Keyaru Has Violated His Own Harem in More Ways Than One (Redo of Healer)

Keyaru from Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi (Redo of Healer) is probably one of the most evil anime characters this season. The author justifies that by giving him a pretty messed up backstory. That said, there’s almost nothing that can stop Keyaru from doing whatever he wants to whomever he wants. Given that the series is about exacting revenge on those who have wronged him in his previous life, he’s setting up heinous plans to get them. His vile acts, however, don’t stop at his enemies. He also doesn’t spare his comrades—his harem, to be more precise.

Here’s how Keyaru has violated his harem multiple times.


Keyaru’s first major victim, as well as the first member of his harem, Flare, the princess of the Jioral Kingdom. That’s logical since she’s the primary cause of Keyaru’s suffering during his previous life. Why he wants to keep his most hated person near him is beyond us, but in order to do that, Keyaru altered Flare’s memories. He uses his healing power to erase Flare’s memories, which is unlike brainwashing in most series, then indoctrinates her of her supposedly real memories. Not only that, Keyaru even goes as far as giving her a new name and identity as his lover.

If you’re thinking that Flare is the only victim of brainwashing, you’re wrong. Setsuna, the Ice Wolf demi-human, is also a victim of Keyaru’s brainwashing. Hers, however, isn’t as forced as Flare. Instead of having her memory wiped out, Keyaru makes her believe that his sperm is her medicine to break through her limits. This results in Setsuna willingly letting Keyaru do whatever he wants with her.


Brainwashing and manipulation are quite easy to confuse with one another. The easiest way to differentiate them is that manipulation is per situation basis, while brainwashing is a continuous process. That said, Keyaru manipulated Flare, now known as Freia, multiple times to make her believe her fabricated memory. Not only that, he even makes her kill the soldiers of her own kingdom, although the soldiers did deserve it.

Kureha is also a victim of Keyaru’s manipulation. She’s a prideful and honest knight, however, she suddenly turns into a hungry lass in front of Keyaru. That’s way out of character. Normally, at least. Keyaru uses some sort of aphrodisiac to manipulate Kureha into thinking that she actually is in love with Keyaru, then she becomes part of his harem. Keyaru then uses Kureha to spy on the Jioral Kingdom, all the while using her body to ease his carnal desires.


Flare is the only victim of this one. As Keyaru enacts his revenge, the first one he targeted is none other than the mastermind behind his suffering -- Flare Arlgrande Jioral. He physically tortures her by repeatedly breaking her fingers, then healing them. After that, he proceeds to sexually abuse her. He even uses his healing ability to continue his vile acts. Only after he violated her over and over again did he alter her memories and appearance.

Even though Keyaru did not rape Kureha and Setsuna, he did coerce them both into copulating with him. Keyaru tricked Setsuna into thinking that his seed is her only path to getting stronger. Blinded by her own desire for revenge, she obliged. As for Kureha, Keyaru used some sort of aphrodisiac to shatter her prideful character and make her be part of his harem. That’s when he starts to do whatever he wants to do with her.

Final Thoughts

Even though Keyaru is the series' main character, he’s nowhere near being a good guy. The suffering he has gone through from his previous life is indeed deserving of revenge; however, a bigger evil can never correct another evil. What’s more, is that the series romanticizes rape and sexual coercion in the pretense that the females are enjoying it. The scarier thing is that the fandom actually finds it arousing instead of appalling. We hope that this article reminds everyone that Keyaru is not a hero and should never be put on a pedestal, much less an altar.

Kaifuku-Jutsushi-no-Yarinaoshi-Redo-of-Healer Keyaru Has Violated His Own Harem in More Ways Than One (Redo of Healer)


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