Kakushigoto Three Episode Impressions Are Here!

Kakushigoto Kakushigoto Three Episode Impressions Are Here!

Kakushigoto Kakushigoto Three Episode Impressions Are Here!


Slice of Life

Airing Date:
Spring 2020

Asia Dou

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The mangaka Kakushi Gotou has had many experiences in creating popular manga filled with dirty jokes. Currently, he is still creating manga filled with dirty jokes, but he doesn't want it to be exposed to his only cute daughter Hime Gotou. There were a few situations where the manga was almost exposed to Hime, but she is not aware of the truth yet...

This is a story revolving around the "Kakushigoto" (Secrets) between the father and daughter.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kakushi Gotou

Voice Actor: Hiroshi Kamiya

He is a mangaka. He previously had an experience of being popular with his works "Kintamashimashi". Currently, his "Kaze no Taitsu" (Wind's Tights) manga is filled with dirty jokes and is currently serialized at Goudansha's "Weekly Shounen Magazine". As he loves his only daughter, he still continues to keep his manga a secret from her.

Hime Gotou

Voice Actor: Rie Takahashi

She is a 4th-year primary student. Her trademark is the straight bang. Despite encountering several situations where Kakushi's occupation is exposed, she continues her daily life while being aware or unaware of it. She is responsible and thoughtful toward her father.

Satsuki Tomaruin

Voice Actor: Natsuki Hanae

Editor at "Weekly Boys Mangazine". While Kakushi wants to hide his job as comic writer, he causes troubles like visiting Kakushi's home while Hime is at home, etc...

Aogu Shiji

Voice Actor: Taku Yashiro

Chief Assistant at "G-PRO” which Kakushi is working for. He is not good at thinking himself, so he tends to listen to what his bosses say.

Rasuna Sumita

Voice Actor: Kiyono Yasuno

Assistant at "G-PRO". The reason why she applied for this job is "near Daikanyama, and creative job". She is often scolded "Don't spill ink" (Sumi wo Tarasuna!).

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Chiisana Hibi" by flumpool
  • Ending Song: "Kimi wa Tennen Iro" by Eiichi Otaki
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kouji Kumeta
  • Director: Yuta Murano
  • Script: Takashi Aoshima
  • Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima
  • Character Design: Shuhei Yamamoto
  • Animation Director: Kohei Honda
  • Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
  • Music: Yukari Hashimoto

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Honey’s Highlights

Kakushigoto Kakushigoto Three Episode Impressions Are Here!
kakushigoto is finally here!! It's one of the shows I've been looking forward to this season
Kakushigoto Kakushigoto Three Episode Impressions Are Here!
I know, right? Looks like a cute father-daughter story, but there's also an ecchi comedy side to it
Kakushigoto Kakushigoto Three Episode Impressions Are Here!
Yeah, this poor guy doesn't want his daughter to find out he's an ecchi manga creator! And after watching Ao-chan Can't Study! a few seasons ago, I can definitely understand why
Kakushigoto Kakushigoto Three Episode Impressions Are Here!
It's innocense versus pervertion! And I already picked a side!

Three Episode Impressions

One of the most wholesome, pleasant surprises of the season, Kakushigoto is a cozy story about a caring father and his innocent daughter. But there's more than just a cute father-daughter story. On the one hand, we get to learn about Hime-chan's daily life and how it makes her father feel, especially when everything looks like a reason for him to overprotect her. On the other hand, we have a bunch of weird people helping Kakushi with his manga drawings, but also with his ultimate goal in life: never letting Hime discover he's a renowned ecchi mangaka!

Thanks to its intelligent use of short gags and flashbacks, Kakushigoto gives you lots of laughs while also hinting you about the much anticipated moment when Hime is finally old enough to know the truth about his father. 3 episodes are enough to let us know this anime has more to offer than just random jokes and ecchi references, and we're so intrigued about Kakushi and Hime's past and future!