance of Shizue Izawa, a fan favorite! The way they brought her back momentarily was incredibly memorable and Rimuru got to speak to her...just a little bit through the incredible spiritual meaning behind Obon (a festival to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors).

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our review of The Slime Diaries! What were your favorite moments of this spin-off series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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